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  1. hi, its pickavance, my grand mother jane pickavance 1881-1938 married charles burns, her parents jane marsh 1848-1931 married george pickavance 1850-1929, his father william pickavance 1780-1863 married mary gills, his father john pickavance married sarah rylance many thanks is this of any help, i also have the siblings og jane, george ect if we are related and you need them many thanks janet
  2. Many, many thanks Frank, wasnt to sure where they were, cant thank you enough x
  3. my grandmother was jane pickervance who married charles burns, born in back barracks, to jane marsh and george pickervance, any connection ?
  4. would anyone know if you died in the 1960's in nevil ave parr, where you would be buried, i have tried st helens cemetary and they are not there, violet and edwin griffiths, any ideas where i should look, thank you all in advance, not sure if R/c or C/E or other
  5. hi thank you for the links Phyll and andyroo yes he was a engine driver, i have since found the inquest report on my grand dad charles burns on micro film at the libuary at eccleston very helpfull staff .
  6. anyone remember jimmy miller? completing my mums ancestry jimmy was her first husband, and died in the disaster, looking for any connections that can help me thanks in advance x
  7. nicoll27

    Sister Duffy

    hi johnny, I qualified in 74 and worked on theatre until I left in1980 to have my son I am still working in the private sector and have been here since 1984, working with the elderly, a job I enjoy, think our paths may have crossed at some time
  8. lol, my late Freddie was a biker and was often in Chessies with his mates x
  9. trying to find out information on my grandfather charles Burns who was killed at cowley hill works in 1933 death certificate states crushed between a crane and a wagon any one know how i can access records for this event thanks
  10. nicoll27

    Sister Duffy

    Johnny where did you train, i trained at st helens hospital early 70s qualified in 74,we had some students from rainhill hosp to do part of their training
  11. st helens hospital had several "ghost" sightings, one said to be Lady Kurtz ,also baby cried at night and the rocking horse rocked on its own, on Hazel ward, night nurse said to have walked down the ward through a apparition witnessed by several patients and care staff, they needed sedation after. wolverhampton house also has hauntings, investigated by local ghost groups and a well known paranormal group " parascience" which i belonged to, now belong to another well known paranormal group U.P.I.A. when i worked at st helens hospital, i didn't witness any paranormal events, but on night duty the place was quite errie
  12. the raven was also the first "lock up" and place where a court was held for prisoners until a Town hall was built
  13. hi, bob, this is a transcript from the Lancashire Gazetteer 1889 : Wolverhampton House is ahandsome three story block built fifteen years ago (1874) having a frontage of 100 feet, all filled with plate glass windows, the ground floor is used for shop and showroom purposes with warehouse at the corner.The flat above also constitutes show rooms, and from the main block other shops extend towards the railway station. adding another 60 feet to the frontage. The depth rearwards is about 50 feet and there for the purpose of an exceptionaly large buisness.the different shops all communicate inside, but each has its own particular speciality. spacious well appointed workshops are situated at the rear, and in these is employed a numerous number of staff of skilled hands in tin smithing and in the making of bolts, rivets, wire nails ect for which Mr R G Brooks is highly reputed. Other prominent specialities of the house include asphelt roofing felt, sarking or lining felt, boiler or dry air felt, furnishings ironmongery of every description, all kinds of builders ironmongery, electro plated goods, fine cultery, articles suitable for all presentation purposes, lawn mowing machines and grass clippers, prizes for athletic sports( as well as requisits for the same) tools, tin wear and copper wear. all kinds of smiths and brass founders work, guns, rifles and revolvers and fishing tackle in the greatest varity. the firm devote special attention to house furnishing and the fitting up of collieries, chemical works and glass works carrying out all such contracts upon the most complete scale and the cheapest rates possible. They are also noted as earnest practical advocates of gas as a useful and economical heating and cooking agent in the household, and they support thier advocacy in this matter by exhibiting a splendid stock of gas cooking stoves embodying all the latest improvements in such apperatus ans also of gas lighting appliances of the best modern type. Among the latter are noticable the new "fishers triplet" light and the " warwick illuminator", both of which are strongly recomended on the score of practical efficency and genuine ecconomy. Many other specialities of real merit and value are shown and the firm execute all branches of plumbing and gas fitting, and supply gas and steam tubes at lowest current prices, sanitary and hot water engineering likewise receive the fullest attention. Mr R G Brooks stock of fishing tackle is one of the finest in the country as is also the bicycle and tricycle department. Cheapness and quality are distinctive features of the entire business , which is one of the largest and most successful retail ironmongery concerns in Lancashire, and which enjoys the constant personal supervision of its energetic and popular proprietor, assisted by a number of clerks, salesmen, warehousemen Mr brook is much esteemed in St Helens"" hi bob, wolverhamton house has served many purposes, in the early part of 1900,s it served as head quarters for todds steal foundry, an elderly lady who i had nursed told me that she was in service for a Drs in hall st and many men where given notes to take to the un employment exchange to register that they where fit to work. the employment exchange at the far end of wolverhampton house was there until the 1960s. Mr Grundy who was R G Brooks assisstant bought part of the existing ironmongers shop and premises at Wolverhampton House in 1913, this was the small building at the end ( now rendervous ) and was run by his family until it closed in 1979. then sold to a Mr Gardener in 1983 which was a shop known as curio corner, again was sold and used as a show room for beds that had been made near the station, and finaly as the rendesvous. there is a catalog of the interior of Grundys ironmongery store before it closed in the archive libuary. i am trying to locate the articles i did on wolverhampton house whe i locate them i will forward you the copies janet
  14. hi Bob, i have just read your web site on your ancester R G Brooks, what a fantastic memorial to your ancester, i think you have his photographic talents, great photos, very informative, have you the info from the Lancashire Gazetteer, it is a full page , giving all the items sold and information, well worth having for your collection on wolverhampton house, i am a little confused as the newspaper artivce in 1906 re his fall and accident, would make you think that he died, but your evidence shows he did not, maybe he wasnt a well man after, would be nice to know what had happened after his fall. you have so much information, i have similar photographs of the celler area, dont know if this is true, a friend said that in a part of the wolverhamton house side near the friends meeting house there was a false wall, after the war ( WW2) they found all items that would have been sold on the black market, clothing, coats and other items. also that from the celler areas air raid shelters could be found which would have been under the road on church street. a friend, who once owned rendesvous, was changing a barrel in the area of your photograph when a man walked past her and walked through the wall, she didn't stay to long after that, changed the barrel quickly:)
  15. hi just checked st helens heritage and beauty page, good to see photographs and information on your ancester supplied by you.
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