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  1. Alan

    Complaints about Veolia

    Why would anyone with even half a brain doubt that the molecules that create scent would be blown by the wind?
  2. Alan

    late 1950/s

    Sounds like a Labour concept but from memory apart from Attlee, all the governments were Tory until Darling 'arold came to power in the mid 1960s, No, it most certainly doesn't hold today
  3. Alan

    More dumping

    Surely if it was a council action, they would have used large boulders of the type used throughout the country to prevent gipsies from parking caravans illegally
  4. Alan

    Getting your Leg over at Shaw St

    Disgusting behaviour. The sort of thing we did as kids but to see adults doing it is depressing
  5. Alan

    Getting your Leg over at Shaw St

    Looks like just a young lass climbing over the wall
  6. Alan

    St.Helens town is coming down

    <<< Groans >>>
  7. Alan

    catalans v saints

    Back to the game in Perpignan. Were Barba and Roby injured or just being rested?
  8. Alan

    catalans v saints

    Saints just sealed a last gasp win in what was a really tough encounter, without Barba and Roby. I thought both televised games today were great, tight battles
  9. Alan

    wigan v wakfd and cat v saints etc

    No it's not fair. So what do you suggest? Tell Sky where to get off and to stuff their £85,000,000 where the sun don't shine
  10. Probably at usurious interest rates too. Blatant Tory capitalism from a Labour-led council
  11. Alan

    139 Bus Service Prescot to Liverpool

    Was in Billinge last Friday and drove around the estate that includes Windsor Road to show my daughter our first house, No. 34 Windsor Rd - bought in 1967 for £3300. We even had a 100% mortgage. Windsor Road looks great, clean, tidy and being the last road before open fields, feels quite rural and quiet
  12. Alan

    139 Bus Service Prescot to Liverpool

    I'm so glad we moved to rural Cumbria well away from such petty snobbery
  13. Alan

    Warrington v Catalans

    Cracking game and a good result for the 13-a-side code
  14. Alan

    Celebrity Bowling 2018 at Ruskin

    Reviewed the book just now, Brian
  15. Alan

    The golden age of tut tuts

    Took a trip down Memory Lane this weekend. There's a village just up the road from us called Dalston. For as long as I can remember they've had an annual country show. As part of the show event they have a scarecrow competition where people erect scarecrows in their front gardens and on the road verges. One of the best ones was of a child on a tuttut

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