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  1. grangeparker

    Stanley Mill

    Where is Stanley mill!!!.
  2. grangeparker


    The population of pipistrelle bats has declined in the UK over the past 30 years, between 1978 and 1993 there was a national decrease of 70 percent. All the UK species of bats are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and it is illegal to harm them or disturb their roost sites.
  3. grangeparker


    They are the one of the smallest of the bat family. All bats are more protected than the queen!. Deliberately harm one of these and your looking at £1000 fine and jail.
  4. grangeparker


    There seems to be a major incident going on in St Helens hospital. Police and fire crews everywhere
  5. grangeparker

    Work on Merton Bank Rd

    I think the engineers need a new theodolite. Those pipes nearly meet up, don’t they. Picture 5
  6. grangeparker

    Eccleston Park Golf Course to be built on ?

    The golf course is built on the land that used to be the farm. it provided the veg, beef, and poultry that was required for the hospital, but not sure whether it was owned by the crown or private. I have played the golf course several times, and cannot bring to mind any spare land to build on. there is already a small housing complex next to the golf club house as you drive in. the course is surrounded all all sides by housing.
  7. grangeparker

    Eating Scouse

    all my family love scouse. I don't like the stuff. But if I have to eat it, it will be with a jar of red cabbage on it.
  8. grangeparker

    Alexandra House Offices

    Good work Guwop. you and robo, and few others do a great job for us all.
  9. grangeparker

    Alexandra House Offices

    Yes one and the same. pictures must have been taken a while back. Looks like they had a rat problem at one time. look at picture 15 with the ladder. rat bait in trays.
  10. grangeparker

    Titan in Church Square

    Brill photo's and vids Rob. As usual.
  11. grangeparker


    Like this steve. sorry to mess with your photo Robo.
  12. grangeparker

    Strange growth in Victoria Park

    Is it just me going nuts, Or can anyone else see it. look at picture three. at the bottom of all the fungi. it looks like a big ducks Head sticking out. with a bone in it.s mouth. good photos though.
  13. grangeparker

    Jewellers attacked in Town Centre.

    And worth every penny. considering how much they would have taken, if the window had broken.
  14. grangeparker

    Something Different

    Over what period of time did it take to do that small dream clip Rob.
  15. grangeparker

    Reminisce 2016 80+ Pics

    Great pics as usual Rob. But just diverting to the picture of the bar prices. Why the bloody hell would you pay £4.50 for a 330ml l bottle of stella. A six pack is only £5.00. these rip off merchants should be closed down. but if kids are soft enough to pay this, then it will not stop.

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