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  1. Really good photo shots - you must have captured almost everyone there Robbb. Looking at them make me wish I was 20 something again
  2. Ollie & Rosey - I suppose if there was a 'ladies only' night at a that same pub that had scantly clad he-man waiters & Bar staff with side room private hip swinging, that you two would never venture in for a peep to tug the odd string?
  3. the family of 'Wrights' from 35 Wood St, they'd have lived there from late 40's till late 60's - Mr & Mrs Harry Wright, two girls, one lad. I think grandad Wright was there earlier, he likely died late 50's I believe
  4. Brilliant find Rosey .. wow which website did you go to - to find all of that info Rosey?
  5. is it also possible the name derived from 'The Redcoat? In a search I found an old "Rainford parish directory" dated 1871 listing all of the residents of the area. One name appears that says his location or merchant shop as ' Original Red Cat' Pickavance, John, vict. Original Red Cat you can google 1871 directory of Rainford,. The document is in word, listed as DIRECTORY & HISTORICAL SKETCHES 1871 P. Mannex & Co. as well as http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/Rainford/allsaints/baptisms_1875-1881.html Baptism: 11 Jan 1875 All Saints, Rainford, Lancs. Jeda Rimmer - [Child] of George Rimmer & Mary Abode: Rainford Red Cat Occupation: Stonemason Baptised by: G. E. Master vicar Register: Baptisms 1861 - 1881, Page 124, Entry 991 Source: LDS Film 1657568
  6. not rude - but if you say so, forgive me.? How would we know what all of the sources or material you had or previously garnered? So, whats this paper you're doing all about [purpose & reason] - is it part of your studies towards a particular qualification - do tell us more & BTW, are you from St Helens or live in it?
  7. its not simply the information from above - please use the reference sources (last two pages at the bottom of those papers) attributed to the bibliography, references & articles to get what you need further. Suggest that you look into the St Helens library, national archives & the St Helens Newspaper offices. Go to each, ask for any or all related files & articles on the hospital.. makes life easy rather than just posting 'can you help me'
  8. and this http://www.academia.edu/1146942/Medical_Philanthropy_and_civic_culture_Protestants_and_Catholics_united_by_a_common_Christianity_
  9. that one - late 50's early 60's round corner from Lowe St
  10. when did the chippies in St Helens change the fry cooking ingredient from lard to oil, or are there still ones that only use lard?
  11. you served your country well & it doesn't matter what job they gave you.. salutes you
  12. As I recall the old black stone shop across from St Mathews was Annie Hitchins (spelling)
  13. Nevins (the milk) on Heath St right by the Sally Ann Old man Nevin was a grouch I always understood looking at the very old maps that 'Nut St' ran down Scholes Lane from Heath St to Thatto Heath Road & not over by the Sally Ann?
  14. I was just a kid, you're right
  15. cream buns - thanks for the name Tess iced cream buns - thanks for the name Tess
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