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  1. EveHarris46

    The Bevan Huts

    A post war baby, I was brought up in Mill Lane, Sutton, and I can remember seeing 'inmates' in the Polish prisoner of war camp behind Thames Road. Once evacuated, this became a fascinating playground for us Sutton kids. One thing that has always stuck out in my mind is the acrid smell that came from the 'water tower' (?). Only in hindsight do I wonder was it asbestos or something as insidious!! That said, we would also rummage around the old gas works factory beyond Leach Lane!
  2. EveHarris46

    Christ Church Eccleston

    Hello there Your message was very welcome - I was beginning to wonder if I would ever discover her! Bearing in mind that the church itself denied any knowledge of her (twice) can you tell me where you found the information? I'm visiting St Helens next month and an exact plot would be wonderful to find (I know that she had no headstone). Once again, I am very grateful for your help. As Lily is my grandmother, this feels really personal to me. Best wishes Eve
  3. EveHarris46

    Lily Mitchell - Died 1935

    I hold the death certificate for my grandmother, Lily Mitchell (nee Peebles) (Died 5th January 1935) but have had no success in discovering where she was buried. She lived in Thatto Heath and I wonder if anyone knows which graveyard she is likely to be in. I know that she had no headstone. I'll be most grateful for any suggestions.
  4. EveHarris46

    Christ Church Eccleston

    Thanks to all who took time to look for this grave for me. It may well be that I am looking at the wrong church - it is 35 years since my mother took me there! As the family came from Thatto Heath I will keep trawling, although I can't understand why the St Helens Burial Board has no obvious record of it either. Cheers Eve
  5. EveHarris46

    Christ Church Eccleston

    I hold the death certificate of my maternal grandmother, Lily Mitchell (nee Peebles) who died in 1935. My mother took me years ago to view her grave at Eccleston and I recently visited St Helens and went to Christ Church to look for any trace of her grave. I then followed this up with an enquiry to the church itself and the response was that no Mitchell's were buried in that era. I have been on to the St Helens Deceased search site also and can find no trace of her burial anywhere. Does anyone have any idea how I can find where she was buried?
  6. EveHarris46


    Thanks to everyone who posted replies to me. I have now discovered that John Peebles was born in Kirkintilloch in Scotland and that both his parents came from Ireland.
  7. EveHarris46


    John Peebles, a collier,was born around 1856 in Scotland. At the 1901 cencus, he lived in the Jockeys Brow, Thatto Heath area and his wife was Mary Alice (Briers);. his children were John (then 19), William (then 18) who went on to marry Mary Ann Booth. I am unable to discover where in Scotland John Peebles was born - does anyone have any info on this branch of the Peebles family?

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