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  1. To add to Rickys post, i was talking to a workmate today who was telling me as kids they used to sag school and play down the quarry, he says there was a grating in the pump house with a ladder down a shaft which they used to climb down. Apparently this shaft was about 60foot or more deep and when you got to the bottom there was a tunnel that ran under the floor of the quarry to a "bore hole" . One of his braver mates swam along this tunnel which he said opened out into an underground lake of some size.He did a sketch and it seems the "lake" was definitely below the Quarry bottom.?The tunnel on Delph lane, did indeed run parallel to Delph lane at a gradient, exactly as Ricky describes and emerged at the pump house ledge.I remember this tunnel myself, and as i remember it had green wooden doors on it!. Dave
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