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  1. I recall two police houses on Windle Hall Drive estate. One on WHD other on Cartmel Avenue. PC's Hough and Pinder if memory serves.
  2. My favourite piece of architecture is the Manchester and County Bank. I'm sure many know where that is !
  3. Large space on Pilk's site = new Fire Station !
  4. Second one looks like Fingerpost where the car park is opposite Fosters DIY added 3 minutes later Just spotted the trademark high door with the hoist block above it on the second one.
  5. It was a co op store many years back and typical brickwork of the many old co op buildings scattered around St. Helens. I wouldn't be surprised if they are documented on here somewhere. They all had a high loading door on the side to "crane" deliveries to the top floor and a small Butchers to one side. How many old co op buildings can you remember
  6. Has anyone mentioned bicycle tyres over lamp posts ?
  7. I think a schooner was specific to Sherry and possibly Port..
  8. There are not many places in St Helens you can see Pilkington Profilit with the exception of the factory it is now made in.
  9. Is it at the bottom of Bridge Street on the end of the Post Office ?
  10. John Dunn (not sure of spelling) was at Lathom in the Late 70s
  11. Think it used to belong to a local builder called Bellis at some point
  12. Buddleia or however it's spelt is rife around Pilks sites.From an electrical point of view it's called the scourge of the transformer compound. As said before it gets everywhere.
  13. Don't recall the paper shop as a Chippy it was always Houghtons paper shop and I think it still is. Dave took it over when his parents retired but he will be in his 60's now.
  14. Where I lived on Windle Hall Drive we had "Top Chippy" where the no.6 used to turn round and "bottom Chippy" by the Hope and Anchor. My earliest memories were it was 9d for fish, chips were a tanner a bag.
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