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  1. non sibi sed omnibus

    Around St.Helens

    I appreciate people do have mobility issues.However some are complaining already before its even there,about limited parking RIGHT OUTSIDE. Maybe we will have to read the SMALL PRINT ON THE PARKING NOTICES ALREADY THERE NEARBY B& Q? just in case EACH BIT IS A SEPARATE PARKING AREA.Especially if you want to use the CAFE AT M&S as well as shopping?
  2. non sibi sed omnibus

    Haunting in St Helens Mill Street

    HORT must let the cat out the bag.It was me when i was in TA there!I had just finished a few bevies after a hard weekend.
  3. non sibi sed omnibus

    Around St.Helens

    OD'S Sale! I hope hes not expanded too much?Wonder if his CASH Flow is ok.His watch and jewellry part doesnt seem too busy but expensive. Watch his properties.
  4. non sibi sed omnibus

    Wigan Warriors

    For joe90,It was dangerous contact with Tyrone Roberts it was when you had that nap?So if you recorded it just watch replay.It was in first half and he had to go off for concussion check as is normal. He didn't return to play.
  5. non sibi sed omnibus

    Grand final

    Joe90 is a bit like ALL football managers.If its something against his side hes unfortunately looking somewhere else. However when its for his side hes spot on watching. Simply EVERY SIDEwill try to get away with as much as they can.Sadly joe90 cant believe that. Penalties given are not always beneficial.It depends where the penalty awarded is either your or opponents half.
  6. non sibi sed omnibus

    Another blow to church st?

    Just heard CLAIRES is in trouble.Aiming to close 100+ underperforming stores. Church st?one watch this space.Can see it coming Buy 3 Get 3 free!Whats SLIME got to do with a kids beauty accessory store?Now if it was ADULTSI could underdstand women buy it as facepack!!! Anyone bought it for their wife,girlfriend?as a joke hopefully.
  7. non sibi sed omnibus

    Wigan Warriors

    Sorry got to eat my words.Leuluai forgotten by joe90- banned like Tomkins.Well we ate ONLY TALKING ABOUT WIGAN arnt we?
  8. non sibi sed omnibus

    Bad accident on Blackbrook Rd

    Wonder if they were road racing?Put my money on it-eh?
  9. non sibi sed omnibus

    The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    I KNOW COS LIKE THOSE PRATS THESE DAYS WITH THEIR UNLICENSED BIKES. I THOUGHT I KNEW MORE ABOUT GOING THROUGH WATER . I turned off down to take short cut under bridge ,saw some water,drove thro it in my Lambretta.The next us history. So thats why i can pontificate(know it all).GOT THE BENT FRONT ETC TO PROVE .
  10. non sibi sed omnibus

    Wigan Warriors

    Be a bit more open for UNBIASED DISCUSSIONS! Thats what St.Helens Connect NOTE ST.HELENS CONNECT NOT WIGAN ALWAYS CONNECT.is for.
  11. non sibi sed omnibus

    The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    Warrington new road is the main road.This is i believe the off shoot that went round back of gas works ,todd steel and came out bottom of parr st.
  12. non sibi sed omnibus

    Wigan Warriors

    Unfortunately the young uns dont always get the recognition.Thats why NO MATTER WHAT TEAM YOU SUPPORT its important to make sure home grown talent is progressed and NOT DEMEANED BY BIASED SUPPORTERS FROM OTHER TEAMS.Especially when they are brought in to FIRST TEAMS if a team has injury probs.Everyone needs a fair crack of the whip.
  13. non sibi sed omnibus

    Grand final

    Still as unbiased as ever. Can call Tomkins cos hes leaving. Doesnt like Charnley? Manfredi played his heart out for tries he was at the end of moves,1 tackle etc. As i repeat Rashford played his heart out cos he was having to run with a team that was disjointed. Vollenhoven had Greenall as his support.So who was better Greenall or Vollenhoven?
  14. non sibi sed omnibus

    Grand final

    Missed last couple mins cos missus demanded dancing on!! so dont know who got the man award? To me no outright player give em all a share. Hope joe90 makes some unbiased comments as both sides gave their all even with the reaping. Warrington finishing let them down. added 30 minutes later Just read that Stefan Ratchford won Harry Sutherland trophy as well as another one?Good on him. He plays his heart out.Sadly not supported enough tiday from rest of team.
  15. non sibi sed omnibus


    I did put a £500 bet on as well at 100 to 1.But damn bookie PADDY POWER put it on Saints BARBER!when i looked at my betting slip last week.Damn those irish bookies.

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