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  1. Great watching on the other side of the world knowing there are many Saints fans doing the same in various places dotted around the globe. Blimey, they've got a good side at the moment but Wigan will be a threat next year..
  2. I thought he'd been deported as he doesn't have a UK passport.
  3. Thanks for these Alan. The book on Pinner looks particularly appealing. As a young teenager I really admired Harry Pinner, a true professional. Whereabouts in St Helens was he from - I seem to think it was Parr/Sutton?
  4. And to think I grew up around this area and had no knowledge of any of this.. I used to do a paper round close to this area, totally oblivious to the history. I guess that's just the way it is when we are young.
  5. Great pics Robbob, is the Oaksey one the oldest you have seen yet? Also, the pic with the significant amount of turf being dug up really hits it home a) how much work has been done her and b) how long it must be since some of them have seen the light of day.
  6. Amazing effort everyone! I remember as a schoolboy at Windleshaw when were were given homework to go around and see who could find the oldest grave. Brings back some real memories. Well done again.
  7. Yep, me too. The 15 and 16. I think the 5, 5D, 6 and 6D also went there too. Did the 'D' signify that the bus didn't do the whole route or something?
  8. Yep, the vehicles do look a bit older than '73 and I missed the 1963 bit.
  9. If they had half a brain they should have known it would be difficult. I'm guessing they are local, stupid and will probably be picked up soon.
  10. Dr Shinnick was my Dr. He always made me feel special as we had the same first name.
  11. I had you as my Tech Drawing teacher from 3rd year through to O'-Level (in 1981). Always enjoyed your classes and had a lot of respect for you. Co-incidentally did some volunteer work recently in Madang, Papua New Guinea. Great to hear you are well and appear to be enjoying life. He was my 2BA form teacher in '77-'78. Remember him as a witty bloke and a good teacher. Sorry to hear about his passing, especially at such a young age.
  12. Thanks for you reply serge - got a sneaking suspicion I know who you are. I can only speak from my own experience. Certainly there were one or two examples of teachers who shouldn't have been teaching but I was fortunate that I didn't have any of those on a regular basis (I can remember one French teacher who filled in occasionally who was simply out of his depth). The teachers I had on a regular basis, were, almost without exception, dedicated to their profession and were generally catering for what was left after West Park had had the benefit of cherry picking the boys from my primary school and others. You are certainly entitled to a different opinion but it might be more than a little arrogant to suggest you can speak for me and my experience. I went on to West Park too and couldn't wait to leave the place. The Campion lads who came with me kept ourselves pretty much to ourselves and I didn't feel we were made to feel welcome at West Park. My experience is the exact opposite to yours and I felt the teachers had no interest in us. Like you, I'm more than happy with the way my life has turned out but I don't credit West Park for any of it. Perhaps you would like a turn of the rose tinted glasses when I've finished with them?
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