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  1. I would agree with that. There was another St Helens rider, Bob Smith. From what I saw of his riding, he would have been up there with Geoff Duke had he not died at Scarborough.
  2. Tom Collins had two bike shops, not one. If I remember correctly, the bigger one was on or close to Boundary Road, and the other a couple of streets away. They sold used spares at that one. Was Dingsdales one the other side of the road, close to the Huntsman pub?
  3. Does anyone remember a Mrs Walsh there? I'm not sure exactly what her job was.
  4. I'm not sure if this is in the correct place on here, but.. Does anyone remember anybody that worked in the personnel Department at Pilkingtons from the 1960's on?
  5. Really good pics. I enjoyed looking at them. As has already been said, they bring back memories.
  6. I've only skimmed through reading this lightly, but have a question to ask. My Dad (from Prescot/ later St Helens) used a couple of words that I have never heard used anywhere else. "Snap" which went in his "Snap Tin" and also the word "delving" which was done with a Delving Spade in the garden. Would these be considered words from the area?
  7. Does anyone have any class photos from this school that were taken between 1925 and 1935 or so? I'm lead to believe that some relations attended during that period, and would love to see what they looked like as children. Also, does anyone know which school someone living near the Huntsman pub would have a ttended during the 30's? My St Helens geography is to poor for me to know. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.
  8. As a point of trivia. Pratts was a British petroleum company that became Anglo American Oil in or just after 1911, and then later (1935) became Esso. The interesting thing is that petrol pumps were only introduced after 1921. Prior to that, petrol was sold in cans.. Signed, Ann O'rack
  9. I have quite a few Tonks on my mothers side. no photos of any unfortunately. It would be interesting to compare trees and see if there is a connection.
  10. Thanks for that, Phyll. all of it is new to me. Reading through various areas of the forum has provided other possible information also. For example, I did not know of watch manufacturing in Prescot. I would hazard a guess that the Laurence Thompson mentioned above worked there. Is there any way to check?
  11. Excellent information people.. Not knowing the geography of the area very well, 1) I assume Oldfield Street is not in Prescot. Is that correct? and 2) Where is Eccleston?
  12. I can add this information: Marriage: 25th December 1884 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot Lancashire England. John Heaton - 25 - bachelor of Prescot, Glassmaker Sarah Ann Thompson - 18 - Spinster of Prescot Grooms Father - Peter Heaton, Glassmaker. Brides father - Lawrence Thompson, watchmaker. Its this information that leads me to believe they lived in Prescot.
  13. Does anyone have any information as regards the above family? All that I know is that they were living in Prescot around the time of the Great War, and possibly one of them was working at the Cable Works.
  14. Easy question. Does anyone have any information on a family called Badcoe living in or around St. Helens, just after WW1? I'm trying to piece them into my family tree, but its proving a little difficult.
  15. Bit surprised on this topic that nobody has mentioned the time the RU team got beat by a local Grammar School that put together one for the one match..Anybody remember that?
  16. Apologies for not being able to reply to this before, but.. The Eatons that are mentioned in this topic are not in any way related to the Heatons that I have been looking for. I've managed to get back to a William Heaton that died in 1796 and the "H" is still there at that time. So it does look as though we are talking of two different families. I hope this has not caused any confusion with anyone. Handsome Johnny: How are you related to Lambert, and which one? There are several in my tree, including fathers and sons.
  17. We could well be..I've not much idea about this side of the family. eejayess, I hope that Elizabeth A didn't move to Hertfordshire, I shudder to think of southerners being connected to the family! We could well be..I've not much idea about this side of the family. eejayess, I hope that Elizabeth A didn't move to Hertfordshire, I shudder to think of southerners being connected to the family!
  18. Thanks for your info. I'll look into the three names you mention. The fact that the surname is not uncommon is causing a few problems, as you can imagine! I did find out that the 8th child was an Elizabeth A, that by this time was working as a servant in the area, and living in that household. A possible spouse for her could be a George Rabone from Huyton. Edit: eejayess, thanks for the additional info. I was posting to the first reply at the same time as you posted!
  19. I'm looking for information regarding the family of John and Sarah Ann Heaton that were living on North Road in or around 1911. Particularly the spouses of their children. Can anyone help?
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