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  1. non sibi sed omnibus

    Former Swintons Insurance on Bridge St.

    Yep,but also the shirt shops in duke st and next to fleece hotel. There was the "services" shop in the row next to the transport offices in ormskirk st. Has anyone still got those orange black and yellow? scarves i believe were for tech college. There were the former students parading round town with university scarves.All those specialist shops .Teachers parading round with their university scarves. Now its all Primark and Matalan?
  2. non sibi sed omnibus

    integration of all fans

    I hope they get FACIAL RECOGNITION INTO FOOTIE GROUNDS!Now that should start some comments?
  3. non sibi sed omnibus

    integration of all fans

    Will football ever allow fans mixing. with cctv at grounds surely with all the stewards they can sort out? Do fans need to play a more proactive role.
  4. non sibi sed omnibus

    Things you don't see anymore

    I was wondering with the title. Do changes have a timescale? Under what issues do things disappear.Why are they not just personal to one person but end up global issues. We like something then does some jobsworth decide to get rid. Simple little things like who got rid of using the newspaper on the nail in the toilet. Getting rid of the penny toilet boxes on the door. blackjacks,sherbert dabs,licorice sticks.Clothes styles.DID YOU WANT TO GET RID OF YOUR KIPPER TIE LADS?.Did you gals really want to wear TIGHTS? instead of SUSSIES? But yet one thing stays QUEUES! Surely when we went into the EU we should have followed what the Germans did. SEE WE CAN EVEN GET BREXIT IN HERE! SO IF WE CAN BE LIKE LEMMINGS WHY ARGUE OVER THAT DAMN WORD?
  5. non sibi sed omnibus

    Manor Street Off Jackson Street

    Like many of the streets of yesteryear. Dark ill lit mysterious streets.However blossomed into life ESPECIALLY AT CHRISTMAS when i used to visit my grandparents and passed and saw COAL FIRES,LIT CHRISTMAS TREES ETC through the half opened doors.
  6. is this les,dennis here

    1. non sibi sed omnibus

      non sibi sed omnibus

      Hi unsure what you mean .is it the cowley connection.Can you be clearer. send a pm.

  7. non sibi sed omnibus

    Red Star Belgrade

    Red Star Belgrade are in 1st round of rugby league challenge cup draw.Match will be away whatever the draw.
  8. non sibi sed omnibus

    Manor Street Off Jackson Street

    We had distant relatives who as brickies came from wigan in the 1800s.No doubt to build the massive increase in housing.They lived in manor st.
  9. non sibi sed omnibus

    Around St.Helens

    perhaps many of the elderly shoppers should apply!Flood them with applications.Bet HORT and others wont bother if all the jobs are given to the Poles,Spanish,French etc.
  10. non sibi sed omnibus

    St Helens Bus Review April 2019

    It was George Ashtons. didn't need to do much to take over though. The company had run for many many years both on football and rugby matches and FABULOUS HOLIDAYS. Sadly George died and his son took over. He was not the sort of person for it.He overstretched himself, didn't do the trips advertised on continental hols CUT COSTS. We never travelled on any of HATTONS so expect quite a few moved over from George Ashtons. Like a couple of similar Coach operators found a money making con by charging HOLIDAYMAKERS to pay to park their cars on his site. Sadly the site is now a scrapyard! Wonder if HATTONS are into SCRAP COACH/BUS BUSINESS NOW AS WELL-eeh,eeh!!
  11. non sibi sed omnibus

    St Helens Bus Review April 2019

    Long time since St.Helens Corporation transport advertised on the side of their buses ONE PENNY PER MILE. My fare was 1and a halfpenny. BE INTERESTING TO EVALUATE COACH TRAVEL AND ANY CROSSOVER TO "BUS" OPERATIONS IN A CO LIKE HATTONS.Which is more financially viable?I bet one is subsidising the other! added 4 minutes later The most common aspect is MARGINAL COST. Its like hotel rooms.You cannot get back the loss of a day usage.So you can run some aspects on marginal cost basis. You can also set"losses" against other aspects as long as the whole business is run properly.
  12. non sibi sed omnibus

    St Helens Bus Review April 2019

    I believe HATTONS did try to run 137 one time.They even put a BIG WHITE COACH ON!Complaints from the poshies who didn't like to be on a bus route.Plus the original route also ran along 32a route!more complaints.Perhaps HATTONS could run it if the route went via Whiston,Prescot and Lpool.Yikes!!They could then incorporate it on their daytrips or mystery tours packages? The 137 did run to whiston.Then stopped. 152 runs and ive never seen more than 3 people on it. Wonder why HATTONS never commercially run it. Buses can be redirected onto other routes. But i suppose taxpayers paying for half or nearly empty buses is commercially profitable ?
  13. non sibi sed omnibus

    St Helens Bus Review April 2019

    So why not put singles on off peak.Still say prescot should be a hub.yes they were lowest tender.You put a ridiculous tender in but by putting it in you are still recognised as a tenderer. Companies regularly do this.
  14. non sibi sed omnibus

    St Helens Bus Review April 2019

    The prob with 137 is that its a "rural" route.It runs with 352 and 32a in part.The logistics of the number of potential passengers say if it still competed on 32a route is that amyone wanting yo go to billinge may not be able to get on.It is a complicated route.352 is QUICKER but dearer. So it cannot be competitive cos arriva moan!Thats why route was moved. Rainford sadly suffers since routes to ormskirk and southport were revised. Maybe the 10 and 10a route could be treated as 2 distinct routes to and from PRESCOT HUB?with the 89 as well. I think the routes are too long. .
  15. non sibi sed omnibus

    St Helens Bus Review April 2019

    Link dont work.msy gave to adk a bus driver? added 2 minutes later Hi.if you look at how your link shows in both your original and your reply.You can see its not shown in the original as an operable link.The reply does and it does work. Now its trawling through.

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