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  1. Hahaha, a weird memory. When we were preparing for "Confirmation" at St Helens Parish Church as 12 year-olds we were warned not to use Brylcreme as the Bishop of Liverpool, who would as part of the ceremony place his hand on our heads, objected to getting greasy hands
  2. Women in fur coats. I could have done with one today, it's bl**dy freezing here in Cumbria
  3. Triplex workers never wanted to join the strike but were pressurised to do so by militants, many of whom were bused in from non-Pilks organisations including various building sites. But to answer your question, I think both Pilks senior management and the unions share the blame. The dispute had been brewing for years at Top Works but had been largely white-washed
  4. I left Triplex to go to Cumbria in 1971. That 1969 Pilks strike had ruined Triplex's future
  5. Round about the same time, I had a school summer holiday job working for St Helens council in their pavement repair gang. We were repairing the pavement near Saints ground when the foreman told me to go and get some hot water for the tea-cans from the Saints club building. Vollenhoven took care of it - a perfect gent
  6. Ref the Edinburgh cafe pic, it took me back to about 1949, two years before my mum died. She took me there and my memories are of the cafe being upstairs and the waitresses wearing starched white pinnies and hats with black skirts
  7. That colliery photo reminded me what a depressing place St Helens was in the 1940s and 50s. Smoke-ridden and surrounded by waste-heaps, winding gear and factory chimneys
  8. Ted Forsythe was a good friend and neighbour of my late wife, Christine. Please give him my best regards next time you see him
  9. It was mine and my late wife's favourite pub when she lived in Rivington Avenue before we got married
  10. Alan

    Wigan v Catalans

    Great game at Toulouse too. Qustion; was the player who hurtled into the hoarding badly injured? It looked dreadful on TV
  11. Now that a London team and Newcastle have pulled out of the competition. It offsets the geographical-spread good news about Catalans making it to the Grand Final and London Broncos playing in the promotion race this weekend against Toulouse Newcastle Thunder: Relegated Championship rugby league team pull out of 2024 season - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Newcastle Thunder pull out of 2024 season and say it is "not feasible to continue" after their relegation from the Championship.
  12. Alan

    Man of Steel

    Bevan French was my player of the year too
  13. I recall the name Lord Nelson Inn, but where is/was it?
  14. Alan

    Wigan v Hull kr.

    I agree Joe, they were superb. But I thought that Hull KR were far too mistake-prone. Should be a great final on Saturday with Catalans as should be the one on the Sunday between Toulouse and London. Great end to an entertaining season in both Superleague and Championship
  15. Alan

    Wigan v Hull kr.

    Oh well, just write to the RFL and give them your learned opinion. And then write to the English Cricket Board as they frequently change interpretations. Probably the RFU and soccer ruling bodies too if I could be arsed to check their rule interpretatioins
  16. Alan

    Wigan v Hull kr.

    The interpretation of which are constantly changing which is why we have whole libraries of books on law and hundreds of thousands of solicitors
  17. Getting well beaten at home by London Broncos who now play Toulouse in the Promotion Final. Ever since Fev twice knocked Saints out of the Challenge Cup in the third round in the mid 1950s at Post Office Road (I was take to both games), I've cheered every time they lost
  18. Alan

    Wigan v Hull kr.

    I know fine well what the RL Law states. I'm telling you what referees were given as an acceptable interpretation in, I think 2021. It's all about speeding up the game and making it more attractive to non-pedantic spectators. Do a bit of Googling and you'll find it
  19. Alan

    Wigan v Hull kr.

    Keep up to date Hort. The interpretation of that specific law was officially changed a couple of years ago. Now the actual foot contact is unnecessary provided that the tackled player plays the ball between his feet and attempts to make contact
  20. Alan

    Wigan v Hull kr.

    Whoever wins, it should be a good game
  21. Alan

    Saints v Wire

    What an utter disappointment. Ah well, maybe the Frogs will beat the Pies next weekend
  22. Alan

    Saints v Wire

    Sorry to see Saints lose last night but now looking forward to Pies v Hull KR in a couple of hours. If Hull win you'll hear my cheers from Cumbria all the way to St Helens
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