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  1. Never seen a Police Box in years either
  2. Alan

    wigan v st.helens

    What injuries did the two Wigan players sustain? Both looked quite serious
  3. Kids playing in the street. Games like Delallio, off-ground tick and tin-can bung-off
  4. Clog repairers Dogs chasing cars in the street Nuns in those big starched head-dresses and black burqas walking in pairs in the street Loud-speaker vans supporting the various political parties on election day Bin lorries in the back entries
  5. I worked at UGB for three months in 1961. Memories fade but there were two very ancient buildings, either of which could have been the Cannington Shaw building. They were both close to the lodge-entrance behind the old gas-works. One housed a huge glassware forming machine called the Owens Machine. This made pressed glassware such as tankards. The other building which had a similar shape had long-since ceased to function for glass-making and was used as a factory stores for all kinds of consumables plus the storage of redundant moulds. If I had to choose, my money would be on the latter
  6. Fantastic first half by the Donkey Commoners against the professionals from Dewsbury, live on BBC Sport. They were level at 10 apiece at half-time
  7. Alan

    Saints v Warrington

    Anyone going to Peasley Cross for tonight's game? It should be a belting game and one of those occasions when I rue coming north nearly fifty years ago
  8. I believe the food and service are excellent too
  9. That was my local between 1967 and 1971 when we lived in Windsor Road, although wife preferred the one across the road. Eagle and Child?
  10. I thought that despite the mud-bath, this was a great tense game. I see that Saints apparently sold their entire allocation of 1500 tickets for this game and Eamonn McManus praised the Catalans match-day organisation in today's League Express. Did any of our forum membership go? Any comments?
  11. Alan

    Wigan v Catalans

    I'd much rather Saints lose at Catalan so early in the season for two reasons: It was good for the French game and now they've tasted defeat this season, it'll stiffen them up for when it really matters
  12. Alan

    Wigan v Catalans

    I think you're grossly underestimating Castleford's fighting qualities. I think they had a fantastic second half
  13. But my shell-suit is nearly new and is dark blue with white piping. Real classy gear
  14. Did you not use the Baptist Hall on the corner of Boundary Road and Lingholm Road? It backed on to Queen's Rec Park. I can remember going there for some or other party in about 1951. Maybe Festival of Britain or similar
  15. What's the place in Barrow Street called? Has Robbob posted any pictures of it?
  16. My memory is from the early 1960s. The Sefton Arms, Market, Fleece and Raven were the best places in town. A good bit above the rest and quite refined.
  17. Well, they did away with amateurism twenty odd years ago. All they need now is to abandon contested scrums and line-outs and reduce the players to 13-a-side......................
  18. Thanks, Jeff. I thought Saints were on fire last weekend. Hope they are not peaking too soon
  19. Remember when you were eight or nine and the only swear-words you ever knew were the "B" words? You'd get a posh girl in the street to say the following quickly and then feign shock and horror. I chased a bug around a tree, I'll have his blood he knows I will
  20. Is that the Mick Murphy of 1980s Huddersfield RLFC fame? If so, I remember him well. I believe he once played for Saints but I remember him as a saviour of Huddersfield in the late 1980s
  21. Hi, IV. I don't know if you already have any but there is quite an interesting set of books about local buses by a guy called TB Maund
  22. Thanks guys. Never noticed them before
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