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  1. Hi Robbob, Thank's very much for the beautiful photo's of Victoria Park; having grown up near the park I spent a lot of my childhood and youth there. I even proposed to my wife there (and was accepted!) We had four children and again it was a favourite place to take them. We left St,Helens in 1974 and have always visited on our sojourns "Up North" it became a very sad and shabby place over the years but now it is truly restored to it's former glory and you have captured it magnificently.
  2. exile

    Wellens retires

    I have been watching the saints for sixty odd years, the first fullback I saw was Jimmy Lowe who was replaced in 1952 Glyn Moses who was a schoolboy hero of mine. Many fine players have filled that position over the years but no one to touch Paul Welland. His performances for the club & his longevity are well documented I believe that the much overused term of "great" really can be applied to him a view shared incidentally by his contemporary & rival Chris Radlinsky, Not only do I think that he is the best full back to have played for saints but when his attitude &loyalty to both the club & fans are included he is arguably their best player ever. Sports men are viewed as being cynical & only interested in money but the likes of Welland gives lie to that, I hope that the club continue to benefit from his presence for a long time.
  3. Whilst reading this my wife was/is making a row in the kitchen,I called out to ask what she was doing, her reply was "I'm cleaning the oven bottom". I thought instantly of the bread I ate as a child,from the Flour Room at Lowe St, Co-op "one Tin & one Oven Bottom" Funny the things that take you back in time.
  4. I'm not sure that I'm on the correct topic with my question but if not I apologise. Is Eammon McManus the Saints' chairman any relation to Ken McManus who many years ago was the headmaster of St,Thomas of Canterbury's school at Windleshaw?
  5. Hi Phil, Yes I did mean Sr,Mary Of The Angels I'd forgotten her full title. Idon't remember Sr, Veronica perhaps after I had left; it was a long time ago!
  6. Hi. Not a lot more to add about Lowe House schools except that I attended from 1943 until 1953 & it was infants, juniors & seniors, although the juniors & seniors in both the boys & girls school's weren't separated. The headmistress of the infant's was Sister Mary who was a lovely lady who died I think in the late '70s, I remember visiting her in the Prov, shortly before she died. The boys headmaster was John Giblin a man I'm sorry to say that I have no positive memories of either as a head or a person. The girls head- mistress was Sister Magdalene of whom my sister is very scathing.
  7. I live near Ipswich where there was a large T.J. Hughes store, it appeared to be well used but it closed down last year. It should be noticed however that Primark thrives & is the busiest store in town, I believe that should one open in St,Helens it would prosper. Incidentately I have to say that Ipswich town centre which is bigger & was more upmarket than St,Helens is suffering badly, there are two £1/99p shops & countless charity shops in the main street, the only new shops are selling mobile phones. I would point out that economically East Anglia is in a much healthier state than the North West of England
  8. Hey Jimmy, just wondered if you're sure that you're aunt lived in Hamer St, I lived in the bottom block of Hamer St, & Iremember the Chisnalls lived in the second block of Rigby St. There were three or four girls including a Jean & a joyce who I believe married a blacksmith called Brian Hyland. I've just had another memory, did any one else play "delivo"or "delallio"One team took off & the other team had to catch them, the boundaries were Westfield St,to Duke St, & Ormskirk St, to Rigby St. I believe that we were healthier than children today,apart from measles,croup,diptheria, mumps,scarlet fever whooping cough,chicken pox etc; Ah The Good Old Days!
  9. I remember Sammy Hindley's well we used to walk up hamer St, over Westfield St, & up Water St, at the top on the left was Wilson's the undertaker's where it was possible see coffins being made: as a child I was told that the stench from Sammy's was the smell of dead body's from Wilson's. As a result of this I used to make diversion's to avoid it. As for the smithy the only one I remember was at the very top of Rigby St, I served my time as a blacksmith at Cowley Hill works & A blacksmith there had worked at the said smithy.
  10. exile

    El Toreador

    In the days before St, Helens college existed apprentices on day release went to the Gamble Institute to learn the theory of their trade & the workshops in Haydock St for the practical side. I went every Monday & our tea/coffee breaks were taken in The El Toreador & the juke box got some stick. I still can't hear Jailhouse Rock without thinking about it.
  11. It's funny, only this week my wife & I were talking about shops in Duke St, & you are spot on Brunty about Whittle's location,we bought tripe,pies.trotters.brawn "slavering ducks"(bring your own basin)& black puddings which you had to boil yourself. Phythian's was further along nearer Crab St, & rivalled Whittle's in it's quality. along the other way about opposite to New Cross St, was a confectioners called Robertses & there steak pies were even better than Pimblett's, I know that smacks of heresy but it's true. Ee appy days
  12. I remember the Washington well it was only five minutes from where I lived in Hamer St,It was popular with us not quite 18year olds!as we could always get served. Billy only became landlord sometime in the early 70's following his retirement from the Fire Service,I served on the same watch as Billy & remember him as a first class fireman & really nice man; he was the type of man who when he spoke youngsters such as myself listened.He had been a marine commando during the war & despite being extremely pleasant always had air of inner strength & not someone you would cross lightly.
  13. Hi Rob; You really have got me wallowing in nostalgia, 1st the photo' of the Union pub & now Lowe House Church. On my wedding day I was married at the church & had the reception at the pub so your timing is perfect. I was christened, made my 1st holy communion, was confirmed & married at Lowe House & my two eldest children were christened there so you can imagine the memory's it holds for me. Incidentally I received all my schooling there which may explain all my grammatical & spelling mistakes in this missive!
  14. The photograph of the union brings back many happy memory's, we got married on Boxing day 1962 & held our wedding reception there. They didn,t have any catering facilitie's so we self catered, all Christmas Day was spent there getting the room ready & 1st thing Boxing morning dear old Sammy Leivesley delivered the food & an army of friends & neighbours dived in & prepared everything for the afternoon. Both my daughters' enjoyed "Big Does'" on their wedding days' & they were great days but having seen that photo' I am transported back to the happiest day of my life! Thanks' Rob
  15. Thanks for those great pictures Robbo, they are very evocative &took me back to my youth: I am travelling from Settle to Carlisle by steam train in July & hope to get some pictures. Lowe House Boy's reminiscences of following Saints over the Pennines in the 50's brought back happy memory's. Incidentally I was a Lowe House boy from January 1943 until December 1953 (not too many happy memory's) I wonder if we overlapped?
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