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  1. I have visited Taylor Park for over 55 years, in all that time I've seen plenty people fishing but never seen anyone catch anything, nor have ever even seen any sign of fish in the Lake. However yesterday while walking around with my wife and F. In. Law, we came across dozens of fat healthy carp swimming by the overflow at Moxon Street entrance. There were even a couple of koi in there. They had attracted loads of interest from park goers, but they weren't interested in any of the surplus bread that the ducks had left uneaten. It was an enjoyable experience and I hope it's not so long before I see it again
  2. I have very little confidence that the governing body have the wit or ability to bring more money into the game. The promotion of the 4 Nations tournament was practically non existent, until about a week before it actually started. This is typical of the RL. For as much as I don't rate their game The RFU run rings round us in terms of marketing and media profile. I've just had to read a double page spread on the weekends Autumn Internationals, while the final of a major international Rl tournament barely got a few column inches.
  3. The standard of the game in this country has dropped alarmingly these past few years. The governing body are buffoons, and the better players we have, all go to the NRL. There's not much to look forward to in my opinion. If you're a Saints fan, it's another season of "The Grind" and a coach who lies to the fans, regards them as sheep and is unpopular with a significant number. We sign a player who was twice considered not good enough for a substantial fee, sign up a journeyman hooker, a prop forward who was subject to some rather unsavoury speculation, and give a new two year contract extension to a player who is obviously more focused on his new business venture and media career. I'm totally hacked off already two months before the season even starts.
  4. I'm. sure the evil will come through with his excuses before the day is out.
  5. Greenbanker

    Rugby League

    Totally agree Alan. In response to Joe's post. Maybe no one's talking Rl as there ain't much to talk about.
  6. At times this season Saints have had a full team missing.
  7. I actually think the standard of play in SL has dropped alarmingly this year. That game on Friday was an embarrassment. These were two of Super Leagues supposedly, strongest teams, yet the game had little to no intensity, poor handling and defence from both sides, and was farcical at times. As for Saints, we are a poor side who are poorly coached. . . . not much down for us this season.
  8. Cheers mate. Runners/Joggers get very grumpy when they can't get out. It's a drug you know. I'm definitely in full grump mode at the minute.
  9. Totally gutted that I couldn't do the race due to injury this year. It's a truly great sporting occasion for anyone and everyone in the local community to take part. Although it now obviously attracts plenty runners from the surrounding areas. Long may this event continue. Roll on next year for me !!
  10. Alan. Quite a few years ago My oldest lad played for Pilks Recs under 16s. The youngest played RU for West Park under 15s. They were busy weekends for us as parents. But what I most remember about the time was the far superior facilities that the RU clubs provided compared to those of the league counterparts. Pilks was probably an exception to the rule,but most of the places my oldest was expected to get changed in were a disgrace. I'm not surprised proper rugger is thriving, they trounce our game in terms of what goes on off the pitch. IMHO.
  11. I can't believe anyone actually expected them to win. The NRL is years in front of SL. This time last year we consoled ourselves with "we were beaten by the best club side in Australia". This time we were beaten just as convincingly by a team with several reserves who had hardly played together. The reality is we are a very poor side at the moment.
  12. Douggie knew his onions...giant ones. He grew them in his backyard in Doulton Street.!!
  13. My better half originates from Central Avenue The Wood Prescot. FWIW, when I showed her the photo her response was Church Entry.
  14. Greenbanker


    That's a great post Alan. Exactly how I see that "sport". It's strangled by its own rules. One lumbering English forward was penalised for having two hands on the floor to support his weight. WTF.!
  15. Greenbanker


    The whole affair has exposed the game of RU for what it is. Administered by arrogant buffoons. Coached by incompetents, played by one dimensional also rans. Why on earth did Sam Burgess want to get involved with that deluded shower?
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