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  1. Hi, Phyll, Digging out, mostly. I hit a point where it was like, "Oh, it's snowing again," when I got out the door in the AM. I'm ticked at all my neighbors who clean their driveways meticulously but leave their sidewalks a mess. Particularly those with snow blowers who think one run down the sidewalk is enough. You need to do a double run, and THEN you need to get the broom and shovel out and get the snow out from the bottom (which is pressed down and turns to ice otherwise). Few do this, and others don't plow through all the way to the corner, so I end up walking (carefully) in the street a lot. Now it's melting, of course, we have rivulets of glacial water at the corners and re-frozen ice patches in the AM. And..Snow? Did I mention we will get more snow? Yeah..if it all melts by June I'll be good. Thanks for asking.. :--} C.
  2. RE: Adagio dance: It is defined by the kind of interatctions described above: it's a precursor to contact improv, and a lateral cousin to Swing dance swing-outs, where partners share weight and allow the dynamics of their interactions to formulate the movement, whether unplanned (contact improv) or planned (swing, adagio dancing). The appearance of violence in adagio/apache gave it a dramatic edge and motivated some of the movement, but it was an overlay to the energy itself (usually). Any good partnering has this characteristic, finally, but those forms allow the weight transfers to be the focus of the dance, rather than just an internal element within it. Re: old TV series I've posted earlier some of the police detective series I've followed, but lately, after re-watching all of the Dutchess of Duke St., I saw "To Serve Them All My Days" and fell in love with that. The lead was so subtle, and very sweet, but he had a core of determination that was impressive as well. I'm sorry to see that YT has taken off all the "Upstairs, Downstairs" episodes (both groups) as well as "House of Eliot"; it was looking for those that brought me back again to D/Duke St. and thence to TSTAMD. OK, work to do.. :--} M.
  3. I don't know if this will create a better access pool for your research, but this announcement has just appeared on my email listing of genealogical sites: http://admin.americanancestors.org:8080/uploadedfiles/content/about/news/familysearch%20and%20nehgs-aa%20announcement%20-%20cover%20release.pdf?utm_source=twgnewsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=twg727 I got it via a tie to the NEHGS email list, there are other groups connected as well, I think. Best--C.
  4. I think I follow, but it's clearly another case of something in the English/English translation I'm missing.. Something about the "Like you do.i said. I would..etc" is teasing around the edges of my brain, But I'm not sure whether the proposition happened between the prepositions or after.. Anyway, yes, I would guess if you're still friends, it was a good thing you were friends then. C.
  5. After one slushy-yucky day about a week ago, we've had relative balminess since. This is due to change tomorrow--of course, it would, after I was invited to play outside for the local town holiday fair.. Accordions don't like the wet.. Best--C.
  6. Ooops! I did know that, and I totally forgot. Point taken, merci bien. And, at the moment it's warm here but a few hundred miles to the west they're talking both snow control and flooding all at once. Yikes.. C.
  7. Hmmm, the prevailing winds here go the other way 'round..I usually get what my folks in Ohio have had the day before. http://s.hswstatic.com/gif/maps/jpg/WOR_THEM_Winds.jpg But nothing's impossible..do you really think it will get 3/4 around the globe? :--} C.
  8. You beat us! So pretty.. C.
  9. Curious about the name "Green Dragon Tavern," since we had one, too.. Although your ancestors would not have liked what happened there.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Dragon_Tavern ..having to do with tea and taxes and militia and such.. Was that a common UK name, and is there any knowledge about where it came from originally? Best--C.
  10. Also, migrane headaches can start for some. I love the bright lights against the dark sky..although our usual celebration had to yield to a more insistent sky-based event last year.. http://www.boston-discovery-guide.com/boston-fireworks.html At least, I supose a hurricane is a good reason to cancel the 1812 Overture and send everyone home..but it's been awhile since I've gone. Two years ago it took place as usual: http://www.boston.com/thingstodo/gotoit/2012/06/fourth_of_july.html And about fifteen years ago, friends from church and I did the "sit on a blanket and talk for 6 hours to reserve a space near the back speakers" party. The people near the front had been there for two days, and they weren't movin'..or sharing blanket space (they might have rented it, though). Best--C.
  11. Agreed. This site might be of interest: there is an annual conference, a peer-reviewed journal and many related connections that are helpful. I'm not currently a member but have been in the past, and have given papers for them. Association for Gravestone Studies: https://www.gravestonestudies.org/ They support campaigns to save early stones, to do proper stone conservatorship, and to document burial sites in danger of being lost or overgrown. They also do school outreach programs, etc. Some of the material discussed on this site might make a good paper submission; I could look a submission over via private message if anyone is interested in what is required. Best--C.
  12. Great pictures--you captured the lurid lighting of the rides and the midway perfectly. Our dog used to hide under the bed when the thunder from a storm was still 10 miles away. I can't imagine her having liked fireworks so nearby. Best--C.
  13. I was about to ask if there is any relationship to the 19th c. American naturalist, but the spellings are different.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Burroughs Glad you found your man..er, family, or, whatever.. :-} C.
  14. Cool! Addict that I am, I was sure for the first couple minutes that I'd seen the church in one of the hundreds of Morse/Lewis/Prime Suspect/New Tricks/George Gently/Bergerac funerals that start a show or reveal the crook in the middle or at the end.. (Well, maybe not Bergerac, unless the plate tectonics under the Isle of Jersey have shifted it quite a bit northward).. But it's lovely to see the work in progress. C.
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