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  1. Remember when you were eight or nine and the only swear-words you ever knew were the "B" words? You'd get a posh girl in the street to say the following quickly and then feign shock and horror. I chased a bug around a tree, I'll have his blood he knows I will
  2. Is that the Mick Murphy of 1980s Huddersfield RLFC fame? If so, I remember him well. I believe he once played for Saints but I remember him as a saviour of Huddersfield in the late 1980s
  3. Hi, IV. I don't know if you already have any but there is quite an interesting set of books about local buses by a guy called TB Maund
  4. Thanks guys. Never noticed them before
  5. Thanks, Joe. I did watch the last twenty minutes. Seems to have been far more running with the ball than is usual in rugby union
  6. Yes, but what is that apparent insert in the back of their shirts?
  7. Rained off from my gardening and just watched about 15 minutes of England v Scotland at punt and grunt. Too untidy for my purist Rugby League mind but something puzzled me. The English players seem to have a sort of insert in the back of their shirts on the inside, right between their shoulder-blades. Looks to be about 2" x 4" x 1/4". What on earth can it be?
  8. Is there a political solution, or is the answer a mix of lowering public expectations, better productivity by the sub-contractors and higher Council Tax?
  9. Alan

    warrington v Wigan

    A good game. Although I wanted both sides to lose
  10. An easy win in the end. Some sloppy handling by both sides
  11. The shop on corner of Duke Street and Boundary Road was Skellands. Round the corner, just into Duke Street was Bowleys. Skellands concentrated more on pies, Bowley's on cakes
  12. I can recall a sweet shop in 1950s Greenfield Road called Morts. It was quite close to Geoff Duke's showroom, opposite Bill Jackson's shop and petrol station. My grandma was quite friendly with the owners
  13. I left St Helens in 1967. Every time I return, it seems that the accent, which I recall as being Lancastrian in those days has moved ever closer to Scouse
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