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  1. non sibi sed omnibus

    Adrian Lam

    see both wigan and saints a bit of prob.Williams wants nrl.Barbs in discussion.saints got dropsy again and wigan got a bit complacent.Must all do better!
  2. non sibi sed omnibus

    Adrian Lam

    Seriously i wish Shaun well now the setup has been confirmed.He did well for RU. Hope the SPITE will disappear and we can look forward to some MASSIVE DERBIES!
  3. non sibi sed omnibus

    Around St.Helens

    Robbob.I forgot about that .Cos i knew someone wbo went to a garage and asked for the old psrts back! as proof job done.Cant see that happening today though.
  4. non sibi sed omnibus

    Around St.Helens

    At one time these sorts of places used to give FIXED PRICE QUOTES!for fitting certain things.I wonder when this stopped?
  5. non sibi sed omnibus

    The Anderton Mining Monument, St Helens Linkway

    I know my dad mentioned the shearer when he was in mining.When the item was put on display he said i bet theres not many that know the history and think its just a mass of junk.He mentioned Anderton quite a lot and how they expected the machine to revolutionise mining . There was also quite another item that he used to mention.MECHANISED PIT PROPS. Once he started mentioning them i used to see many being transported around on lorries.
  6. non sibi sed omnibus

    Adrian Lam

    FAKE NEWS sadly Joe90.Ive got on very very good authority that Wigan have poached WILKIN.naughty ?Under EXTREME questioning by st.helens star reporters he has not divulged this dastardly act. All he has been prepared to admit.I'm LEAVING SAINTS AT END OF SEASON.Please tell us hes not going to Wigan and rethinking his longterm aim.
  7. non sibi sed omnibus

    Cowley horror stories

    Just something i forgot. Memories of names sadly fade. i was interested in chemy as was a mate who lived in Parr just past the entry to gaskell park. One day we thought up a good idea . We cycled to widnes to supplier.We were able to buy magnesium ribbon,sulphur etc.We then sold in school. mag at so much an inch.sulphur was by weight. We used to play footie,splits with a penknife,trying to hit cricket ball into quad as we used nets.i got done by kong for letting off stink bomb in area where he had a tuck shop in bottom corridor.
  8. non sibi sed omnibus

    its who really wants it?

    I'm sure BREXITplayed a part!They were bribed to lose by the Remainers.Keep those Frenchies happy.Good job weve never tried to expand into Germany?
  9. non sibi sed omnibus

    its who really wants it?

    The forwards were non existant.simples.Barba is NOT FIT but he is just one person.Plus youve got backs tackling forwards. NO CONTEST.I think joe must have sent them a loada pies last night. Ive heard he had 15 start for saints!
  10. non sibi sed omnibus

    its who really wants it?

    Oh joe90 why the sudden change.You used to criticise me about going on about Wilkin ALL SEASON.Are you now converted? .
  11. non sibi sed omnibus

    its who really wants it?

    There can be no complaints.Noting the signings of forwards recently.I think a few will be demoted next season.Catalans brought back in big uns.Played a tight game.Saints couldnt hold the ball.Just not able to go forward with what little ball they had. Its all on the day!
  12. non sibi sed omnibus

    Inside St.Thomas Church, Eccleston

    I dont know about sermons etc.services long.NOT TOO GOOD FOR YOUNG LADS WHO NEED THE TOILET.
  13. I worked at Bold but left in 1963 when the NCB sent me on an HND course at the technical college. Did I know your dad?

    1. non sibi sed omnibus

      non sibi sed omnibus

      he retired in late 1960s.He was a shotfirer deputy.He did work with a number of trainees .He was Joe/jack finney.


  14. non sibi sed omnibus

    Peyroux breaks arm

    Plus no win no fee claims!
  15. non sibi sed omnibus

    Cowley horror stories

    Sad tale though. I was her boss in water dept.Eric Hughes had gone go BEs and Tom Rimmer replaced him. I moved to Warrington but still met people .I only found out much later. That Linda had died .As you know from past she was a bubbly girl,and yes she DID EVENTUALLY GET MARRIED.I only found much later that Linda had probs over going out and had become very thin.I didn't want to pry but just wanted to remember as I knew her, Barry got married and had a young girl.Again sadly he died very young. Ken Ince died but Hilda is still around. Ray Wright another one passed away. Ive retired but still keep bobbing into old colleagues. Metoo!the front view for both Cath and Beryl!Beauty and quick response ! How did you end up in Spain. Must admit some of us were tempted to go to Kenya,NewZealand and Zimbabwe! local gov setup needs.even with the big payback it didn't tempt me!

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