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  1. vinty

    Rag and Bone men

    It is difficult these days to get rid of scrap metal,not long age we had regular visits from men with an old van knocking at the door asking if you had any old scrap metal you wanted to get rid of and they seemed grateful for the opportunity to take it away, nowadays no one seems to do it. Is it because scrap metal has dropped in value or because of the regulations introduced requiring that they have to be registered?
  2. vinty

    Childhood rhyme

    Hi diddle diddle the cat did a widdle allover the kitchen floor The little dog laughed to see such fun So the cat did another widdle more. one that may be appropriate during the election campaign ,I remember when Sexton was the candidate in the 1930s gangs of kids roaming the streets singing. Vote vote vote for Mr Sexton he is sure to win the day Then we'll get a salmon tin and we'll stick the tories in and they'll never see their Mammies any more. In Sutton Manor it didn't matter if your parents voted for the opposition you were a staunch labour supporter among the other kids or else you had no mates.
  3. vinty

    Childhood rhyme

    Surprising how words can sound different Alan like "Wouldn't it be lovely" sounding like "Wooden tit be lovely" or the old one about the message sent along the trenches in the First World War starting as " Send reinforcements we are going to advance and reaching the end of the line as "Send three and four pence we are going to a dance"
  4. vinty

    Childhood rhyme

    I remember a lullaby that my Mother sang as she tried to get me to sleep when a kid as she rocked away in the old rocking chair. but have never heard it sung by anyone else and have always wondered if it was her own composition.she sang it to a tune similar to the Z cars theme ( Johny Todd ) has anyone heard of it? Poor little Jesus born in a stable he had no fire and he had no light he had no clothes to keep him warm poor little Jesus when he was born. The cows and the horses blew their breath upon him to warm his hands and to warm his feet. his mother Mary wrapped him in a blanket and poor little Jesus fell fast asleep.
  5. vinty

    Childhood rhyme

    Just remembered another couple Chin Chin chinaman bought a penny doll ,he washed it and dried it and called it pretty poll ,"he sent for the Doctor the Doctor wouldn't come because he had a pimple on his bum bum bum. as naughty kids we substituted tum for bum. If a fella met a fella in a field of fitches could a fella tell a fella where his belly itches how many Fs in that.
  6. vinty

    Childhood rhyme

    Here's some i remember I went to the pictures tomorrow I took a front seat at the back I bought a plain cake with currants in I ate it and gave it them back. The corporation muck cart was full up to the brim the driver overbalanced fell in and couldn't swim he sank to the bottom just like a little stone and then we heard him singing show me the way to go home. I was Christmas morn in the evening the snow was raining fast A barefoot girl with clogs on Stood sitting on the grass. And as kids we used to try saying this rhyme fast. I chased a bug around a tree I'll have his blood he knows I will.
  7. vinty

    saints warrington mystery

    Saints22. Wigan19 a great game to watch
  8. vinty

    saints warrington mystery

    At last we have managed to get Ben Barbar on a 21/2 year deal, I hope he can put his misdemeanours behind him ,he is a fantastic player and can be a great asset to Saints . COYS
  9. vinty

    Motor bike shops

    Thanks Dave l Couldn't remember the name .
  10. vinty

    Motor bike shops

    Geoff Dukes came after Ham Burrills There was also a motor bike shop near where Asda is now can't remember the name but remember he lived in Oxford St ,I bought a load of spares from him after he shut the shop ,my hobby was restoring old British Bikes so they were like gold to me.he had a one off Italian racing bike that did well at the IOMan which I tried to buy but he wouldn't sell.
  11. vinty

    saints warrington mystery

    Well Alan I hope someone gives us 2 good coats of Dulux before tomorrow
  12. vinty

    saints warrington mystery

    This link may bring back memories NS
  13. vinty

    saints warrington mystery

    I remember that very well. I was there.but Saints were not playing then like they have been playing recently.
  14. vinty

    saints warrington mystery

    I think they were discussing whether Benny Barba would be signing for Warrington or Saints. By the way where did that performance by Saints come from? How can the same team that has been diabolical rececently ,put on a display of Rugby at its best to nil a team 2nd from top.Thursdays game against Wigan should be interesting and will tell us if it was a flash in the pan.
  15. vinty

    Sad Day for Ice Cream Lovers

    Your right Dave I had forgotten them and I have a faint idea that a firm name Birchalls existed perhaps someone can confirm.

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