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  1. THERE Was Tonks the Barber, Opposite near enough was Smiths Chippy, But a little higher up was a House ,come shop. i think it was a Mrs Hill that lived there, And if she didn't have what you wanted. you can bet the next time that you went in ,she would have it. I am now talking The War Years .when as a kid i lived in Resevoir St, next door but two to The Big House.
  2. Jumping the gun ..They must have good reason to block the street off,
  3. were these any relation to Arthur Bracken who lived a bit higher up than the Furnismans pub on the opposite side,,,,,,,
  4. when a kid during the war i lived in Nut Grove i know we dont use that word now but i thougt the place must have been called that because of the said institution ,,,,,,
  5. He used to have a dancing school opposite Mars fish shop Just round the corner from the Standard pub..if i remember it right . it was called Studio 4 ..
  6. When i visit the Cemetery i feel depressed ,not only for the obvious reason but for the class distinction that still exist even after death, it goes without saying that we all respect our loved ones no longer with us,without going to the extremes which it seems is now allowed, what happened to ruling ,,, Two feet only in front of head stone,i think the graves should be like military graves, with all stones a standard size ,if it was good enough for heroes then it should be good enough for us,,,with respect some go over the top. many cant afford the lavish monuments that tower either side of their love ones, May all the souls R,I,P,
  7. I could imagine in Billinge it was walking days when going up ,And Running days when coming down, lol
  8. seemed to be doing ok last time i was in there, i was surprised to see it boarded up..
  9. MY Mothers number only had 4 digits too Joycegb ..
  10. there was a gang of them housed in Reservoir st in the big sandstone house. That would be number 10 i think..they wrecked the place,i remember the kids used to always have that blue germaline type ointment on...
  11. SKYMAN

    Gat Guns

    do you remember the gun that you used a roll of paper and the bang was created with compressed air. after each shot the roll would wind down to the next position
  12. i lived in Nutgrove during the war years,,,,,
  13. when Eric was land lord i lived round the corner in Powell street, wasnt he ex Everton player.
  14. That sounds like a bigger con than those who are handing out the so called parking fines..
  15. I know it was there first but churches and shopping centers just dont blend.. Maybe convert the church into a big indoor market like the one we had years ago.
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