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  1. Not so good to watch for us tonight. (NZ time, Hull match) Bring on England / Scotland in the morning. Bobby D
  2. Does anybody have class photos from West Park specifically 1956 to 1959ish, please.
  3. Does any one have any photos of Westpark,please.
  4. I seem to remember Rum and Black. Good that I can still remember.
  5. Hi, J C, If you lived in Morley St, they are one and the same. Unfortuneately Bernard died 3 yrs ago but Bren still resides in St Helens. I used to live in Wilcock St, off Duke St. Wilcock St no longer exsists. My last visit home was 2003. Update on Tony Baylis,(ex Wurzels) he has just moved to Cyprus from NZ. Regards Bob
  6. Do you remember when the Plaza was The Oxford Cinema? Heres a hoot, I remember Syncopating Sandy. I went in to watch him at The Plaza for a couple of hours during his marathon effort. And as for the Wurzels, Tony Baylis (67 to 84) fame now resides in NZ and plays jazz bass with several bands including my own, The Society Jazzmen. I also played at the Plaza Ballroom once, circa 1954, in the interval. We were the Junior Jazzmen and idolised Chris Barber. Later played Friday nights at the Eagle and Child, Rainford in 58/59 as the John Rotherham (Piano) Quartet with Bernard Wilson(vibes), Brendan Hamlet(Drums playing George Shearing style. I played bass.
  7. Opps, you are quite right, Dave. Sorry Wilcock St, got waylaid by my mates wife's name. I lived at No10, 4th house up from York St on LHS. On the same side, cnr of Wilcocks and Duke was Leo Burkes Bakery, opposite was (RHS) was Dr's (Dr ONeil?)Surgery. I tried to attach a pic but lost my original reply. Is the map of that era that you inserted available anywhere, please. I looked in the copy of St Helens A Pictorial History by Mary Presland that my mate sent out to me but it does not contain anything like that. By 1982, my first visit back in 20 years, Wilcock St was gone. Yes Alan, Micky Mee cut hair in his front parlour opposite us, one house down. Ollie, the Spencers lived at the Boundary Rd end of Lingholme Rd having previously lived in Oxford St.
  8. Hi Ollie, Did you know the Spencers?
  9. Any body else from Wilcock St, its knocked down now, not sure when that happened. Now called York Close. We were part of the York St gang.
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