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  1. Sincere condolences to Le200's family. This kind and thoughtful man and his words, always generous and considered, will be so missed by many on this site. Goodbye Le200. cmg1
  2. Hi there Dave, nsso and Le200, so it's the Peel Arms. Thanks for the help and info. Yes, I'd picked up the Beecham neighbours of Joseph Dennett; there's Sir Thomas, aged 1, there also.. There are two houses given for #45 Westfield Sreet in the 1881 census which supports Brian's findings. Thanks cmg1
  3. On the 1881 census, Joseph Dennett is a Licensed Victualler living at 45 Westfield Street. Was this a pub? And if so, what was the pub's name? Many thanks cmg1
  4. Wasn't there a Ladies' dress shop between Ball's butchers and Jackie's butcher on the same block on Greenfield Rd? The up-hill bus stop was in front of these shops before the one way system was laid out. Our family preferred Ball's sausage to Jackie's (unless we'd bought Burchall's in town), however if my food memories are correct, I seem to recall eating Jackie's sausages for a very infrequent "dinner" at NDHS. Further up Greenfield Rd was Mort's greengrocer I think. I recall his loose Danish butter, freshly roasted and ground coffee, very large red bacon slicer and his brown overalls. Further along was Latham's chippy and opposite St Thomas's playground, wasn't there a baker who sold rummy Russian cake on Mondays? I also remember Redmond's tomato sausage and their equally bright red salmon paste bought off the stall in the beautiful old stone market hall in St. Helens. Redolent memories Carter, redolent ..
  5. Notre Dame to 1972 Sister Muriel headmistress, subsequently Sister Mary Aidan I believe Miss White Chemistry Mr Pilkington Maths (he also taught my dad at West Park) Mrs Strettle Physics Miss Sexton Biology Sister Ruth Geography Mrs Rimmer History Miss Mitchell English Miss Duffy French Miss Nelson Latin Sadly many other teachers' names can't be recollected. My time there appreciated and enjoyed. Hoping my old schoolmates will fill in the blanks.
  6. Great photo, thanks for that. My dad would be on the West Park photo for 1936-1943 or so. Has anyone any similar WPGS photos for these years? Mr Pilkington taught my dad at WPGS and taught me Maths at NDHS 1968-1972. Some memories there. Happy New Year to all at Connect and St Helens. CMG
  7. Hello Stephen (I have already emailed Lee re this) I knew a sister of the Riley/Reilly Brothers from Parr/Sutton. Daisy (Mary) Eccleston nee Riley (1894-1991). She was a great friend of my grandmother Molly Lavin (Peasley Cross) and Daisy was a lovely, funny St Helens woman; she had the sort of St Helens accent you rarely hear these days. Daisy's first husband was Thomas Alcock who also died in the Great War in Mesopotamia. Daisy then married Isaac Eccleston (my dad's godfather) who lost his legs in the Great War. My mother remembers Isaac and Daisy's house in Sutton (or possibly Alma Street) as having a system of chains and pulleys to enable Isaac to get around. Such sadness there but Daisy was such a happy lady. Regards to all in St Helens cmg1 b St Helens 1953
  8. Hello PRV In 1911, Edward Caffrey and wife Mary Leahy are boarding at 10 Cross Street with my gg uncles William and Michael Heron. My grandfather William Michael Lavin and my g uncles and a g aunt are living there also. Edward's from Longford and Mary is from Wexford on this census. I have done some Ancestry searching on the Caffrey and Leahy families (sadly they do not appear to be related) and have subsequently contacted some of their descendants in the US. Regards CMG1 nee Lavin
  9. Thanks jvy20 Timothy (aka Thaddeus) Lavin on the 1901 census is my great grandfather from Roscommon. His son Michael sadly died in 1905 aged 13. The Michael Lavin who married Julia Dyer is from another Lavin family - possibly from Birkenhead/Wigan/Manchester; his father's name would help me determine whether he may have a family connection. Thank you so much for your help, it is much appreciated Dear Ratty I do have some limited BMD spreadsheet records for St Joseph's, St Anne's and St Vincent's but as I live in SW France, access to church microfilm not so easy when they have not been transcribed/digitised. Never mind I shall have to make plans to return back to St Helens visit some churches and take in some Birchall's pies - ah well Thanks to all for your help and have they really knocked down Helena House? ex NDHS personne
  10. Happy New Year to all at St Helens Connect! Hello, have the BMD records for this church been transcribed yet and are they available to search? To start with I am looking for the father's name of Michael Lavin who married Julia Dyer there on 19 May 1918 - their witnesses names would be also useful. On a more personal level, I'd like to check where I was baptised in St Helens too; it was either at St Joseph's RC Peasley Cross or Sacred Heart (1954) - are these records available also? All information gratefully received. Keepup the good work there in St Helens
  11. Hi I had come across this family before. All the more interesting to me as I'm a St Helens Lavin lass. My Lavin family lived in Peasley Cross and some Fillinghams were close friends of my grandparents. My great-grandfather Thaddeus/Timothy Lavin came from Roscommon (nr Carrick on Shannon) and settled in Parr in the 1880s. There is an 1861 census Lavin record for Tontine Street which includes a Mary and John; the mother is Catherine, the father John (not Matthew). "Your" Mary Lavin's first child was Henry who married a Forber. A Forber married a Peasley Cross Fairhurst - the latter were also very close to "my" Lavin family. If your Hannah married into the Hands family, then there are a small number of trees on Ancestry that may be of interest to you. Regards CMG
  12. which horrible King, Bertie or Emperor Georgie?


  13. That Nags Head pic - says God Save The King on a banner on the front...

  14. Dreeland? Crumbs...Saw Drayland...

  15. never know who you might meet. Careful of ex-paras though. Worked out whose corrie celebrations? Check out William Drayland on 1881, his only appearance in St Helens. Family he boards with may have connections. There's a William Dreeland Irish also from Tunstall. But a very elusive character. Only 2 census citations relating to Caroline. The other is Widnes. Also checked Tunstall Lancs

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