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  1. Yes Adam is listed as my g/ g/ father Henry as father ! Henry was given Fishwick at birth as his mother wasn’t married to Adam he was married to someone else !my g/grand/father Henry married Ann Nickson there isn’t much information about Adam He was a butcher in windle & then he is listed 1891 in George St.St Helens
  2. HI, Dickie Glover was my grandma`s brother. Elizabeth Glover married Gregory Fishwick (my Grandparents)They owned Fishwick`s fireplace shop in Westfield st. It was on the opposite corner to Beechams no 47.
  3. Hi, I will clear a couple of points on Windleshaw School also Known as St Thomas of Canterbury same as the church!The infant School entrance was on the main road & the Junior & Senior school entrance were both in Hamill St. Boys & girls had separate playgrounds also separate entrances.It was a mixed school until 1958 when the junior school boys were split from the girls & went to Edmund Campion. Ours was the first class to be just girls.Our class was for two years on the Open air school grounds(as it was then known)It was the long concrete type building up a short path & the entrance was the first opening as you walked along Rainford Rd. The building housed two classes & Miss Crank was our teacher who we all thought was much to old to still be alive never mind teaching, she was lovely (strict at times) but a great teacher, who we could twist round our fingers & we did quite a lot. The other classroom to our delight was for all the boys from the other R.C schools in St Helens to come to for woodwork.It was great getting wolf whistles off some really (as they say nowadays) FIT LADS!! Happy days! We were the overspill from the main school but we still had to go for assemblies & such like. Sorry if I have gone on a bit I really did love my schooldays. Veronica.PS St Lukes in Knowsley Rd was C.of.E not R.C.
  4. Hello John, (maybe related) Elizabeth Veronica Fishwick. Greg & Stan (brothers) grandparents & dad had a fireplace shop in Westfield st.

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