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  1. Phyll

    Passing of John mantle

    Sad to hear that, I remember going to watch him and the other great players at Knowsley Road in the late 60's/early 70's.
  2. Phyll

    Rocket 150

    Thanks BJL, I can't access BBC iPlayer because I'm not in the UK, but I found it on You Tube.
  3. Phyll

    Stringfellows Shops

    Found another photo.
  4. Hi Janette, to St. Helens Connect. Perhaps these would be of interest to you? https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/6678567.Argon__the_chicks_and_trotter_man/ https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/977885.gazing-at-the-chicks/
  5. Phyll

    Queen in St Helens

    Different Queen! I love looking at these old films though.
  6. Phyll

    Queen in St Helens

    Hi Jeff, Great photo, that's the pic I posted on the link back in 2016 on Post # 16, it seems to have disappeared now, but I said I worked at The Tech at the time, but they were actually there around August, 1969, I had just left school before going to the Tech in September, I might have seen them, there were always bands playing at the Tech and locally, I wish I had seen them, but to be accurate it would have been only Freddie that went onto become part of Queen. Here's some more photos from around that time, the band line up was, Freddie Bulsara (Vocals) Chris 'Dummett' Chesney (Lead guitar, vocals) Jeremy 'Rubber' Gallop (Rhythm Guitar) Paul Milne (Bass) Robert Tyrell (Drums) http://www.queenconcerts.com/live/freddie-mercury/early.html This one is in Bolton. added 7 minutes later Ibex Featuring Freddie Mercury ST. HELENS, ENGLAND - 24th AUGUST: Members of English group Ibex posed in St. Helens, Merseyside on 24th August 1969. Left to right: Freddie Mercury, Paul 'Flogger' Fielder, ?, John 'Tupp' Taylor (without a shirt), Pat McConnell, Sian Ollett, Ken Testi, Bruce Sanderson, ? and 'Miffer' Smith. Freddie Mercury went on to form English rock group Queen. (Photo by Mark and Colleen Hayward/Redferns)
  7. Phyll

    Haunting in St Helens Mill Street

    Who said it was in Liverpool Antony? Looks like the Yanks were there, here's a new one for your wife Hort!
  8. Phyll

    Warringtons Golden Gates 500k repair bill

    Seems a bit dear to me, but they are lovely gates. This was interesting.
  9. Phyll

    Halloween 2018

    Thanks Rob, is Halloween getting more popular in the UK these days? Saw this today online, not really just for Halloween but it did make me laugh.
  10. I already said that Richard and his brothers are on St. Helens Roll of Honour.
  11. How sad, 4 Brothers all killed in the Great War, their names are on The St. Helens Rolls of Honour here on Connect, where there are photos of James and William and their names are also here on The Holy Trinity Church Memorial. Not sure how to put Photos on, hope I've put this one on correctly, my Son did it for me.
  12. Phyll

    Glen Hoddle

    And on his 61st Birthday too! Reports say he's had 3 Stents and is improving. Get Well Soon Glenn. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/glenn-hoddle-latest-ex-england-13501579
  13. Phyll

    The Plug 'Ole'

    Aww come on Rob, you know I can't resist a good movie clip!
  14. Check out the Greetings Forum. Happy Birthday Baz.

  15. Phyll

    Haunting in St Helens Mill Street

    Do you mean here Icehead? Does it bring back memories? It did for me cause I used to go to Lowe House School, can't remember what shops they were though? Sorry, I just realised I think you mean this place?

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