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  1. tonyn

    happy new year

    only in the garden at the moment , i have a couple of permissions but dont get time to get out with work , I'm still plonking on guitars too are you still shooting mally
  2. happy new year all ,, just thought id let the new year in on the prescot forum
  3. Hehe hehe cheers Stephen great memories
  4. thought id post this , chap holding the bottle is my uncle kenny naylor (sadly gone ) great memories for many street parties back then
  5. buisiness card that belonged to my grandad , electron radio services , peckers hill road
  6. seen this on facebook thought i would share
  7. please delete if inappropriate ,, if ok please enjoy
  8. bicc rolling mill 1960s back row 6th from the left johnny heyes , father of alan , john , marg , sue heyes
  9. You have been told correct les , i am related to the lads dad . His funeral was today , he had a very good send off , st lukes was rammed full , everybody there did him proud
  10. the year would be 1977 this is the buiding now i am researching for a friend , whos relatives joe and maisey (surname heard) had a couple of small buisnises in the 60s / 70s after joe died maisey emigrated to south africa i believe cheers
  11. does anybody remember joe and maisey cafe , we used to play the pinball machine before school
  12. prescot Reservoir empty taken recently i beleive maintenence ?
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