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  1. oaker

    Tough guy

    You mean Randy Wise, he used to live in Houghton Rd the last house before the 2 shops (veronicas) chip shop, his dad was a chimney sweep who had a Morris 1000 traveller, I think he gained the reputation of hard man because he was known to of used a knife, whether that qualifies for hard man is debateable.
  2. remember the usherette guiding you to your seat by torch light , and playing the national anthem at the end of the film when some of the audience stood up.
  3. Was thinking of going to watch the new film Noah tonight till i noticed it was 3hr's long plus 30 mins of trailers, now 3.5 hrs sat in the cinema is a long stint & would be hard work on my rump, do they still do intermissions, if not, why not ?.
  4. Drat. Blimey, Cor Blimey, As my old teacher used to bawl at me, Bunkem & balderdash boy.
  5. Hi Ollie, cant remember the name but there was a girl from Derby Hill, did she work at Helena House, Co-op previously ?. We lived at 30 Mount Pleasant Ave for a short time it would of been about 1960, a few family names i remember from that time, Musgrave, Turner, White. I'd of been about 5 at the time.
  6. Hi, I remember Tom Finney, he was the service manager, he interviewed me and gave me my first job after leaving school. I even remember the company cars he had which always had a nice rounded no plate number; brown corsair -DJ 222- red capri -DJ 500J.
  7. Hi, is there anyone out there remembers Ashall's garage the main Ford dealer City Rd,it must of been one of St Helens main employers of it's day, i worked there from leaving school 1970 till 1976.
  8. Walking round Tesco today and saw a guy from one of my earliest childhood memorys who used to douse the gas lights last thing at night on the junction station, he was a mate of the late Sutton newsagent Tony Friar.
  9. The charabang (coach) depot at the top of Kirkland St which is ajoined by about 4 derelict terraced houses, it's not even a good turning area for the coaches should be flattened and replaced by a roundabout, them traffic lights are a nightmare at busy times.
  10. oaker

    Glass Works

    My sisters first job after leaving school approx 1965 was in the office's at Bishops glass somewhere around that area.
  11. Thanks for that info Daven, often wondered what happened to that collection, will be paying a visit to the library in the near future. How very thoughtful of his family to donate his collection to the local library for all to see.
  12. I remember walking round one of the marqees at Sherdley show years ago there was a couple of old dears with a decorators table and an absolute mountain of old local black n white local pictures, i think it was a group called the Sutton Historic society, they used to advertise meetings in the local papers, dont know if they're still going someone on here may know. If i remember rightly it was a chap called Eric Coffey that ran it, let us know if you have any luck i'd like the same pics as i attended the two schools you mentioned.
  13. How do OUF, i used to work with a Les Howard from Peasley X he was a singer/compere at local clubs. Arthur Smith seems to ring a bell did he used to book the artists for the Labour clubs.
  14. oaker

    Tick Rugby

    Or your very first game of football at infant/junior school, it was like two swarm's of ant's charging round the field after the ball.
  15. oaker


    And the old barbers of Sutton, Johnny (hunch back) Squire, Peckers Hill Rd. The one opposite the old Nash school, who proudly hung a picture on the wall of wrestler Billy two Rivers having his Mohican haircut done. (bet loads of barbers had that picture). Stan, can't remember his surname, half way down Junc Lane, he'd place a board over the armrest's of his hydraulic chair for us shortie's.
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