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  1. yes warringtonsaint i lived in morley st ged moores was on the corner billy pooles was on the corner of oxford st and halefield st mr ousley in oxford st there was a posh shop at the corner of argle st and cooperst alexanders i think it was called
  2. does anyone remember anders chippy in cooper st the only chippy i knew that did frilly chips also mr fosters in morley st
  3. i remember almas the fair lads used to go in was warned by my dad never to venture in but of course i did only the once
  4. it was my nephew who won the lego competition in helena house what was your aunties name who worked in the cash office i worked in the general office
  5. hi newbey i was in the crowd watching emile ford come to rotherys also for marvin rainwater
  6. what about penny daintys and halfpenny spanishes and those spanish pipes ,we used to get a spanish selection box for christmas yummy, tizer pop that took your breath away
  7. hi alan/elite just seen an old post of yours about miss keck us girls used to call other girls this when they were a bit posh , don't know where it came from but i think it meant posh kecs as in knickers
  8. managed to scan and import the york st photo but came out really bad yet the original photo is very good considering its over 60 years old all the faces are very clear have taken a picture of it with my digital camera an d looks much better so will try and post it if not will leave it to my son as i have been trying to do this for hours ,
  9. hi swimmer and elite no elsie tickle was a big girl and when she jumped in it used to flood the changing booths with them being on either side of the pool, i was terrified of her as she was a bit of a bully and she used to pick me up under her arm and take me in the deep end and drop me in i was about seven at the time
  10. sorry lee200 and swimmer got the photo but can't find the instructions you gave me on my laptop going to wait for my grandson to come on do t for me the picture was taken about 1948 or 1949 i still remember some names hope to put it on soon lee200 use full editor came up when i put a reply on knowsley road but not on for replying to york st school
  11. does anyone collect old saints programes i have a pile of them be glad for someone to use them
  12. j c

    Dance Halls

    i do remember the oxford before it was the plaza the commisioner used to wear a uniform and he used to hit the lads if they misbehaved , a lot of those names ring a bell bobby d there was a bernard wilson and brendn hamblet in our street don't know if they are the same , i also went to watch sncopating sandy
  13. j c

    Dance hall

    i know this is an old post eejaes but the group were call the chequers the lived in my st morley st
  14. just read your reply about rothery radio woodsman were you in the crowd watching emile ford
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