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  1. I'm with jmosh. Toodles

    1. steve.


      Probs jumping ship to gravys board, god forgive them for they no not what they do.

  2. leschip


    I know what you mean, Alan. But it's fun, fast and has brought more people into playing cricket. It's a bit like comparing snow-boarding to downhill skiing.
  3. leschip


    Is anyone else really enjoying this hoolighan cricket world cup? The 2 semis were fantastic, real edge of the seat stuff yesterday between India and the Windies. Sunday's final shoud be a cracker.
  4. Johan Cruyff, what a player and manager. Another one gone too soon. https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/breaking-news-johan-cruyff-dies-123600579.html
  5. Not to be missed, if only to see and hear THAT guitar.
  6. Strangely enough, I have been told that there are plans afoot to redevelop the Palace interior. I shall keep you informed about progress. As to the Chapel, current plans save the facade and develop the interior.
  7. Ste., it's not a case of not building it, but in my opinion better usage of £11 mil would be the redeveloping of existing unused buildings, such as the Palace and Wesleyan Chapel. Both of us no longer live in the town, but regard it as 'home', and we both want to see Prescot bloom again, so anything that leads to that is welcome. Indeed the car park is not used much, because Prescot has little to offer. The proposal is very airy : it fails to mention from where the rest of the funding will be obtained, who is responsible for the running and upkeep of the theatre. But whatever the outcome, nobody will be impressed if they come to Prescot by train, such is the state of the station and the vicinity.
  8. Behave Kevin, Prescot does have a railway station. But I will admit that it, and the surrounding area, resembles a bomb site. The carcass of the Imp is of particular merit.
  9. I'm not sure about it at all. In my opinion if a theatre is deemed to be needed, the Picture Palace or Methodist Church could be redeveloped and used. As to it having a cafe, how many more does Prescot need? The viewing screens and many of the proposed amenities are already available at the school in Knowsley Park Lane and other schools throughout the Borough.
  10. With an additional £5 million from Gideon. 216 construction jobs, 57 jobs after the build. What a fine contribution to the Northern Powerhouse. Wowzers. What Will Prescot’s Shakespeare Theatre Look Like? The plans, for the Mill Street Car Park adjacent to the Old Mill pub, would include a 350-seat theatre with an interior based on designs by Tudor architect Inigo Jones, and an educational centre attracting students from across the world to study Shakespearean acting technique. Prescot was chosen because, as a historic Lancashire hub of trade, commerce and culture long before Liverpool existed, it was home to the first freestanding theatre outside London – the Prescot Playhouse, which stood at the east end of Eccleston Street in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Knowsley Council have just pledged £6 million from reserve funds for a project they say will transform the economy, bring tourists flocking to the borough, create jobs and deliver important educational and cultural opportunities for local people. But what would the proposed complex look like? The architect’s designs below reveal all.
  11. The site is fenced in and locked. You'd need a couple of ladders to get over the wall and railings. There is a sneaky way in, but I wouldn't risk it, as it could be classed as trespassing, you may cause some damage.
  12. Warrington Road, opposite the Parish and Methodist Churches, DD.
  13. I ain't the slightest idea, I only played cricket for them. But, I'll ask my mate DC, he used to be a printer there, and worked on the print run for that mag.
  14. You beat me to it Hort. It's agricultural fleece that was layed on the field last year. Instead of making sure that it was secure after removal, this farmer did'nt. He's sort of a rural litter bug.
  15. Stevo's building is still there, but has been empty for a few years. The plan is for the site is for it to be incorporated into the shopping centre, I don't have the finer details. They used to print the Triplex magazine and had a fine mid week cricket team. One of the finest players was Leslie Birchall.
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