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  1. I think the chemist shop was called Sawyers. There was Bowley's cake shop and Mrs McCulley's sweet shop on that corner. Horace Cole started an outlet there in the early 1950s, he may have purchased the butchers you mention
  2. Alan

    St Helens Town

    Yes, I stand corrected HJ
  3. Yes, if you came off Crank Road onto a a lane that went towards Rainford (Berringtons Lane?), there were deep ponds in the sand excavation holes on your left-hand side
  4. There were three philatelist shops each within 50 yards of that Temperance Bar
  5. Alan

    St Helens Town

    My memory of Hoghton Road dates back to the early 1990s when Runcorn RLFC, descendent of Liverpool City, played there before moving to Prescot Cables' ground and then going bust. If I remember correctly, the high point of their season in Sutton was when they held us (Carlisle) to a 12 - 12 draw there
  6. Hi from one old billinger to an ex pat billinger.Sad to hear of your loss.Take our prayers with you.I have omly just spotted this note you put on site.

  7. Alan

    Frank Myler

    Nice guy too. He took a strong management role at Hilton Park in the days when Carlisle RLFC was on the go
  8. Alan

    Saints v Roosters

    Hell of a game, especially when you compare it to the 6 Nations punt and grunt matches that preceded it
  9. Don't forget th'Ocky flea-pit
  10. We used to buy 1/8" diameter rubber strips that were used to power model aircraft from there. Made great catapults
  11. At the bottom of Duke Street we had Chocolate Box sweet shop. Opposite that we had Mrs McCully's sweet shopand Bowley's cake shop. About half way up on the left oposite groves Barber shop was Whittle's pies and cooked meat shop
  12. Yes, Claytons on corner Greenfield and Rivington Roads
  13. Alan

    Wire 19 Saints 0

    Hate to say it but Warrington were superb against Saints last night
  14. What a marvellous boost for our game with Prince Harry hosting the draw for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/rugby-league/51082255
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