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  1. Hey Phyll Well done! Yes It was a church hostelry at the time of setting up so it was "The Lamb of God" If the church wish to pay my business rates (which are the highest in town!!) I will change the name back Would love to go back and see it in those days with the horses delivering the ale and run in and out of the 3 doors it had. Thanks Warrington Saint for your good luck but dont forget Joe you are asking for the Landlady it is Julias pub not mine. Cheers
  2. Hello St Helens Connectors!

  3. Just back off holiday (First one since getting the pub) sorry to have missed you Joe and great to read replies and also back to find that CAMRA have now given us our Locale award (where you have stocked locally made ales for a year or more) Going for the caskmarque one next.Dont want to keep going on about old names..but does anyone know WHY the Lamb was called that? (I do and it was one of the reasons I changed it too as it definitely does not apply any more) Julia
  4. hey nostalgia aint what it used to be.. I can remember..well not much at my age in my 40's now you know! Things move on and not always for the better I do agree with that. BUT when a business (in this case the pub) has gone down hill so much sometimes the only way is to re name and re brand to get rid of the bad reputation. Olde England is actually her in doors pub (Julia) her own little idea and now a totally free house. Like most people on here it appears Mr Hort and Gilly have not been into the Lamb as it was for many many years and would of been shocked at how run down it had become. In fairness not all of this can be blamed on Landlords as greedy pub companies in this case it was Punch charge extortionate rents, insist on full repairing leases and then tie in beer sales and over charge for those too often double price per barrell you can buy from wholesalers..though I always think cleanliness costs nothing and it was heaving 6 full skips of rubbish several days cleaning and a fumigation where required. Anyhow Olde England is just that, its Old (1854) and English! We have lot of Irish pubs here so why not celebrate being English in England and also, Welsh and Scottish too. It stocks local English real ales, and a fab range of English wines, unusual such one too nettle, dandelion and mead, food is from local butchers Gavins and green grocers Fosters so it says what it does on the tin! Painted British racing green takes it back to its greenalls green roots. Hope that explains it and Julia has said if anyone would like to e mail please do so at julia@1854pub.com (web site not complete..can anyone help there) and she will be happy to meet you in the slaughtered lamb and buy you a pint of the finest. Cheers!
  5. Mr Hort..when was the last time you were in "The Lamb?" as it was then? Looking forward to hearing about any history of the pub (Its been there since 1854 it must have some!!!) You can e mail direct brian@1854pub.com
  6. My Nan used to live in Holly Bank street at number 3 remember it well
  7. Hi we own Olde England, does anyone out there have any old pictures or history of what was the Lamb. Thanks Bri
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