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  1. 2 also corner of gaskell and hammond st.
  2. Joe90-The injury showed is ankle the other way round! not nice to see!!The saints player SHOULDER CHARGED WIGAN PLAYER. AS PLAYER FELL HE GOT IN WAY.Stupid action but he WAS RIGHTLY SINBINNED.There were also some high tackles early on by Wigan rightly penalised and as such penalty count against wigan.Did you miss them ?
  3. I had asked quite a few lads about TOM.I really liked his attitude!. I have read about the way wigan tackle round the legs.Yep this stops the player.Some Cas players were injured after playing againdt them.Lam responded he couldnt see anything wrong in the way they tackle?. I did note the tackle that Tom was involved in was a bit"messy". Has anyone any comment about the apparent criticism of this tackling issue. Danny richardson a bitb slap happy with his range kicking.It gave them the on half time try and a later sloppy kivk gave them excellent position..
  4. Wonder if HORT and others has navigated the new layout.Give it a few days.As there is no middle bit.Some wag cutting across instead of circumnavigating it!CRASH BANG WALLOP!!
  5. remember that as cotham arms. When we had the IRA bomb messages in town hall.We used that as a safe zone.Sadly some irate ratepayers spotted us sitting in drinking .ALL ON EXPENSES OF COURSE?
  6. Even of more "interest" to some of us is the litte railway that ran alongside carr mill dam ! My mum used to work on munitions at Risley during war. Hoping to follow up on the line that ran from the Central station on corporation st.that took her there.
  7. sadly cant cos as it stretched right to widnes could have had bits closed at different times.If you google the Runcorn gap..?There are also station records and they do show dates they closed.So that would give you a general idea.Clock face closed 18 6 1951.
  8. Hi.there is loadsa comments on this site.I used this line as a kid .The line was a passenger line.If you go to central station and stand on the platform line to liverpool.Back to the line.You will see the old platform still there. It ran thru sutton padt the now gone engine sheds at morrisons,sutton oak,then didn't go to juncgion.But split then thru clock face,sutton manor and on to widnes.I dont know the full name but it was part of the Runcorn Gap lines.Google that as well. Others will i am sure point you to threads on this site.There are also engine fotos around as well.
  9. Wires v wigan Huddersfield v saints. other big draws .just waiting for confirm bradford v leeds and cas drawn away. So be interesting as saints is a banana skin tie?
  10. Perhaps when you accept saints gave young players on then people will reciprocate. I gave benefit to the young lads playing for wigan in previous matches.Cos i am glad to see the style now away from you know who!Just never hear you ssying that about ssints young uns Or perhaps you whispered it?
  11. Wakefield ended with 4 injured.Another comeback.Have to sort this sloooooow start wigan. Sure it will be a classic at dw stadium?Wot with wigan having soooo many injuries and saints a full side..
  12. watched it on tv.great game .a few mistakes but wires cost them more.
  13. Nip in get a few bits of wood,some screws,cement ,off cuts etc.Nothing too much trouble.Bet its a betting shop!
  14. It matches the language you could hear sometimes when passing the open door. Did your parents have anything to do with the groups who used to practice upstairs.Robbob. I assume the singing wasnt your mum or dad singing in the bath!
  15. Youd also better watch out those piranhas that were put in like the look of scrawly little wriggly things? so just make sure you wear trunks?
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