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  1. Alan

    England v New Zealand

    One of those games where the score didn't reflect the closeness of the match
  2. Alan

    Warrington Town Hall

    It reminds me of The White House in Washington
  3. Alan

    England v New Zealand

    The crowd was a bit better than at Hull. 26,000 is the figure I read. Looking forward to watching a full recording tonight. As the game next weekend at Elland Road is now a "dead rubber" with the series won by England, will the attendance disappoint?
  4. Alan

    England v New Zealand

    We were out until 3 45 pm so only got the last 30 minutes or so but a great result and a great game by Saints Tommy Makinson
  5. Alan

    Halloween 2018

    It's called austerity
  6. Alan

    Saints: The Final Countdown

    My copy arrived today. Great read with full details of every Final Saints have ever been involved in. Can't put it down as it brings back so many precious memories. Thanks Ken Bold for a great compilation
  7. Alan

    England v New Zealand

    Anyone going to Anfield this weekend? Should be a belter of a game
  8. Alan

    England v New Zealand

    I thought the BBC coverage was great and can hardly wait for the Anfield and Elland Road Tests. Real classic Test Match stuff that deserves better promotion by the RFL
  9. Alan

    England v New Zealand

    I agree, a cracking game. England's defence in the second half was brilliant. I actually thought the referee had a good game and the score reflected the determination of both sides. Roll on the next two fixtures
  10. Yes. I remember the Beesleys very well. The dad had two curly-coated retrievers and he was a cycling enthusiast. John Beesley attended Knowsley Road school and Cowley and we were close friends throughout. He now lives in Knowsley Road close to where Saints ground used to be and prior to that lived at the town end of Lingholm Road. We still correspond every year
  11. Ollie, I was trying to remember the correct classification of schools. At Rivvi Road there was an infants section where the kids had a lie down in little beds every afternoon. That was in some white pre-fab type of building. Then there was the school we went to that you refer to as a Junior School that you attended from 6 to 9 years of age. Then we moved on to Knowsley Road for a couple of years until after taking our 11+. Were Rivvi Road and Knowsley Rd Schools both classified as Junior? Yes, I remember Mrs Hunter. She lived near your house. I think her house was next door to Hansons Milk Depot
  12. The name Billington comes to mind, Ollie but I do remember the names Free and Hunter, and of course Miss Stevely
  13. Something I heard recently brought back a strange memory. Because the word "Lavatory" was considered a bit coarse to our slightly posh female teacher, the word "Toilet" hadn't caught on yet and we little ones wouldn't understand words like WC or conveniences, the teacher used to refer to the lavatories as the "Offices". If you put your hand up and asked to go, she used to ask you if you needed paper or not, ie did you need to crap. If the answer was yes, she used to carefully tear off two pieces of that shiny toilet paper for you from a roll she kept on her desk
  14. Alan

    Haunting in St Helens Mill Street

    That programme, until I turned it off in disgust, represents 20 minutes of my life totally wasted
  15. Alan

    Saints: The Final Countdown

    Already ordered direct from Ken

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