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  1. When we lived in Windsor Road, Billinge in the 1960s, I used to sup in the Eagle and Child and also the Stork. It was a constant debate as to whether the Eagle and Child, Billinge was in Wigan or St Helens. What is the reality?
  2. Right. Got it! It used to be occupied by a bloke who supped in the Lingholm with my dad in the 1960s. It's certainly been spruced up since then
  3. I don't remember it at all. Whereabouts on the street is it?
  4. I sincerely thank you Big-Jeff-Leo, Robbob, HORT and others for the pictures of various architectural gems in the town I effectively left in 1960 when I went to university. They are a great reminder of what was a very special town
  5. Alan

    R L World Cup games

    Sad, I know but I've watched every single game - wheelchair, women's RL and the men's competitions and with very few exceptions enjoyed them all. I just hope that the BBC continues its promotion of our game and that the game spreads both nationally and internationally. If it does, it'll justify the small fortune I spent over 14 years on Carlisle Border Raiders
  6. I remember I taught myself to swim in the weirdest manner when I was about eight. I had a length of rubber tubing that I used to be able to breathe under water. That led to a lack of fear of water and eventually my ability to swim
  7. Alan

    R L World Cup games

    Fantastic event and very emotive too. Hope all the players had a great party afterwards and didn't end up totally legless
  8. Does Boundary Road swimming pool still exist? I know the chimney was demolished in the early 1960s
  9. I never had the courage but I do remember others doing it. I also remember lads peeing from up there onto those below. On a related subject, do you remember us all having our swimming trunks (cossies) tightly rapped up in the towel and looking like a swiss-roll with a jammy centre?
  10. Alan

    R L World Cup games

    I think England were expecting an easy passage to the final. Ruined my weekend
  11. Another memory of the Boundary Road slipper baths is that as you entered the cubicle the attendant handed you a heavy brass key thing that you used to turn the taps on. His instruction was to lob it over the wall of the cubicle once you'd filled your bath so he could collect it and hand it to the next customer
  12. Kids playing conkers Private bathrooms at public swimming pools for those with no home bathroom Home-made catapults, bows and arrows and laccy guns added 56 minutes later Just remembered, they were referred to at Boundary Road swimming pool as Slipper Baths. We didn't have a bathroom in our house in Harris Street until about 1960 so we used them every week
  13. His name is Tee Ritson
  14. Went there on two occasions in 6 months as a kid, both times with a broken arm. I can still smell the chloroform in the corridors
  15. I remember them well. Their depot was in Boundary Road. Ellison's was always deemed a bit upmarket compared to Gavin Murray's
  16. A massive achievement Dave. I remember the very earliest days when characters like MacMarket, Madmogg, Ellie-elens and The Church Sold my Field etc migrated to here from SHCN. This forum is part of my every morning. As soon as I've fed myself and the dog and taken him for his morning walk, I come onto here and the BBC News website. This one cheers me up after BBC has depressed me
  17. God that brought back some memories. There were three stamp shops either side of Liverpool Road that we stamp collectors used to frequent
  18. Sherdley Park as it is known as today brings back many childhood memories. It used to be private land surrounded by a solid wall. In fact my Sutton grandparents referred to it as "The Long Wall". There was a public footpath that skirted the St Helens side of it that they referred to as "The Score"
  19. Alan

    R L World Cup games

    Great game last night between Cook Islands and Wales. Another observation, I thought former Saints player James Graham was a natural game commentator the other night and what a pleasant change to have a commentator with a Scouse accent
  20. Alan

    R L World Cup games

    St Helens being a rugby league town. I'm amazed at the lack of interest in this thread. Personally, I haven't missed a televised game and loved every one of them
  21. Alan

    R L World Cup games

    What a cracking England win
  22. Anyone planning to attend any games? I'm not but sure as Hell I'm looking forward to watching on TV. I think the BBC are doing a great job in promoting this competition
  23. I totally agree. Long term development of our game should be a criterion for Category "A"
  24. Behind that frontage of a small shop was the main Co-op storage area for things like meat, hams etc. You can just see its gable end
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