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  1. I've watched that opening break by Egan Grace a dozen times
  2. Alan

    Catalan v Wigan

    I thought it was a really entertaining game. If there really were over 30,000 there, that Neu Camp Stadium must hold at least 250,000 as it looked empty on TV
  3. Alan

    Saints 32 Salford 30

    What a cracker of a game last night at Peasley Cross. Saints went from 16 - 0 up to 16 - 30 down when Salford scored 30 unanswered points before they recovered to take the game in the dying seconds with a disputed try. A great advert for Rugby League that had our dogs cowering in the kitchen because of me shouting at the telly in the living room. Salford are a great side operating on a slender budget and deserve far more support than they get in Manchester
  4. Some belting tries by both sides. Great stuff Jeff, thanks
  5. I have to agree. What about a statue to folk who lost their life through medical negligence, or those who died because of poor parental advice about diet, or those whose parents allowed them to become drug addicts and die of an overdose, or those who couldn't work the welfare system and committed suicide?
  6. I was thinking more about the costs to visiting supporters of the transatlantic flights and hotel accommodation
  7. My grandma used to cover the mirror with brown paper in a thunderstorm
  8. With Ottawa and New York set to join Div 1 of the RFL, following Championship side Toronto who along with Toulouse having gained promotion, are now looking to progress out of Championship into Superleague, almost overnight our domestic competition has gone from an M62 corridor/Cumbrian sport to become something we never, ever imagined. Two teams in London, one in Coventry, one in S Wales, one in N Wales, one in Newcastle, two in South of France, one in Canada, with another two in North America in the pipeline. I shudder to imagine the impact of the travel costs and the hassle of getting visas at the lower end clubs, let alone the impact on part-time players' full-time jobs of a couple of days away from home for those overseas games. Having said all of that, to me it's great news that our sport, a sport that rugby union spent 100 years trying to kill off, is now such high profile. what do others think?
  9. Never seen a Police Box in years either
  10. Alan

    wigan v st.helens

    What injuries did the two Wigan players sustain? Both looked quite serious
  11. Kids playing in the street. Games like Delallio, off-ground tick and tin-can bung-off
  12. Clog repairers Dogs chasing cars in the street Nuns in those big starched head-dresses and black burqas walking in pairs in the street Loud-speaker vans supporting the various political parties on election day Bin lorries in the back entries
  13. I worked at UGB for three months in 1961. Memories fade but there were two very ancient buildings, either of which could have been the Cannington Shaw building. They were both close to the lodge-entrance behind the old gas-works. One housed a huge glassware forming machine called the Owens Machine. This made pressed glassware such as tankards. The other building which had a similar shape had long-since ceased to function for glass-making and was used as a factory stores for all kinds of consumables plus the storage of redundant moulds. If I had to choose, my money would be on the latter
  14. Fantastic first half by the Donkey Commoners against the professionals from Dewsbury, live on BBC Sport. They were level at 10 apiece at half-time
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