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  1. My husband was a work study engineer with Tootals and often visited Lantor in the 70s he was John Smith tall and slim a real gentleman, his boss was Bob Smith they worked mainly at Elizabeth house manchester. You may remember him?

  2. I remember Kushners, still there in the early 50s when I bought a watch off him, the goods he sold where of the cheap kind, not a classy jeweller
  3. Use to meet the lads in there at Sunday lunchtime for a pint or too, this would be late 1955, seems so long ago now. Where have all the years gone to?
  4. Living in Longshaw in the 1960s I use to take the dog up Billinge hill every night and watched Picavances 24hr operation of crushing all the quarries backfill of stone. The quarry had closed after 150 years so there was plenty of stone to crush. After 5 years Picavances operation had transformed the area and the motorways were marching on. We then moved to Moss Bank, the massive lorries use to race up the hill like bats out of hell in low gear and the vibrations caused many wall to fall, eventually a max 3 ton load was put on the road so that Picavances lorries had to go via Car Mill still racing to get an extra load in the day.
  5. My Dad started at Ashdowns when he came out of the forces in 1945. Working on the moulding machines making objects from egg cups to tea trays ect/, he contracted Dermatitis from the resin powder used in production and was moved to another job. Later Ashdowns closed and Triplex took the site over. I started work on the Parr trading est on the old Totalls site where many of the machines from Ashdowns had been installed but were now making fridge interiors for many of the big names of the day. Some workers had moved there from Ashdowns, I recall the Shadwell brothers from Doulton st. This operation finished after a while and an American firm took over making blankets ect not woven but punched, that process finished in 1983 partly due to the introduction o f the Duvet
  6. Now remembered, took home 1pound&5pence for the week from the foundry. While still at school went caddying at Grange Park Golf club, For 18 holes the gents paid 2/6 and took about 3 hours, the ladies paid 1/6- 2/- for 9 holes. The captain of this club at the time was Mr Jones, owner of Jack Barns shop in Bridge St. His wife also played golf at this club.
  7. Last summer hols in form 6 at school went to a summer camp near Ormskirk for a fortnight weeding carrot fields for Clucas farms, for the pricely sum of 5 pence per hour. later went picking peas in Rainhill at 1 shilling & six pence a hamper, managed 1 hamper all day, I did eat a few. At the end of the summer hols started work on the Monday morning on my 14 birthday in a brass foundry in Rainhill. At that time the working week was 48 hours, they were the longest days of my life. Managed to stick it out for 18 months and then moved on.
  8. We crossed the border to Billinge in 1962, ran out of salt for Sunday lunch, tried to buy some at the corner shop but was told cant sell salt on a Sunday. The lady gave me some in a paper twist and saved the day.
  9. jinx

    walking day

    I remember the band I played in which was West St I'm taking the main Parish church procession and meeting all the other missions at the nurses home, then on to the parish field. My dad also played in this band, and when It folded he moved to York St band and still took the missions to the field. He also played in the band when Pilkingtons use to take the parade down to Marshalls Cross in the early days of 1960. One of the highlights of this time was the renovation of a Rolls Royce carried out by the apprentices from the Triplex and starred in the parade.
  10. I think the little fat man as you call him was called ? costello and as far as I can remember he came from Thatto Heath. He could certainly put that song over and did so on many nights.
  11. Hi WRB, No info when Billys band was in its heyday, I use to work with him in the late 50s, he never mentioned anything about his band but he was a versatile musician, During the week in that era we use to go and listen to him playing piano and a small key board, I think it was called a Clavoline, he could certainly make them talk, this was in the Railway pub in Thatto Heath, now under demilition orders. Last I knew of him he was with his son, running a taxi service to the Rhyl holiday camps. As lads we use to go to Peter st but I can`t put a name to the band, Later on we went to the Baths for the Winter and emigrated to the Coop/ from there. This was a different world and we had to brush up our dancing skills. The Bert Webb band was certainly class. I remember the drummer, I think his name was Ralph use to do a solo called Skin Deep, and everone crowded around the stage. The trumpet player was Ron Jackson, (still going strong with his group at the cricket club in Sutton.) Ron also played at the airbase at Burtonwood sometimes for the Americans.
  12. Hi Lummy, Certainly remember the Coop butcher on a Sat morning as we lived just across the road from where he parked up in front of the stores. I use to mate on with Donald Lewis and on bonfire night he had the best fireworks in the area. Also now remember V E day when the big boys as we called them cut quite a few trees down in the spinny for their bonfire, Next morning they were still there as being green they just didn't burn.
  13. hi jcs your right about the Commer lorrys, they were fitted with Roots ts3 two stroke diesel engines.They all came from Broughtons who were main agents for the Roots Commer/Karrier group of vehicles. New ones came mostly just with a cab and chassis, after being fitted with either wood or alloy bodies I had the task of electrifing them and getting them ready for the road. Broughtons in Knowsley rd eventuly became a Citroen/Peugeot agent.
  14. I do remember the fairs that use to travel to all the towns areas, although money was scarce as lads we enjoyed just to be amongst the people and marvelled at the steam engine that powered all the electrics that ran the whole show. Can anyone remember also the many circuses, especialy the one that came on the Saints area in Dunriding lane. I think for health reasons they were only allowed to stay for a maximum of 3 days.
  15. Hi Skyman/ how can you be on your own I'm still here( I'm sure) still batting, In the era I was at Grange Park 43- 46 the items you've mentioned I cant recollect, apart from many of the teachers names. I did return to work there in 1984-1991 when it was amalgamated with Rivington, then found another area of work. I must admit that I am surprised at the lack of response on connect to the whole time that the school was opened but as you say not everyone is on line and if they are possibly not heard of connect, pity, still one can only hope. cheers/.
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