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  1. Check your car windscreen after an hour's drive on the motorway ,2/3 decades ago it was full of splattered Mayfly,greenfly,flies etc now relatively clean. Another one I forgot devils coachorse
  2. Earwigs, bloodsuckers,grasshoppers,and a host of other crawlers that without question you could guarantee would be in your garden or any wasteground.Sad
  3. I was very sad reading your account of living in care homes.You must have had some fortitude to brace yourself through that horrific abuse and hideous negligence. I hope you found your peace and were able to find happiness and joy in your later life Jwood Lots of Love John
  4. Closer to home plenty of duelling banjo types frequent the Market,Westfield Street another denizen for the 'Buzbies' diaspora.Yes the unglamorous side of drinking,but there are many more people who aren't alcoholics and enjoyed going out and sharing some nice times. but alas times iz changing
  5. Bloody he'll when I had a meal in the Charcoal it was diabolical.Piece of Chicken was an old boiler ( smelled like one too),Aunt Bessies or something equivalent cheap frozen roast spuds,garden peas various colours of green (obviously old cooked mixed with fresher eeeewww).Very cheap gravy granules,oh and a very incongruous salad garnish next to the chicken with gravy on top yuck and yikes.Quite a forgettable experience.
  6. Yes its dead interesting,have spent bl00dy hours on them pics fascinating stuff.On one of the pics looking across to Moss Bank you can just make out if you use a bit of intuition and sense of where you are the only houses built in that era which are: A few in Hilbrea avenue,Kingsway and Queensway.Doesnt Moss Bank look distant and rural no wonder me grandad said they went for days out from Union street Hollin Hey Carr Mill and Moss bank when the were kids
  7. The bronze age axe (adze) was dug up when they were carrying out work on the sewers that run down corporation st at the junction with hall street.I got a copy of the image, regards where it is I suspect it is either catalogued away in the glass museum upstairs I did make enquiries but they were particularly vague and not too accommodating so yes it exists somewhere there are lots of archaeology around these parts just you don't need pillockspoiling it.I have my own worked stone adze I found between Billinge and Rainford it has the micro chippings on the cutting edge.
  8. Ollie thanks for the reply no not at all just for the record ive seen enough stuff that you or i would consider lets say not the norm.I am as cynical as the next man and my attitude to such phenomena is as it was before .when we see hear or feel something we dont understand or its not in the text book so to speak we look for a rational empiricle reason why so that we can answer away this phenomena along the lines of classical psychological thinking (scientific agnostics).To stand and watch something that 'shouldnt exsist' or defies your preconceived notions is ermmmmm interesting . ps id take a polygraph test any day of the week EDIT:- Just to add its healthy to be sceptical and cynical as i am about stuff i am not on a conspiracy crusade in fact I'm bored ****less with UFO'S crop circles etc .Anyway its a good topic cheers
  9. me dad was a driver and me mam was a clippy st.helens buses are in me blood lol
  10. For my pennysworth... footpath at back of fir tree farm leading to promised land/heaton ho use area,walkin dog one november 8.30 pm huge flying something 20/30 foot up very erratic flight and shape black as the ace o' spades (since reading up it had shapeshifting qualities)no it wasnt a crow or a heron as suggested i know how big they are and what noise they make but i sure as hell saw it and my only possible classification for this thing is it resembled in description after tons of reading up the morraighan the black with /crow of irish myth which is also synonymous with the german valkyrie so this must be the english version ok laugh..but i saw what i saw
  11. Just out of interest i would categorise myself as rational and cynical were paranormal stuff is concerned.But me and a mate comin home from Scotland stopped off at Flodden battle field at 2-3 am a few years back ...bad mistake never again the athmosphere was electric it was whizzin with energy i said "eh ya daft bugger get back in the car" he was more terrified than me .

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