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  1. Thanks once again Ratty, knew I could rely on you
  2. Researching my Liverpool ancestors I have come across the following abbreviation in the Where Born column of the 1861 census: IRL B S I presume IRL means Ireland but not sure what the B S stands for, is it British Subject? Can anyone help? Many thanks
  3. Thanks Ratty, I have just replied to your PM. As you say at least I know that Mary Oxendale is buried there somewhere and it completes another bit of the jigsaw! Dave following your post yesterday I did put 'Okay Thanks Dave' as a reply however it seems to have disappeared! No worries just wanted to let you know I had seen your reply and understand what you were saying.
  4. Sorry Dave don't understand have I/we done something wrong?
  5. I was at Grange Park from 1966 to 1972. Mr (Geoff) Pimblett (sad that he is now gone as well) was my form and history teacher for the first 3 years I was at school (ie I was in form 1P, 2P and 3P) and Mr (John) Mantle was the Maths teacher for a few years. What years were you there?
  6. No went to Parr St. Peters Primary and then Grange Park Technical School, very sad this has now been demolished
  7. My daughter is 40 and my son 38 so you can imagine how old I feel 😂
  8. Please don't worry absolutely no rush at all. Enjoy the birthday 😄
  9. Thank you so much for this Ratty, I look forward to receiving your PM. Chris
  10. Although I came from St. Helens I was from Parr and not from the Hard Lane area. I have however just enjoyed an hour and a half reading through all the memories you all have of your happy childhoods on the estate, someone should write it all down in a book so the memories do not get lost with the passage of time.
  11. Wow Ned just checked out Chantry St. Helens on Facebook what a brilliant job you are all doing, keep up the good work although I am sure it must be back breaking and very tiring. Thank you for your help
  12. Hi Ned Thanks for this. How do you access the registers for the Chantry?
  13. Hi Ratty, thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately I am not local, not a million miles away but enough to make a difference, so couldn't attend the advice centre. I have never used twitter so can't contact the Library that way but will certainly try the link above. I had already searched St. Helens Cemetery records to no avail which is why I thought maybe Lowe House may hold some information, however I hadn't realised about Windleshaw Chantry! How do I access these records, are they available online or do you have a transcript? There are a few others among my ancestors who may be buried there. The information you have provided above is brilliant, it confirms some information I had and opens up some possibilities. Henry Webster married Ann Appleton in 1817 at Lowe House RC and then a day later at St. Helens Chapel (probably because of Hardwicke's Marriage Act). When he married my 5 x great grandmother Mary Swift in 1819 (again at Lowe House but then a day later at St. Mary the Virgin, Prescot) he was a widower so the Ann you have found in the burials was his first wife. Following his death in 1841 his widow Mary married John Oxendale and she died in 1852 presumably as Mary Oxendale, despite searching the cemetery I have had no luck with her burial either. I haven't located Henry's baptism yet (about 1796) but think the second entry could be his Mum and Dad (Henry and Mary Webster) and that James is a possible brother (born about 1809) but will need to do a lot more research on this. Thanks once again for the information. Chris
  14. Hi, I know that my 5 x great grandfather Henry Webster died on 6 July 1840 in St. Helens. He was a 44 year old brewer who died of consumption and the informant was Alice Hall who was present at the death at Hall Street, St. Helens. I was hoping to locate his burial but the only reference I can find for Lowe House burials for that period is on a Manchester City Council website (burials 1840-1849) which will not let me register because I do not live in the Manchester area! Has anyone any idea how I can find out if Henry was buried at Lowe House? Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  15. Hi thanks really thought you'd found it and his surname had been spelt as Lively, however this is not the right one because William was alive in the 1851 census. He would have died between 1851 and 1859. Really frustrating because although the church records might have been destroyed his death must have been registered, just need to find it!
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