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  1. Alan P

    crank caverns where do they go

    Give the caverns the right name. It was a QUARRY the stone was used to build houses, walls. etc. No ghosts , monks, spooks, headless highwaymen. priests or alter boys. No Nuns ether . I heard that some men used to go in there, but they were just trying to put the willies up each other.
  2. Alan P

    Southport Airshow 2014

    When I was about 12 years old I made a scale model of one of the DH Fox Moth's using its Reg. My dad took a photo of me and the pilot together with my model and the plane. The pilot took me and my dad up for free.My very first flight !!!! . I remember the airspeed indicater showing 110 mph. My model crashed on its first flight into Charlie Whitfield's field at Clock Face. and the Box Brownie photo did not come out. bugger !!!!
  3. Octocpter . 8 motor drone., if you see one do not take your eyes off it. When they fail, they glide like a brick.
  4. Alan P

    St Helens Fever Hospital

    I spent 3 months in there, Christmas 1949,no visitors and the nurses used to pinch my fruit and give it to the other kids.
  5. Alan P

    varleys foundry atlas st pocket nook

    I spoke to Mr Varley about some casting I wanted making about 1985, but my job was too small. I did hear that they made some cannons that were used at the battle of Waterloo.
  6. Alan P

    Redgate Boys Band

    I used to travell to engagements on my motor bike, not on the coach with the band, [it was safer on the bike] so I never got to know anyone, and the older lads shot into The Princess Royal as soon as practice finnished The one 'do' I remember well was Westhead carnival because Tommy Steel and his wife made a guest appearance, she was better looking than him, oh, and it rained. I do remember the Darwin brothers, they played with the Merseyssippi Jazz band for many years. I am related somehow to them and George Darwin who had the music shops in town.
  7. Alan P

    Redgate Boys Band

    He really liked the younger boys, I was lucky, I was sixteen and stronger than him. I think some of the older lads protected the youngsters.
  8. Alan P

    Redgate Boys Band

    Sorry, I do not remember him, I did not spend much time with the boys, I had just found a new girlfriend, Leo was gutted !!!.
  9. Alan P

    Redgate Boys Band

    I was in Redgate Boys Band in 1959 -60, two weeks ago the Bass drum was on Earlstown car bootsale, very much the worse for ware. I could tell a few home truths about Leo Murphy .If he was still alive he would doing time, not counting it !!.
  10. Alan P

    Bold heath works 1956

    There used to be Peacocks in the grounds of this pump station.
  11. Alan P

    Bold Colliery

    Here is a photo' of Bold pit taken by an American service man around 1960. I gave my wife to be her first driving lesson in a 3 ton Bedford on the tips at bold
  12. Alan P

    Before Betting Shops

    I took over from Clocker Baz running the betting clocks to Gill bonds house, I got 2 shillings from Bazzers nan and 2 bob from Gill. when there was evening racing it doubled, I was loaded, I never got spends from my parents, I had more money in my pocket than my Dad !!.On more than one occasion I had to out race the village bobby down the Sty [ footpath to Gills house ],.When I left school and started work as an apprentice at Bill Hancock's garage my brother Ed took over from me, big mistake, I was on less than half the money I got for taking the clocks to Gill. I have good memories of Gill, at Christmas on Boxing day the Clock Brass band used to walk to Gills house and we would play Carols in the front room, Gill loved it and supplied loads of food and drink. Many a Christmas it was so cold we had to go into the boiler house at Clock pit and blow steam through to instruments to unfreeze the valves !!. An old woman who lived near Gill's house on the Bold estate was called Nanny Redhead all the kids thought she was a witch, If we went near her cottage she would come out and throw stones at us. She was a regular punter at Gill's, I remember she told me to always back a horse with four white socks, ha ha, I have never put money on a horse in my life. Happy days.
  13. Alan P

    Boundary Road Baths

    We used to walk to Boundary Road baths from Clock Face, only to find on Bank Holidays it was shut !!. Spent a lot of time there in the early seventies doing my SCUBA training. Anyone know if SHUG, St Helens Underwater Group is still going ?.
  14. Hi Bob,nice to hear from you, It took we a while to realise who Clocker Baz is, is there anyone else on from Clock ?.

  15. welcome to connect Alan it's Bob o'brien aka devon boy


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