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  1. Alan

    Saints v Roosters

    Hell of a game, especially when you compare it to the 6 Nations punt and grunt matches that preceded it
  2. Don't forget th'Ocky flea-pit
  3. We used to buy 1/8" diameter rubber strips that were used to power model aircraft from there. Made great catapults
  4. At the bottom of Duke Street we had Chocolate Box sweet shop. Opposite that we had Mrs McCully's sweet shopand Bowley's cake shop. About half way up on the left oposite groves Barber shop was Whittle's pies and cooked meat shop
  5. Yes, Claytons on corner Greenfield and Rivington Roads
  6. Alan

    Wire 19 Saints 0

    Hate to say it but Warrington were superb against Saints last night
  7. What a marvellous boost for our game with Prince Harry hosting the draw for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/rugby-league/51082255
  8. Must have been the late 1940s when the Mayor's car was a pre-war Ford Prefect Reg'n CDJ 1. I wonder if they kept the same registration details
  9. Excellent Phyll. Took me right back to my days at Triplex in the 1960s before that daft 6 weeks strike that ruined the business. That strike did me a favour though as it spurred me on to get a job in Cumbria. Thanks again, makes a pleasant change from politics and nutty conspiracy theories
  10. Just read that Rob Burrows has motor neurone disease. Poor lad was a great, skillful and courageous player https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-50863813
  11. Thanks for that BJL. I'll order a copy right away
  12. Alan

    I'm knackered

    Liverpool are World Champions after beating Flamengo 1 - 0 in extra time. Great result for the Scousers But it sure as Hell took a toll on me. I'm knackered
  13. The farmer/butcher is spot on here with local information/news
  14. Alan

    Miners' Clogs

    The 1950s clogs has rounder toe-ends, some had steel toe-caps too. They also had thicker soles than the example shown, were generally matt black in colour and had steel studs on the soles too
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