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  1. Thanks a lot it makes sense to me
  2. Thanks so much. Her daughter married Joshua Hewitt my relation. I needed to confirm her father, you have done that.
  3. Please can anyone help find any info on Catherine Caldwell 1701 to 1788 ? Thank you phil
  4. Made a mistake Joseph is 1635/1636 typo
  5. Thank you, I will do a check. The father of peter was Joseph b 1675/6 no more details . i just want to fill my tree and get as far back as possible. phil
  6. Thanks for all the help with the other query. now can you help me please can help find the wife of Peter Hewitt born abt 1650 - 1714 in Prescot. Thank you
  7. Just to say i have now confirmed the link between Joshua 1731-1802 and Joshua 1769-1839 Hewitt of course. it is 100%
  8. Thank you very much, will do. Phil
  9. According family Search Joshua 1731-1802 was the father of the other Joshua 1769-1839. the son was a watchmaker and ended up as a publican. Thank you for all the help
  10. I have checked the tree and feel it is at least 95% certain that it is true that Joshua 1731 was the others Joshua's father. I have a probate for juniors will executor was John Hewitt. Best wishes Phil
  11. I will do. I tried my wife's tree and that is a problem !!! It looks right I will check it and keep you informed Phil
  12. Thank you so much. I know a bit of this and really can tie up a few things. I know the Joshua b1769 is on the grave stone of Joshua senior. also marked on stone is Lydia Hewitt wife of Joshua senior. I have a photo of it I just wanted to confirm this, you know what it is like to go on the wrong line. Phil Hewitt, great x3 grandson of Joshua 1769-1839
  13. Hi there , can anyone help me find the parents of joshua Hewitt 1769-1839 born in Prescot. Buried at StMarys ?
  14. Thank You, I found the marriage as St.Phillips in Liverpool 1838. Sarah maiden name was Foster. and I have their children. Its just the parents details I neeed. Many thanks, Philip Hewitt
  15. Can anyone help me find the parents of Thomas 1811-1868. He was married to Sarah 1816- ? Thomas was a watchmaker living in Prescot ? Thank You Philip Hewitt
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