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  1. Alan , as someone who had to survive time and motion examination many years ago. I must strongly take you to task!!! 1 size of car. 2.equipment used. 3.husband washed it 4 wife washed it 5 teenage son or daughter washed it. 6.mother in law washed it. Sadly when you make such wide of the mark utterances you must be admonished. FAKE FACTS FAKE FACTS Sorry got to stop cos it looks like someone has got her beady eyes on our unwashed car!!
  2. I really wasnt expecting them to loan to us or us to them.Do you think they should have reserve fixtures?Do you need a truck driver as a wigan roadie?
  3. Read about Amazon cancel HO2 IN NY. Makes me think about over here!!
  4. Hydroponics.Getting ready for when we travel to MARS.They appear to have found water.So no soil therefore hydroponics.Experts in cannabis farms to put ads for workers a boom for st.helens.This expertise to be xferred to NASA.We vould even be the new silicon valley?
  5. Hi Alan.I believe before planning agreed they were going to be higher!Amazon are not saying anything.Did you also notice the big one near the m6 and elr!Its going to be a pharma logistics thats moving from knowsley. Ive been wondeting how many farmers will offload more land post brexit?
  6. Because we dont have reserve fixtures,some players are going out on loan. I wonder if Joe90 would like Wigan to take a few saints players who cant get a game on loan!!!!. Can you imagine him having to admit theyre GREAT!!
  7. Thefe used to be confusing figures years ago with the indication of season tickets cos do you include these as someone has paid for that match even if they dont attend. I wonder if Alan used to "fudge" figures at Carlisle!
  8. I think we must get completely unbiased numbers from someone like Phyll! or Alan! Primarily cos Trump says he had 65000 in a stadium thst only holds 10000 but they say only 6500 were in but he did mumble about people outside. So perhaps joes figures could include those outside?. So maybe the odd few hundred shoppers passing by the stadium, or in B&Q or ASDA. Its amazing how many people you can CRAM into a little stadium!
  9. Whats there got to do with the KURTZ Alkali explosion?Unless it had a K initial in it.But cant recognise one in the initials.Can anyone actually link the place or initials.A date doesnt just link to the explosion?
  10. I was pointing to the 1927 date over wizzard.Yep i can never forget the sign date over bank.I was wondering if a stone sign had broken off over the pawnbrokers. When Someone put a note on prev about the bank number.I mentioned that when i was younger knew a girl who lived in a flat behind the bank The family name was STANTON.I remembered he was something big IN THE NAVY,!!maybe the Sea Cadets.COME ON ,NOT THE YMCA,!!!
  11. Hort,I couldnt remember the building but recognised the tree branches.:)
  12. HORT,I youd taken the date on the side of it 1927. i wonder how many would have recognised where?I wonder what was in where there seems to be something missing over pawnbroker shop next to wizzard?
  13. Lets here it JOE90.?I bet its the first time he wants saints to do the job.Well maybe not?
  14. thats exactly what i mean.Just wait until st.helens council go through its demolition process around town though.
  15. Looking at Cartridge world.Above it there is still the old setting.I used to walk quite a lot down Duke st. Ive mentioned many times about how many of our old buildings have been decimated on the ground floor usage by slotting in all these shops. Luckily on many fotos on here taken still show these old bits.So when you are walking along our streets.take the time to look up as you dodge the dirt ridden pavement spots you may be surprised!
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