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  1. tessmop

    Saints 32 Salford 30

    Just love young Mr Grace with his dodging and weaving and his pace,and what an asset Coote is.
  2. Leaving it for so long hasn't helped it,something should have been done before now, after all they can find money to buy Church Square and loan money out to help other councils.
  3. Not only that Alan she wasn't poor when she died.
  4. Born 2/6/1891 real name Jane Wiswell and came from a farming background in Rainford,living at Hilltop Farm with her parents on the 1911 census,occupation milk maid.Passed away in April 1978 living at 5 Pilkington Street.
  5. I had them when very young,the buttons were rubber,like Phyll said, very warm in those very cold winters way back then.
  6. I don't remember the pram ,just the bags that Alan mentioned,does anyone know her surname? I know Elizabeth was her first name.
  7. I do Hort,she lived in one of those houses on the left just after the windle lights,they were demolished a long time ago,middle to late 70's l think.
  8. Good luck to Martin I say,we need to smarten up some areas in town.
  9. Every day is looking like a Sunday back in the day,so sad.
  10. Great Rob, it's amazing what a lick of paint can do.
  11. tessmop

    Saints v Wigan

    Enjoyed the match last night,I thought the try from Roby on his back was brilliant.Well done Saints.
  12. Wardleworths has been put up for sale.
  13. Fantastic pics Rob, love going there.
  14. Fantastic Ted,hope you get the award.
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