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  1. There have been even tighter and match decisions readily given on such a minute distance.He did ground ball an inch or so.He knew it as well and you could see his reactions as he walked away. But as we said to a certain person in the past .Its swings and roundabouts.Though sadly the swings and roundabouts don't even out..
  2. Report days immediate effect.No mention of any prob?going to harlequins ru to train them.Is it money?other issues etc?Very rushed methinks..
  3. Must have been an old one cos couldnt find THE RANGE on it..
  4. Alan in the 1800s the Windle Brook was an OPEN brook.The appropriate crossing of it was here.Hence the names.As I am sure you know,the brook was eventually culverted.This fed into the then canal system.Perhaps we could look at nearby WATER ST As well.
  5. Wife noted a couple of "customers"looking shady at back.Realised they were a couple of the old mannequins!must go to specsavers. Its Nothing to do with Tyrers.Unless they were from Pakistan,Alan.Know one was bottom of bridge st to liverpool rd. There was going to be a posh ice cream parlour with grand piano,then it was to be a "shady" convenience store complete with fax and photocopier .But its gone upmarket for the posh residents above it.Its like one of those tat shops you see around most towns.
  6. Wife and others have visited.Cheap tat. and dearer than other tat shops.Why is it called TYRERS EXPRESS.Doesnt appear to be run by the family,just a few of our people of colour corner shop types.Not the ice cream parlour or tstty convenience store previously advised!Perhaps ROBBOBcan get a few candid shots?
  7. Hi.you could be on our family tree!! Billinge Chapel End MAIN ST BILLINGE etc. Weve got via this site-from "friends" who helped me search. I am busy at moment and still havnt got round to sorting out. but if you PM me I will try to find the details we have. Did you find any link to SIMKIN OR SIMPKIN these are associated. .Our John married ANN.they had a son also John.Ann became a widow then later resided at *8 Sandfield crescent.st.helens,then dentons green. Sandfield cres area was a hive of relationships. Phyll and Ratty on this site gave me GREAT ASSISTANCE as did others who are not now contributing. Hope this helps as I have found just basic info!. .
  8. Ive mentioned the same about photographs. Digital storage?does the CLOUD storage mean anything to anyone? How many photographs do people take just cos theyve got storage on their phone and then delete them? Do the photographs MEAN anything to them. Its like LOVE LETTERS years ago.You just get DUMPED BY TEXT NOWADAYS!! Then all those naughty fotos go all round facebook, everyone knows about how much of a B youve been on twitter. Surely it should now be called UNSOCIAL MEDIA?
  9. Obvious the cheapo convenience store ,with the datk and sinister background,like the parlour we exoected, fell through.Wonder if its the family part that has shop in rainford?Wot will us and the execs in the penthouse suites above do.NO FAX,NO FOTOCOPIER,!St.Helens business will fail?
  10. As we have quite a few supposed Math "experts" on this site. I was looking at the Rugby League Semi Draw situation that could evolve. As someone who had seen many juggles of balls to produce some "interesting" outcomes. I was looking at how the draw could result.BE FIXED? Saints vHull and Wire v ? Wonder where this Saints one would be played and if at Leeds.Be interesting where Wire would play. Could we see a Saints v Wire semi to give lower club final. How do we think the result could be "fixed?" Could we see a Footie Ground semi.? Warrington v hull Saints v halifax. in july.
  11. Ive also changed my barba.Hes half the cost..
  12. If you do get to come down.Dont for heavens sake pick up any hitchiker called Grayling.Its engineering work around again and hes got probs getting there!.He'll prob mess everything theyve done to make it a success
  13. no probs.This will remind also if i spot any similar on my travels around costa del st.ellins. thanx
  14. Come on Robbob.Get your balls out PING PONG ONES,!!Its somewhere in st.marys market where you can play for FREE.Hope our moaners about the high cost on the ten pin will use this . Ive already seen the same in lpool st johns some time ago.I believe thats gone?
  15. A lot of strategic placing for ticket sales and strategic camera angles and placing.
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