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I'm a retired (in 2014) family man born in 1942 who spent half a lifetime working for USA Corporations in UK and Europe. When my last employer decided to sell its worldwide automotive component manufacturing  businesses in 1996 I set up a management recruitment and HR consultancy business in conjunction with a Michigan-based partner. I wound up the business in 2014.


I originally lived in Harris Street and then from 1967 to 1971 in Billinge. I have lived in Cumbria since 1971


I'm an occasional but totally inexperienced author with a book on Rugby League titled Border City Blues published in 2010, one titled Head Cook and Bottlewasher describing life in 1940s and 50s St Helens published in 2014. In August 2017 I had published a history of the Carlisle company that used to be UK's major car and aeroplane seat-belt manufacturer and was originally known as Kangol Magnet Ltd. This latter book is titled "Kangol in Carlisle, the Golden Years".


I have no traditional left or right political affiliations and prefer to form opinions on political initiatives and policies based on what I think is right for the health of our country and its inhabitants and without any Tory, Labour or Liberal ideology.


My values include my family and racial, cultural and religious tolerance. I have a total detestation of left or right-wing party-political dogma.

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