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  1. Alan

    Warrington 23 Wigan 0

    A real old-fashioned derby game. Enjoyed every minute of it. But all those empty seats! Saints - Wigan used to be a sell-out, whether at Central Park or Knowsley Road
  2. Alan

    Around St.Helens

    I can remember what was probably St Helens first Mayoral car in about 1950. It was a black, pre-war Ford Popular with the CDJ 1 plate
  3. Alan

    Warrington 23 Wigan 0

    I'm looking forward to the usual close game
  4. Alan

    Rockware Finished

    I never knew that St Helens had a pub called Rockware. Seems strange to name a pub after a trademark
  5. Alan

    st.helens -dirty old town no more

    Coincidence there HORT. My first proper job was at Polycell in Penketh in 1963 and one of my jobs was to monitor the air quality inside and outside the factory. I also had to measure the particulates in the waste-water just before the point where it exited into the Mersey
  6. Alan

    How did it happen?

    In the second picture, didn't that building to the left of the car used to be the Baptist Church Hall?
  7. Alan

    Warrington 23 Wigan 0

    After a great start, they're having a tough old time of it. Injuries are all a matter of bad luck that can afflict any side. Hopefully, Saints will get lucky this year
  8. Alan

    Harry Kane DROPPED for England Belgian Game.

    I'm sorry to say this, but that game was totally boring. England bored Sweden to defeat
  9. Alan

    Warrington 23 Wigan 0

    I thought it was a great game, real edge of seat stuff and won with a solitary drop-goal
  10. Alan

    Things you don't see anymore

    Or another one. A pair of old gym-shoes (also known as gollolls) tied together by their laces and dangling from a telephone line
  11. Alan

    Around St.Helens

    I'd forgotten what a magnificent building the old Hippdrome really is. I'm hoping it's protected with a Grade ll listing
  12. Alan

    Harry Kane DROPPED for England Belgian Game.

    Me too. I just get too sickened to watch all the diving, cheap shots, underhand tactics and general cheating
  13. Alan


    You know the Golden Rule, HORT. The workforce is never to blame, They are just badly managed
  14. Alan

    Travellers at Haresfinch Park

    Carlisle has a massive gipsy throughput being on a North South, East West crossroads and the first point in England when they come over by ferry to Stranraer to go to the Appleby Horse Fair. I don't know how or why, but the police seem to have them under total control. If they dare park in an unauthorised place, they are moved on the same day. It didn't used to be so orderly, they were a real [pest when we first came here nearly 50 years ago. Maybe the Carlisle city police are not too PC to just tell them to frack off
  15. Alan

    Wigan crowd

    I was quite shocked to see two sides of Wigan's ground basically empty for yesterday's top clash between them and Leeds. No doubt the "official" attendance will tell a more positive story but TV shots can't lie. Joe, what on Earth is going on?

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