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  1. Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme I would think Dave.

  2. Robbob further down from Pilks R&D heading towards Briars Hall on the right, have a ride up the path to Lathom Park Chapel, that's very picturesque, dates from the early 1600's I think. TL
  3. Good to see you today Robbob, nice pics. TL.
  4. The new charges and rules have come out, will try to get a link
  5. Gervasutty I may be wrong here, but I seem to remember there being small glass observation panels on one side of the pool at Dovecot baths, anyone else remember these.?
  6. Pete I think you mean Sammy Lievesleys, brilliant pies, we used to call them Suckers, cause you had to suck the gravy out of the Steak pies.
  7. Rainhill Lass it would be great if your Grandad as some pictures of the Farm and the area, I know your Grandad, I was speaking to him in the clinic, in View Rd not so long ago, hope he is keeping well.
  8. They must not think the kids can smash the upstairs windows Rob, they have only boarded the downstairs ones, won't last long I dont think. picture 27,? dodgy notice one thinks.
  9. Was that not Crone & Taylors at one time, or am I getting mixed up.
  10. Ian, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad, as all the lads will be, we all grew up together in Rainhill, and I didn't see your Mum & Dad after they moved to Ewloe, I think it was, I will send you a copy of the picture if you message me your e mail address, Your Dad was the captain of the team, and a good defender as well, I will send a message to all the other lads and if its OK with you I will give them your e mail so they can contact you. Mal.
  11. Here you go DD. https://goo.gl/maps/YQymdBGpcru
  12. Robbob, Mally The second picture looking away from the station towards Manchester, you can see another bridge, known locally as the 77 steps, to the right of the bridge on the other side is a footpath, the Tunnel is about half a mile from the bridge, if you stay on that footpath after the tunnel it brings you out at Sutton Manor, I do believe they have put either fencing or a gate on the tunnel now to stop people going into it. On your 7th picture Rob the one of the stepbridge at the Skew Bridge end of the station, there used to be a footpath that led straight off the bridge at the side of what was Warbrick's Builders merchants, and came out right facing Jack Welsby's garage, dont know why they got shut of it, because now you have to walk down the steps along the platform and up the steps at the other end,
  13. Bloody hell Mr R you only lived 4 or 5 doors from it, and your asking us,!!!!!
  14. How on earth do you put lines on the map like you have done Le, I have always wondered.
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