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  1. Great memories that brings back. Lived on Sandringham Drive 79-87, met the late Fred Dibnah there in his early TV years. A very nice bloke who had time for everyone.
  2. They will be a mix of council properties and privately owned. If they were all council owned they would all be modernised or not modernised !
  3. Think it was whats called the Brewery Tap
  4. The pub would likely be the White Hart and that looks like the tail end of a mark 3 Cortina between the gates. But I stand to be corrected......!
  5. Some need a lot of clarification !
  6. I've seen many petty disagreements on here so my last words are "In my opinion the structure to the front left of the building is Turreted" Please feel free to give it any title you wish.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up. The left hand frontage fits that description perfectly. Small circular tower part of a large building !
  8. Hope this works https://fineartamerica.com/featured/stone-turrets-charles-j-pfohl.html
  9. For a moment there I saw an optical illusion. Is it looking upstairs to a tiled wall or downstairs to a tiled landing ?
  10. Is that what was The Globe in your last shot Hort ?
  11. The grim, sooty terraced houses, cobbled streets and greenery have all gone. Just the pubs are left and Cooper Street is much better for it.... !
  12. Reminds me of a pub quiz question. "St.Helens pubs whose name is the Street they were on". The side street off Park Road was/is Black Horse St. Another was the Talbot on Talbot St. now back on the list. Any more ?
  13. It would be interesting to know how many 150's they are holding on deposit and what interest that makes in what is now a month. The likes of Willowbrook would be grateful I imagine for a donation.
  14. It appears because of "software changes" the 150.00 wont be paid until May. What would be the response if people said "because of software changes you wont get any more council tax until some time in the future.
  15. They are quick enough to take your payments...!
  16. Yes, Lower down than the chimney but opposite the factory buildings on City Road
  17. The ones I recall were on the city road side inside the wall if memory serves.
  18. Unless memory is playing tricks there was a lad my age went to Windlehurst Primary. around 62-68. lived in cottages on park towards the Hope and Anchor corner. Sorry, drifting off topic.....
  19. Not been that unfortunate but if I were the word would be Hibernate
  20. Based on the view of the bar, the general layout from our Ferric friends perspective and I've not been in for a good few years I think it is the Sportsmans / Talbot
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