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  1. I remember all of these. I was terrified of Mr Pilkington. Do you remember Miss Duffy who always looked like she'd done her makeup and hair in the dark. I was in her French class and she was very nice. Also Miss Greenall who was very posh and taught Needlework.

  2. I don't think there's any problem with copying the photos from the archives..or they would have prevented it happening by now. So many memories in this thread,,even though it goes back a number of years. I remember Warrens grocers (and his dog Paddy), Martins newsagents, Andrews corner shop; Smiths butchers and Mrs Taylors wool shop. I remember the cottages and the school at Laffak and the Post Office. My brother used to help Bob Harrison on his milk round and still has a scar on his leg where he fell off the milk float. remember the Andertons living on the corner of Willink Road/Litherland Crescent and their grandparents having the depot at the top of Woodlands Road. My Mum worked with Keith Parr's Mum (and Ken Duffy's Mum) at Randolphs café in town. I remember the park before the wall was taken away and you had to walk down a path at the side of the Woodlands past the remnants of the "big house" to get into the park. There was still a pond in the middle of the park at that time. ..could go on and on..thanks for the memories
  3. Well remember WArrens shop on Woodlands Road - Mrs Warren was a great baker and used to let me go into the bakehouse at the back. Mr Warren always wore a long coat (dustcoat?) and seemed to shuffle his feet as he moves around the shop. It was the hub of the area back then, aong with Smiths butchers, ANdrews painters and decorators and Martins newsagent. My brother was a paperboy and in later years I worked in the shop at weekends. Now it's a beauty salon and an ironing shop - eek!
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