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  1. Phyll

    Sutton Library

    I have always been interested in this area, because when I was a baby we lived at Carnegie Walk, Sutton, before we moved to Moss Bank. My Mum and Dad used to say there was a Library nearby. I love Libraries, such a shame it's gone, I wish I would have gone to see it before it was demolished. It was only since I came to the US that I realised the significance of the name "Carnegie". What a generous man he was. http://www.suttonbeauty.org.uk/suttonhistory/education/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Carnegie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Carnegie_libraries_in_Europe
  2. Phyll

    St helens cemetry records

    http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/1509454.Bomb_blast_that_shook_town/ http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/coffey_time/10183655.Time_to_remember_others/
  3. Phyll

    Website birthday

  4. Phyll

    Shouldn't Throw Stones

    I remember when it was first built, yes, it was amazing, I think it was finished about 63, when I was about 9 and my Sister went to work there after she left school about 65. Great Photos Rob.
  5. Phyll

    Holman Michelle

    Do you mean this explosion? "In the early hours of Sunday the 2nd of February 1947, in the midst of one of the worst winters for many years, an explosion occurred in the compressor room at the factory of Holman & Mitchell Co., manufacturers of lead, brass and aluminium, in Lead Street, St Helens. The explosion resulted in the death of Mr Josiah Prescott, a Blockman, aged 32, of 65 Lyon Street, St Helens, and Mr Peter Rigby, aged 49, of 313 New Street (Graces Square), Sutton losing both hands. Two other men were also injured in the explosion; Mr William Majkin, a furnaceman of Taylor Street, Sutton Oak suffered a fractured skull and Mr James Sims of Huyton received minor injuries." http://www.suttonbeauty.org.uk/suttonhistory/sutton_memories14/
  6. Phyll

    The bears paw inn in Westfield st

    As Josie said and I previously posted the info. there is a Bears Paw listed on the Pubs List here on Connect. Along with the info Josie posted, it also says, The Bears Paw no longer exists. Status: Closed 12 Aug 1950. Teddy Gregson had this pub from about 1943 - 1945 after leaving the Phoenix Hotel where he had lived since birth and had taken over from his mother when she died. https://www.sthelens-connect.net/home/pub-14-Bears_Paw.html
  7. Phyll

    Air raid shelters?

    https://www.sthelens-connect.net/forums/topic/87803-accessible-air-raid-shelters/ http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/coffey_time/10319864.Our____underground____history/ "During October 1939 an air raid shelter was created in Sutton Monastery capable of sheltering 400 people." See link for more info. http://www.suttonbeauty.org.uk/suttonhistory/suttonwar2/
  8. Phyll

    Holman Michelle

    Hi Tom, to Connect. My Dad, George Clitheroe, now deceased, worked at Holman Mitchell, I think it was in the 50's, then later he worked at Pilks City Rd. till he retired. Here's a couple of links that mention Holman Mitchell that might interest you. http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/coffey_time/11057585.Happy_days_at_town_centre_engineering_works/ http://www.suttonbeauty.org.uk/suttonhistory/sutton_memories14/
  9. Phyll

    Around St.Helens

    Looks like another building/church heading for demolition. http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/16183076.Revised_plans_to_demolish_former_church_and_build_apartment_block/?ref=mrb&lp=5
  10. Phyll

    For over 45 years....

    Did Tasty Chicks once have another name? I remember I used to go there every Saturday and get Chicken for my Mum & Dad for tea and later for my Dad. What a shame it's closing.
  11. Phyll

    The bears paw inn in Westfield st

  12. Phyll

    Truckers 1987 BBC Series Shot in St Helens

    "Coast to Coast", it's got some great Motown songs. It was mainly shot in Liverpool and the NW, but you can see the "Carr Mill Café" at around 34.04. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coast_to_Coast_(1987_film
  13. Phyll

    Union work house whiston 1889

    Looks like that's the same thread Nat already asked about the Library on where I put. Well if all else fails, call Cllr Sue Murphy. Phone: 01942 743098 Mobile: 07584408871 Email: cllrsemurphy@sthelens.gov.uk http://moderngov.sthelens.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=119 http://www.sthelens-connect.net/forums/topic/94197-st-helens-archives/?tab=comments#comment-607608
  14. Phyll

    Union work house whiston 1889

    Hi Nat, I don't know if this is any help but I found this that someone wrote on another Site in 2016. "It may be that others are wondering about Whiston Workhouse records available at St Helens Central Library. Unfortunately, although they have is a book entitled 'Admission and Discharge Register 1870-1898', it has very little before 1890. The records are shown alphabetically by surname, but there are no records at all for surnames A-F. I understand that Preston Records Office may hold more, but can't verify that." http://www.rootschat.com/forum/index.php?topic=468520.9;PHPSESSID=6rhq4t5qqlk53tjfgv9mhi1g04 Unfortunately I heard The Library is closed at the moment. I'm sure someone with more knowledge than me will come along soon.
  15. Phyll

    GG Grandmothers family name?

    Hi Familyman, I don't know if this is any help to you, but here's some old info. I found on Genes Reunited, it was someone asking from Australia, looks like it's your same family, so you might find some missing nuggets. https://www.genesreunited.co.uk/boards/board/ancestors/thread/1326438?page=0 I think you already have this, but the name "Cannon" seems clear to me, I have always found LOPC more accurate than Censuses. Marriage: 16 Jul 1855 St Luke (formerly St Wilfrid), Farnworth (Widnes), Lancashire, England Peter Gullavin - (X), 20, Labourer, bachelor, Widnes Susanna Cannon - (X), 25, spinster, Widnes Groom's Father: John Gullavin, Labourer Bride's Father: John Cannon, Labourer Witness: Elizabeth Cannon, (X); Robert Henderson Married by Banns by: William Jeff, Minister Register: Marriages 1850 - 1857, Page 167, Entry 334 Source: LDS Film 1655236 item 4

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