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  1. Yes it was.also Dr Kevin Donnellan and his father before him.
  2. Hi Ratty. St.Thomas in Ashton have a burial for Elias Ward 23/3/1897 age 77 abode 16 Bolton Road.also Elias Ward age 9 months 16/2/1878.
  3. Temperance Bar.Charlie Crooke newsagent and Tobacconist.Sayers.Rothery Radio.
  4. Beer shampoo the one that was sold in a small plastic barrel.
  5. Hi Ratty.I noticed also that Mary, Edward.Joseph and James are buried in section 25 which is R.C.
  6. Hi deedee222.Sorry for the late reply.I don't know were you can get a copy from but.l do know that the 1926 extension is behind the Rectory grounds.hope this helps.
  7. Hi deedee222.it just says him but I do know that he lived in Fleet Lane with his wife Florence and a son Allan on the 1939 registration.my Grandmother is buried on the same ground and it says that she is the only one buried there,but I know for a fact that both her parents are in the same plot also her husband.
  8. tessmop


    Me too.it should be a cracking match.
  9. Hi deedee222. I found a William Smith on the 1926 extension grave number 420.he was buried on the first of December 1949 aged 50.the grave was purchased by Florence M Smith.hope this helps.
  10. Hi deedee222. Who would you like me to look up for you.
  11. Hi Mark.I have the CD so I have looked them up for you.there's an Alice in plot 35.Edward in 31 and a John in 514 all buried just behind the vicarage gardens in the centre ground.I assumed you were looking for the surname Haselden.
  12. tessmop

    Saints 32 Salford 30

    Just love young Mr Grace with his dodging and weaving and his pace,and what an asset Coote is.
  13. Leaving it for so long hasn't helped it,something should have been done before now, after all they can find money to buy Church Square and loan money out to help other councils.
  14. Not only that Alan she wasn't poor when she died.
  15. Born 2/6/1891 real name Jane Wiswell and came from a farming background in Rainford,living at Hilltop Farm with her parents on the 1911 census,occupation milk maid.Passed away in April 1978 living at 5 Pilkington Street.
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