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  1. Alan

    England v New Zealand

    It made an utterly miserable day brighter for me
  2. Did Wigan field a deliberately weakened team to save their top players for the "business end" of the season?
  3. Alan

    Wigan v Hull Kr

    Listened to it? I thought a fan like you would have attended I mean it's not as if you have far to travel
  4. It might be your hearing. The bar is called the Sticky Wicket
  5. That Lancaster's men's outfitters sold top shirts and ties
  6. Most exciting game I've seen all season. Two great, courageous teams with top defences
  7. I hope they play as well against Wire tomorrow night
  8. Alan

    Leeds v Wigan

    It just looked marginally OK to me
  9. Some glorious Saints tries there Jeff. Thanks for posting it
  10. I was chuffed at Saints loss in London. Two reasons: They needed to taste a defeat before results really matter. I think the survival of a team in London is vitally important for the game's image
  11. Our version was a running jump at pantry door and a bite o' t'knob
  12. What date is that map, Dave?
  13. I guessed correctly. Spoggy Brook is what we knew it as. Runs in a culvert from Queens Rec Park at Dilloway Street end to the canal near the old Pilks Sheet Works Ta Non Sibi
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