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  1. It would be interesting to know how many 150's they are holding on deposit and what interest that makes in what is now a month. The likes of Willowbrook would be grateful I imagine for a donation.
  2. It appears because of "software changes" the 150.00 wont be paid until May. What would be the response if people said "because of software changes you wont get any more council tax until some time in the future.
  3. They are quick enough to take your payments...!
  4. Yes, Lower down than the chimney but opposite the factory buildings on City Road
  5. The ones I recall were on the city road side inside the wall if memory serves.
  6. Unless memory is playing tricks there was a lad my age went to Windlehurst Primary. around 62-68. lived in cottages on park towards the Hope and Anchor corner. Sorry, drifting off topic.....
  7. Not been that unfortunate but if I were the word would be Hibernate
  8. Based on the view of the bar, the general layout from our Ferric friends perspective and I've not been in for a good few years I think it is the Sportsmans / Talbot
  9. Has it had a refurb and name change in recent years. If you go through that door into the bar was the dartboard on the left ?
  10. There was a chap of similar build used to frequent the Old England. Perhaps he has moved on..!
  11. Didn't he used to be between the juke box and the fruit machine ?
  12. No, but something to reflect on. The clue is there.
  13. Sorry. Not one I can recall. The shot is in good focus though, are you sure you don't remember where you were !
  14. On the short of change note. I used to work in an Engineering shop and one of the sparks used to brush the shop every Friday. He said it was worth ten bob a week in what came from under the benches.
  15. The ironmongers building in the third photo still has the same format of frontage today as the Rendezvouz Bar that is now on the same footprint. added 6 minutes later And they have bricked up the void above it on the side of Wolverhampton House.
  16. I am assuming the Globe (1st pub) is at Barrow St. Ormskirk St. junction where the newer Globe Building is now.
  17. Still is Ormskirk St. Think the Bears Paw was in the building that is now the Ice Bar. Blaylocks on opposite side,
  18. I used to live next door but one to the off licence. Vera was the owners name. I installed the alarm for her in the late seventies, it was very handy
  19. Would that be the wall of the convent on the right as the bus nears Cooper St ?
  20. Is that from the YMCA building ? Or LIncoln House ?
  21. Does anyone remember the town centre map display near Bridge St / Church St junction. It had buttons that lit a locator bulb on the map. I think it moved to Victoria Square when they started "modernising" the town centre. It must have a mention here but can't find with searches ?
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