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  1. Alan

    Roll on 31st January

    Just a fortnight away and new season kicks off with Saints v Wigan at Peasley Cross and live on telly!
  2. Packs of dogs following a bitch in heat. In fact come to think of it you rarely see a dog without its owner Rag and bone men Sally Army bands in the street at Christmas
  3. Two points if it goes ahead: The properties will need to be treble-glazed if the occupants are to hear each other speak I can just imagine the queues of traffic at the East Lancs Road lights each morning
  4. Alan

    Things you don't see anymore

    Cats-eye road markers
  5. Alan

    Things you don't see anymore

    Plastic collar-stiffeners Shirt arm-bands
  6. Alan

    Llandudno 2019

    First went in 1948 and love it now as much as I did then added 46 minutes laterMy wife taught at Parr Central in the 1960s. The school had a cottage in a place called Capel Garmon, near Bettws y Coed. A highlight of a long weekend there with her kids from school was to take them to Llandudno for a day
  7. Alan

    path from ship inn to carr mill

    And in the 1940s going to the Grand National.
  8. Something I heard recently brought back a strange memory. Because the word "Lavatory" was considered a bit coarse to our slightly posh female teacher, the word "Toilet" hadn't caught on yet and we little ones wouldn't understand words like WC or conveniences, the teacher used to refer to the lavatories as the "Offices". If you put your hand up and asked to go, she used to ask you if you needed paper or not, ie did you need to crap. If the answer was yes, she used to carefully tear off two pieces of that shiny toilet paper for you from a roll she kept on her desk
  9. Alan

    path from ship inn to carr mill

    What a magical place Carr Mill was to us youngsters from Harris Street! We used to bike there along what in the early 1950s was still called the New Road (A580). It had everything, fishing, rowing-boats, fun fair, swimming, hydroplane racing, miniature railway, caravan that sold toffee and ice-cream and plenty of woodland for boyhood adventures
  10. Alan

    FA cup and Liverpool

    I wonder if their players laid bets against their own club Like Sean Long and Martin Gleeson did at Saints a few years ago
  11. Alan

    Glass industry 1700s st.helens

    It certainly wasn't Pilkington as they started in 1826
  12. Alan

    People's History Museum - Manchester

    Yes, looks a fascinating exhibition. And for an old Harris Street resident like me, so many familiar sights. As for its political messages, they may have resonated sixty years ago but politics have moved on since then with political and social boundaries becoming blurred
  13. Alan

    Bold Colliery

    Yes, Phyll, thanks from me too. I thought I knew Helena road well. We live and learn!
  14. Alan

    Bold Colliery

    My memory of that area goes back to the 1940s as my grandparents lived in Lionel Street just a few yards away and this is the first time that I've heard that story. However, I suggest you contact Stephen Wainwright and ask him, see https://www.suttonbeauty.org.uk/
  15. Alan

    The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    My memory of him (Clegg) is as a Saints Director when Carlisle played them in the Lancashire Cup in 1986. Saints hammered Carlisle 112 - 0 but he moaned the whole game about a Saints "try" that was disallowed in the first half
  16. Alan

    Cowley teachers from the 1950's

    I remember Mr Cairns had a photo of Edward Elgar's home on his classroom wall
  17. Somebody suggested a Cowley horror story thread. My starter. The sadistic nature of a certain Latin teacher by the name of "Flash" Clifton in the early fifties and the "First Fifteen" culture whereby everything revolved around rugby union
  18. Alan

    Bill Brady

    I was at Cowley 1953 to 1960, so must have been a year behind you Callander. I remember 1953 when we had just started playing rugby and for some reason Bill Brady was teaching us the game on the big field next to where the Hard Lane estate was being developed. I can't recall why, but he hit and knocked down a young 11 year-old. The men building the houses next door saw it all and threatened him with a good hiding at which point he took us all back into school
  19. Alan

    Around St.Helens

    Someone has been round with a magic wand, making St Helens streets narrower than they were when I lived there. Church Street doesn't even look much wider than an entry
  20. Alan

    future saints stars

    I thought he had the appearance of Mr Welsby (who I think was also called Jack) who taught us at Knowsley Road School from 1950 to 1953
  21. Alan

    integration of all fans

    Well, I don't doubt it's a tiny minority. So why can't the clubs and their ruling body get them banned from attending matches?
  22. Alan

    integration of all fans

    Soccer and its violent, brain-dead hooligan fans sickened me for life in the late 1970s when I used to take my young son to Carlisle FC and Liverpool matches. Such a relief when he got interested in rugby league in 1981 when Carlisle RLFC started
  23. Alan

    At Carr Mill Dam

    It was just as bad in the 1950s
  24. Alan

    Red Star Belgrade

    Not worth their while with all the travelling costs and British sides' reluctance to go over there. And don't forget that the Toronto ground is frozen and unplayable until April. Also, from memory, Toulouse ducked out last year too,
  25. Alan

    Three Good Years

    Yes, I bought and read a copy. Thoroughly enjoyed it and can recommend it to others. I remember the Minnie Cotton incident in real life too.

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