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  1. Right you old lot, in my possibly wonky memory Judy or Judith Frith ran the horse farm on Burrows (Burrough's?) Lane in the 50/60's. Red Rocks went up the side of the horse farm to where the hospital was. Please tell me I'm not out of my mind in what I remember.
  2. Monday no matter what the weather, was washing day. With the washer and mangle. If it was fine, out on the line (ooh, that rhymed), if not on the rack which was on a pulley down from the ceiling in front of the fire. Ceilings must have been higher in those days! Tuesday was ironing the lot. Even underwear. Sigh.
  3. There was a red barn at Ormskirk where they held dances, Jeff.
  4. Witches' cats are black, Donks. I like the heraldic idea Hoping someone tracks down the origin!
  5. Only pea picking we did was on our bellies trying not to be seen. I'm still addicted to fresh peas but I grow my own now
  6. LOL you two! In those days I was shy. Now I'd grab their spade and whack them around the head with it. If I didn't fall over when I dropped my cane. Actually - nowadays, I would LOVE it except it would be a bit perverted whistling at an old women.
  7. That's because we learned how to deal with them, icehead
  8. I had a friend Susan Costello lived in Sutton - any relation?
  9. Worked 14 hours a day on the farm horses, chickens, pigs, pigeons.
  10. Wherever Dr Who decided to visit, silly.
  11. There was an old old grey stone house close to the corner where the trail went off Moss Bank Road to Crank Caverns. We kids called it the Witch's house. Not sure why
  12. If you're doing a scary movie about Crank Caverns don't forget the witch's house.
  13. Impossible, Eddie, I feel as old as Methuselah (except he was male) at times. Now there's a question for you. How come all the long-lived people in the old testament are MALE?
  14. Going back aways (if you want you can find it) turbans, when I were a lass, were things women wore. Things have changed a bit, haven't they?
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