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  1. For Brianza - SS = Stan Gibbons as you surmise. Would be happy to swop stories of West Park

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    2. Brianza


      Hi Stan,

      When Barney died I was told he had cancer but I'm not sure to which part of his body and it was a long time ago. I do remember him being very good at art and also at entertaining the ladies. I'm surprised the hairdressers is still going, it's not an area of St Helens I go to when I return although my brother still lives in Windle about a mile away. When I do visit St H I always make for Burchalls to have my "fix" of their pies - the shop front hasn't changed since Eric North's days; come to think of it neither has the flavour of the food.

      I remember David Calderbank but never bumped into him whilst living in Billinge between 1975-89. I did see Joey Taylor once and he had lost an eye due to a pellet gun accident but never saw him again.

      I bumped into Joe Coan at Grange Park GC many years ago and had a good chat with him, he turned out to be a real gent. He almost remembered me asking If I was Forber? He had the right year and this was in 1990 almost 30 years after leaving school - I was impressed.

      I recently went to a local winery in Stellenbosch and was amazed to see Tom van Vollenhoven's South African international shirt, from 1957, framed and hanging on the on the wall. I put a blog on the St H Connect site and then 3 weeks later he dies. It seemed scary that I had these memories of him rekindled just before his death and other blog members had done the same.

      Your opening sentence had me worried for a few seconds = pleased to see you were kidding.

      Cheers Brian

    3. stanley stamp

      stanley stamp

      Hi Brian,

                        Quick note as I remember. I shared a desk with Chris Hesketh ( another wigan connect ) and many many years later looked up the name & found he had been a prominent rugby league player . Salford comes to mind. I remembered a game on the West Park field where he scored a try flying over the line in spectacular fashion. Shades of things to come. Me & Barney were invited to leave West Park at Xmas 1960 .    cheers Stan

    4. Brianza


      HI Stan,

      We are over in Cheshire for the festive season, visiting family & friends around the NW & N Ireland. Hopefully I'll get time  to buy some Burchalls' pies before we return to SA.

      Have a Happy Christmas & a Healthy New Year.

      Cheers Brian

  2. peasley cross to bridge hotel doable cos I did it. Not often as watson street presumably pilks private property.

  3. stanley stamp

    Lambert Clayton

    I knew 'Shirt' & he did live in a pub in Parr. In 1967 I was working in T J Hughes Liverpool & 'Shirt' was studying to be a Ships Captain or maybe an engineer anyway we shared the car journey to Liverpool for a time . He was a handsome bloke (looking back) & I can imagine him in his ship's whites striding the deck and not being short of female admirers . RIP 'Shirt' .
  4. stanley stamp

    former NHS buildings Balker Drive - Rutland street.

    thank you robbob2010 & big-jeff-leo..gateposts to The Gables at the top of Balker Drive are two turnpike road milestones. I have alerted the Milestone Society and they confirm they are genuine. Tom Preston local historian thinks they were originally top of Prescot Road (opp Bank Street ?) and near Atlas Street . I am trying to ensure their survival if site is to be flattened. First step is to find out who owns site. Stanley Stamp great photosrobbob
  5. Does anyone know the future of the former NHS site at Balker Drive/Rutland Street? Marvellous Victorian House ( maternity homeat one time ?) under threat ? All buildings boarded up at present.
  6. stanley stamp

    On Boundary Road.

    I lived at 230 Boundary Road and remember the two ladies in Creswell street and their pies . Almost whole potatoes (maybe not) but very nice all the same.
  7. stanley stamp

    Cold War at West Park

    Eric North and his bubble car brings back memories. Me and a mate were his pimps (unknowingly!) and I remember going to the flat above Burchalls. The two of us were never bothered by Eric and it was a lark to go & smoke ciggies in a teacher's flat but some third parties who went with us I think had narrow escapes. I heard about his downfall & I am sorry for the boy concerned ( who I don't know - it was way after my time) but nowadays Eric would have been sussed from theword go with his mannerisms and his demeanour . Looking back he sashayed down the corridors at times .He took games sometimes but was more the aesthete than the athlete. He just liked to hover at shower time. How the Brothers missed all this is a wonder but autre temps..nowadays the boys parents would be looking for a big payout to say the least.For some reason I liked ( & feared - pupil/teacher fear , nothing more ) Doc Mullen the French teacher. As you say he was a bit crazy & we would always hope he would tell one of his long stories about fighting the Germans as a partisan. Not that we were interested or believed him but it was better then learning French.

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