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  1. singe

    St Helens Town

    Well done BJL, good find. IIRC, both sides won on their opponents ground with St Helens winning the second leg 2-0 AET. Didn't they miss a penalty in the last minute of extra time?
  2. singe

    St Helens Town

    Emley in the semi. Final below;
  3. singe

    St Helens Town

    Having said that, it looks like they have just avoided another scam.... https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/sthelenstownafc/news/club-statement-2310082.html Just cost then some time, but at least it seems they did some due diligence this time.
  4. singe

    St Helens Town

    I see St Helens Town got out of jail this morning. Bottom of the league, getting thrashed week in, week out, including an 0-8 home defeat recently and now the season has been cancelled and all records expunged from the records with no promotion or relegation. Couldn't see any way out of it for them - and then along came a virus.
  5. Not quite about St Helens but I see St Helens authoress, Una McCormack, has been shortlisted for two awards at this years Sci Fi book awards (although Sci Fi isn't my cup of tea, it's still a notable achievement). https://bsfa.co.uk/awards-longlist/ She's a previous NY Best Seller list authoress https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Una_McCormack
  6. Great watching on the other side of the world knowing there are many Saints fans doing the same in various places dotted around the globe. Blimey, they've got a good side at the moment but Wigan will be a threat next year..
  7. I thought he'd been deported as he doesn't have a UK passport.
  8. Thanks for these Alan. The book on Pinner looks particularly appealing. As a young teenager I really admired Harry Pinner, a true professional. Whereabouts in St Helens was he from - I seem to think it was Parr/Sutton?
  9. And to think I grew up around this area and had no knowledge of any of this.. I used to do a paper round close to this area, totally oblivious to the history. I guess that's just the way it is when we are young.
  10. Great pics Robbob, is the Oaksey one the oldest you have seen yet? Also, the pic with the significant amount of turf being dug up really hits it home a) how much work has been done her and b) how long it must be since some of them have seen the light of day.
  11. Amazing effort everyone! I remember as a schoolboy at Windleshaw when were were given homework to go around and see who could find the oldest grave. Brings back some real memories. Well done again.
  12. Yep, me too. The 15 and 16. I think the 5, 5D, 6 and 6D also went there too. Did the 'D' signify that the bus didn't do the whole route or something?
  13. Yep, the vehicles do look a bit older than '73 and I missed the 1963 bit.
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