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  1. Sorry got my wires crossed wasnt saying where tablet was..was trying to identify a pic of whiston and district Co-Op posted by Leschip
  2. Is the Co-Op in St Johns Rd huyton Quarry?if not theres one just like it i passed t,other neet!
  3. To add to Rickys post, i was talking to a workmate today who was telling me as kids they used to sag school and play down the quarry, he says there was a grating in the pump house with a ladder down a shaft which they used to climb down. Apparently this shaft was about 60foot or more deep and when you got to the bottom there was a tunnel that ran under the floor of the quarry to a "bore hole" . One of his braver mates swam along this tunnel which he said opened out into an underground lake of some size.He did a sketch and it seems the "lake" was definitely below the Quarry bottom.?The tunnel on Delph lane, did indeed run parallel to Delph lane at a gradient, exactly as Ricky describes and emerged at the pump house ledge.I remember this tunnel myself, and as i remember it had green wooden doors on it!. Dave
  4. davyS

    old pictures

    Last two pics are definitely Brook st, as i can see my old home on the first..my father still lives there,almost opposite to my house was the little Welsh Chapel and farther up the Co-op bakery and shop..i think pics are taken mid 60,s.!
  5. Hi great photographs ,the one with the schoolgirls and the one before are Brook street whiston, i can see my old home on the one looking up towards warrington rd end.My father still lives there. This looks to be mid 60,s as flats were built on the waste land in pics in late 60,s early 70,s!
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