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  1. Our divi number was 21219, not many digits from yours Nannypam.
  2. Great finish Andy, 118 your highest score. Some wonderful words and conundrum. Your number skills have certainly improved from your earlier games. Best of luck in the finals in June. I like your "flirting" as Nick called it, with Raechel at the end. I was wondering if you play on Apterous because of some of the words you have found? Well done for becoming an Octochamp.
  3. Well Andy marches on. Another convincing win today, 93 to 32. Hopefully we will see him become an octochamp tomorrow. Bit of a shock not getting the conundrum, but now solving a few numbers rounds. Today's opponent really looked downhearted after having a couple of his declarations disallowed. Well done Andy.
  4. Well done Andy, better than ever today. Two really good numbers solved plus one easy one. I didn't get the first one but I solved the other three. The last one I did a different way than Raechel. 6+6= 12 100-2x12= 576 then 8-7 gives you the 1 to add on Look forward to seeing you in action again on Monday. You did look pleased at getting those numbers right.
  5. I didn't get round to posting yesterday. To keep you updated Andy won again easily yesterday. Today was a day of extremes he was fantastic on letters, scoring eights on nearly every round. But the numbers were a different story. He failed to score on any of the first three numbers rounds and was one away on the fourth numbers round to score seven. I managed to get two of the numbers round right and was one away on the fourth. But I was no match for him on the letters. He came out with some fantastic words today, one of which Susie hadn't heard of. Really enjoying your stint on Countdown Andy/ Danny. Hopefully you have become an octochamp. Oh I forgot to mention the conundrum. Andy has been brilliant up until today when he buzzed and gave the word deforested and not the correct answer defrosted. His opponent then gave the correct answer. Up until then he had only scored on the numbers rounds. I think Andy was trying to buzz too quickly after Nick teased him about taking twelve seconds to spot the Wednesday conundrum. Would you like to comment Andy/Danny?
  6. Doesn't look like anyone watches Countdown. But to keep you updated on Andy from St. Helens. He had his third win today. An easy one again 94 to 57 points. He is a bit suspect on the numbers game but makes up for it with the letters and is lightning quick on the conundrums. Will he continue this good form tomorrow?. Watch this space.
  7. Has anyone seen the St. Helens lad on Countdown. His name is Andy Noden and he had great victory today scoring 106 points to his opponents 57. He got a nine letter word, implicate and also got the conundrum in one second. Have a look tomorrow to see if he can continue with his third win.
  8. Arty you have just brought great memories back. Jailhouse Rock was the first record I ever bought and it was from Rotherys in Ormskirk St. after first listening to it in one of the booths.
  9. Your eyes are bigger than your belly. If you didn't eat all your dinner after asking for more.
  10. Just to let you have some good news, the Windle pub re-opened on Friday 10th Dec. I will be able to have my Christmas Eve there as normal.
  11. I saw a three legged dog only last Friday. I asked the owner if it had been born that way. But he explained that it had been hit by a car as a puppy. It didn't bother the dog and was walking quickly alongside it's master. On a lighter note there might be quite a lot of them in the Isle Of Man. I posted this after reading the post by Alan. I clicked on to quote his post but it isn't showing on this post.
  12. I think that is the top part of Bruce St., the part that still stands today. I didn't know anyone from that end. I knew all the people in the bottom half because there wasn't many houses there. I was also born in 1944. I bet you used Dolly Langley's shop for sweets, I know I did.
  13. I didn't live in the area but spent a lot of time there. My grandma and auntie lived at number 8 Bruce St. Most of summer holidays would be spent there in the 50s. My best mate in the area was Brian Hanley who lived at number 6.
  14. If you want mid week lunch time meal you should try the Gerrard. When I visit St.Helens that is the place I go. Two meals for £9. The one I have nearly every visit is the gammon with a fried egg on top, it is always superb and done just right. There is another poster on this forum who might just agree with me.
  15. A couple of posters have mentioned the possibility of it being the old Sallywhite factory. It isn't, that was on the corner of Albion St. and Campbell St. As soon as I saw the photo I thought it was the dairy. I remember it from the 50s. If I remember correctly one of the milkmen was named Alec Wands.
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