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  1. the olden days

    why so much litter in sthelens streets.

    If EVERYONE took their own litter home or put it in a bin we could have a lovely clean town. Litter doesn't just appear. I noticed in The Channel Islands people picnicked all day on the beaches but if you looked at it after teatime there was NO litter left.
  2. the olden days

    children's home in clinkham wood

    I have forgotten much about it but I know a lady from Guernsey with a daughter ran it. It was a very small home.
  3. Does anyone remember this lovely chip shop who later moved somewhere in Town?
  4. the olden days

    Lady Pilks

  5. the olden days

    many years ago old friends meet

    Good Old Days when we drank coffee and played the juke box, met friends and sat talking for hours. We didn't need drugs or drink to enjoy life. SDamne when we went to Dances - if we went out it was for a coffee and back again to enjoy Jiving etc
  6. the olden days

    Cenny Mod

    I went to Central Modern when it was still called Higher Grade and left in 1947 to work at Pilkingtons Head Office in Grove Street. Walked to school from Windlehurst and to Bishop Road etc for games. Did us no harm and we didn't get overweight then.
  7. the olden days

    cottage in Boardmans Lane

    Sorry although I lived in the last house in Park Road 1958/1968 we had 4 Alsatians and tended to walk out the back and along Canal to Haresfinch or Carr Mill and rarely went into Boardmans Lane.
  8. the olden days

    Factory in Parr

    I think Jacobs strikes a cord. Thanks.
  9. the olden days

    St Helens Heroes

    Geoff Duke and Ron Stretch both motorcyclists of distinction
  10. the olden days

    Factory in Parr

    Yes it was a Seconds Shop attached to a Factory
  11. the olden days

    Factory in Parr

    Does anyone remember a Factory in Parr in the 1960's where you could buy seconds Marks and Spencers children's clothes very cheap. You could hardly find the faults.
  12. the olden days

    New Street Market

    Nice to see a street market with reasonably priced goods and not one of the Foreign Markets which usually occupy Church Street before Christmas and take the money that should be spent on shops to keep them open and employing people all year round. Perhaps if Council have learned sense from this we might see our town attract customers and businesses back .
  13. the olden days

    Woodcocks Iron Foundry

    Yes I remember Woodcocks in the 1940's when I lived in Canal Street and used to play near the Brickworks.
  14. the olden days

    will sthelens town centre improve?

    Yesterday a friend took me to Kirkby on the bus and I was amazed to see this again after about 15 or so years. The Open Market had a Perspex or glass roof and nearly all the numerous stalls were occupied with many many bargains. Around this Market were lots of well known shops and cafes (very few vacant premises) I don't know how this transformation has come about but suspect reasonable rents might be the reason for this thriving centre. Do our Council know if you have 20 Stalls or Shops and you let each for £3 and only 10 are occupied you get £30, but if you charge only £2 and ALL 20 ARE RENTED YOU GET £40. a 30% INCREASE IN REVENUE. mORE INCENTIVE FOR SHOPPERS TO VISIT AND BUY. also STOP TAKING Christmas CUSTOMS FROM SHOPS WHICH PAY RENT AND RATES ALL 12 MONTHS AND EMPLOY ST HELENS WORKERS BY BRINGING IN FOREIGN MARKET STALLS IN FRONT OF THEIR PREMISES. WHO CAN POSSIBLY BENEFIT FROM THIS?
  15. the olden days

    Austerity and the Council.


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