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  1. no probs.This will remind also if i spot any similar on my travels around costa del st.ellins. thanx
  2. Come on Robbob.Get your balls out PING PONG ONES,!!Its somewhere in st.marys market where you can play for FREE.Hope our moaners about the high cost on the ten pin will use this . Ive already seen the same in lpool st johns some time ago.I believe thats gone?
  3. A lot of strategic placing for ticket sales and strategic camera angles and placing.
  4. As a man of immense "useful"? knowledge and can answer even the most difficult crossword with ease? I was just answering one clue that resulted in the word STROP. I know there is some slang with this word.Can anyone remember those leather straps in barbers shops.They used to sharpen cutthroat razors on them.HOW and why use that material.. Do these "turkish" style barbers or similar still use these STROPS?
  5. Not forgetting HORT cavorting up the TownHall steps to the Mayors Ball as I believe it used to be called?
  6. Very fast..Saints young uns must have got a shock how fast..lotta missed tackles. Iwonder what HORT -if he did see it,thinks how the decisions went?
  7. What is a breach.Where my son lives in Oregon Portland TrailBlazers were 3 up with about 8secs to go in the NBAWestern playoffs.In one of the last moves the Portland player did a blatant obstruction..The opposition had only a 2 pt play.immoral or gameplay?No player was sent off.Does that mean you shouldnt watch it.
  8. Indications that Wane is hinting a poss move to Leeds or even back to Wigan.Why has no one ,even lower clubs swooped to get him on board? Watch this space.
  9. joe i did mention you like a bet?well when lpool wrre underdogs on 2 occassions we were on hol .The one when they came back from 3 down fab match watched alongside a gang of sweaty german bikers and the other nights match.odds flying back with a loada sweaty brits and your ex wigan mate.their odds were 40 to 1.So come on drop us a few quid for a hol when its the final.Sure can get you fab odds as well.?.
  10. as confused as when i try to read one of your scrips.!
  11. If anyone esp joe90 cos he does like a bet?When we were away last time when lpool were 3 down and came back.just been away again and look what happened at odds 40 to 1. Well if anyone wants to fund a hol for us on the final date sure bet! Ps Joe Spotted your friend in Tenerife airport. this week.Wonder whats hes doing when he gets back from there? today.Maybe returning now Edwards seems? destined to France.
  12. Then if you can get into a doctor you can be dragged into a health course to get rid of your beer belly. After realising your paying over the odds for sky etc,watching something in between the ads advertising more ads! of channels you "must have" And just think you would be listening to those half baked sports pundits.OH I AM NOT TALKING OF THOSE ON THIS SITE BUT SKY!
  13. People dont TALK anymore.Bet if they gave free mobiles with every drink they would sit side by side texting each other in the bar.CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT!!
  14. bet they all now drink at the local golf club?
  15. Sadly Hort will have to wait for rules on forward passes.More clearer? decisions on play the ball to stop cheating as ADMITTED by Dary lPowell! Throwing ball into offside players.etc.Hope they tackle the walk forward as well. Rfl immediate discussion and implementation.
  16. You never mention that about your favourite song contest- the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST AND I KNOW YOU ARE AN AVID WATCHER OF BGT with all those Eastern Europeans muscleing in ?
  17. one is business the other pleasure.
  18. even if we werdnt in eu we could still get a waiver agreement..The uk is in the process of easing travel by letting certain countries use their e passport as in the case of usa. Its amazing what you can do if there is a will.
  19. You are like mps ask a question,but get a question in answer? Simply asked for what people felt about the incidence of ankle injuries becoming more prevalent..I was just including the article. re wigan .If it was after the wakefield match where theyre 3 players got injured.I apologise. cos i only read it much later. But you never serm to answer a question if it involves wigan.You just throw back as i said another comment.Adrian Lam said he didn't think theyre was anything wrong in that style if tackle.But 3 players injured by the same style of tackle surely can be asked.If it was any other team i would have used the article.So please dont get paranoid. I await a simple comment open for discussion over THE HIGH INCIDENCE OF ANKLE INJURIES.Is it the tackles or the footwear or another prob that physios are not sorting out? WOTS WRONG IN ASKING.
  20. It was the ankles we are talking about.nothing else.please stay on point.The article about cas and wigan was actually in the newspaper and Adrian Lam had responded .As i said i never mentioned all the penalties wigan gave away with head highs.So we arnt talking about head high!WHY CANT YOU JUST DISCUS IN A REASONABLE MANNER.IT ISNT ALWAYS AGAINST WIGAN.THE TACKLE CLAIMS CAME IN A NATIONAL NEWSPAPER SO SURELY IT WAS NORMAL TO RAISE IT.IT WASNT A SAINTS PERSON COMMENTING. You are paranoid if anything is said against wigan reasonanly.Ps i did say the saints player did get a correct sinbin! SO CAN I ASK FOR YOUR COMMENTS BACK ABOUT ANKLE TACKLES.OTHERWISE P OFF onto a WIGAN CONNECT SITE.. Morgan Knowles tackle ban.Oops it cant be brought up? dont want to be one sided like joE 90 cos i think he shouldnt have been banned.Cos sure it was Hull players fault for getting in way?
  21. Reading about Luke Thompson injury.I have also noted comments from players who have suffered ankle or in that region injuries following tackles. Footballers injuries similar.I wonder what physios think about this situation.. I dont remember so many in the days of those BIG BOOTS.?Are boots these days a cause.Even though i am aware that boots are designed to fit the users foot! I know cas players who got injured in a recent wigan match blamed the ankle tackles.
  23. All this MOANING!Bet they still vote Labour in yet again?Its like moaning that if you put your finger in the fire it gets burned.BUT YET YOU STILL DO IT.
  24. 2 also corner of gaskell and hammond st.
  25. Joe90-The injury showed is ankle the other way round! not nice to see!!The saints player SHOULDER CHARGED WIGAN PLAYER. AS PLAYER FELL HE GOT IN WAY.Stupid action but he WAS RIGHTLY SINBINNED.There were also some high tackles early on by Wigan rightly penalised and as such penalty count against wigan.Did you miss them ?
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