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  1. Alan

    Fox of Spring 2018

    Fantastic photos Robbob
  2. Alan

    Inside St.Thomas Church, Eccleston

    I went in the church for the very first time when I read a lesson at a family wedding a couple of years ago. I thought it was staggeringly beautiful
  3. Alan

    Fox of Spring 2018

    I love our local foxes, but their pee (on gate-posts, dog toys, in fact anywhere that's on art of their patrol) really stinks. A weird smell with undertones of burnt rubber
  4. Alan

    Courtship of the Terns

  5. Alan

    Courtship of the Terns

    Thanks Robbob. That stone is a new one on me. What's the story behind Joe Lee?
  6. Alan

    Courtship of the Terns

  7. Alan

    Courtship of the Terns

    It's a long time since I visited the dam, sixty odd years in fact and I'm blowed if I can identify which part those photos were taken at. Help me out please?
  8. Alan

    bicc transport firm

    I seem to remember that when I was a child, BI was called BICC which I think was an abbreviation of British Insulated Callander Cables. As Callander is up in Jockland, does this imply that the BI origins were Scottish?
  9. Alan

    Spectator disinterest in Challenge Cup?

    Those are common to all RL games. What puzzles me is why the attendances at Challenge Cup games are less than half those at normal league games
  10. I was shocked to read about the low attendances for the Fifth Round this last weekend. Three Superleague clubs could only must 3000 or less and even the tie of the round between Castleford and Saints could only muster 5000, Any thoughts as to why the lack of enthusiasm?
  11. I remember my first ever visit to the USA (Los Angeles) in 1971 and nattering about their cars to an American colleague. I asked him about maintenance of their big automatic cars with 6 litre engines. He looked at me as If I was daft. I remember his words to this day. "Alan, to us a car is like a fridge. We don't worry about things like home maintenance as they're designed to work without all that crap". About thirty years elapsed before our cars were so reliable and robust
  12. Alan

    Challenge Cup.

    Cracking win for Saints in what was a cracking game until the big Castleford forwards ran out of steam in the last twenty minutes. Ben Barba was the big difference. He was just fantastic and the effect he has on games takes me right back to Mal Meninga in the 1980s and Jamie Lyon later. I feared the worst when the draw put us away at Wheldon Road but no fear, we were magnificent
  13. Alan

    Challenge Cup.

    I was at both games when we lost. And yes, you're right. There was a snowstorm during one of them
  14. Alan

    Challenge Cup.

    Poor game last night when Hull FC beat Fev. To be honest, even though it was sixty years ago, I still hate Featherstone for beating Saints at Post Office Road in those two quarter-final games in the mid 1950s. It was like winning at Wembley to me whenever Carlisle or Barrow beat them in the league
  15. Alan

    Shouldn't Throw Stones

    In the early 1960s, I used to join my dad and a couple of his mates for last orders in the Lingholm pub when I was home from university. . It's all a distant memory but two of them were teachers at West Park. There was a Jerry and a Dickie. Both were bachelors. Maybe it was Jerry Platt and not Dickie. Great company and interesting conversationalists. I think Jerry lived somewhere near Taylor Park

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