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  1. Does anyone know Wilf Critchley he lived in Emily Steet in Nutgrove he was an electrician at clock face colliery.
  2. Can some one please help. I remember the Edmund Campion school,was it in Blackbrook? My reason for asking was that I went to St Cuthberts and left in 1960. Pat Booth was a teacher and I found him to be very fair, in fact in 1958 we went on a school holiday with him and other teachers, camping in France which was great. I left the town in the early 70S so I do not know the details; was it replaced by another school or did it change its name,
  3. I remember it, it was in Billinge up a road opposite to where the hospital was and the area was called Bispham,or Bispham Green and I think there was a pub on the main road called the "Labour in Vain". I went to a CYMS in Sutton (ST Annes) and a party of us went to entertain the Kids ie singing. They seemed to enjoy it. This was in 1959
  4. I was the hospital engineer at the hospital from 1970 t0 1972. I might have known your grandad.It was a good place to work at and very relaxed and some nice people. I was told that it had the longest corridor iun the country and was 1 mile long. It was in the Annexe Hospital, the admin etc was in the Main hospital building it was a huge place and had 2 big steam raising boiler house , 2 cinemas and its own church. My boss the group engineer was a man called David Barr. he was 53 at the time so hes probably passed on now. I believe after I left he and the buiding supervisor, Richard Brown, were dismissed for a reason I'm not sure about. This would have happened in about 1973 or 1974. I would love to know what happened.I sther any one out there who can throw light on this
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