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    St Helens Cemetery - Civilian War Graves

    Harry Whitehead was an ancestor of mine... There is a story above given by Natkinder which is similar.. The following appeared in the St Helens Star on August 30 200, relating Harry Whitehead’s death. ‘There is one bitter memory for John J Whitehead of Sutton whose uncle was unexpectedly killed in a wartime bombing raid. Harry Whitehead (nicknamed Tal) had a dog and ferrets. He used to catch rabbits. Says John: “He very often gave my mother a couple of rabbits to cook. With food rationed, this was a big help.” Tal was in Jackson Street, Parr one evening, when the air-raid siren sounded and he hurried to an air-raid shelter. For some unexpected reason, his dog ran out of the shelter and Tal went after it. A German plane dropped a bomb at that precise moment . It landed close by and killed my Uncle Harry I clearly remember the sound of the sirens. The first gave warning of an approaching bomber; the second wail sounded the all-clear.” ​All in all just very bad luck for Harry !
  2. rusalka

    Lowe House Baptism Record.

    Try St.Helens family society are VERY helpful. Lowe house do look ups but have never replied to any of my requests. A lack of response & their out of date website suggest no-one is using a computer as its out of date Good Luck !
  3. rusalka

    St Nicholas Sutton Churchyard and Records

    It's pretty annoying after reading some posts here that the basic thing of letting grass grow to such an extent that its a danger to members of the public because the powers that be cannot be bothered. The grass that was cut was still a tad too long at St.Nicholas ! My son came with me the other day to look for a relative, and managed to trip over a tombstone hidden, and fall in the long grass all because it hadnt been cut. His knee is a mess !

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