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  1. Many thanks Phyll, I was only 12 when my Mother came home with the news and I can remember her being really upset for weeks after the event.
  2. My Mother worked at Holman Michelle during the 40s and early 50s and told me of a large explosion that occurred and killed and injured workers. Names I remember Josh Prescott and Alex Edge come to mind but I cant be certain of my facts. I wonder if anyone can throw any light on the matter?
  3. jonmuse

    Lady Pilks

    Hello Phyll, The DVD is 45mins and shows all the various Musical and dramatic group stalls and St Helens Concert Band. Also the speeches by the various Celebrities including Ken Dodd. I would be happy to provide a copy of the DVD should anyone wish to do a re-format and put it on-line.
  4. jonmuse

    Lady Pilks

    Yes he was TJ. and after putting my post of the topic, I watched the DVD and Lady P. explained that. The Garden Party took place in 1984 and although the quality by todays standard leaves something to be desired, it's still good to watch it.
  5. jonmuse

    Lady Pilks

    Good to see the Rotherham Family mentioned. I Knew Harry & May through my amateur operatics involvement. They were stalwarts of the operatic and dramatic societies over many years. Lovely people always happy to help anybody. With regard to the Windle Hall garden parties, I did a video film of the first one in aid of The Friends of the Theatre Royal at which Ken Dodd, John Stride and the Houghton Weavers took part. Each of the local Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Societies had a standn. A wonderful event in every respect. I converted the video into DVD and still have a copy to this day.. Oh happy days!
  6. The ATC 1545 Squadron was based there in the 1940s and had a Brass band. The Musical Director was Leo Murphy who later formed Redgate Boys Band when the 969 Squadron took over the building. During the late 40s and early 50s there was a W.D. depot at the Redgate end and a Timber Yard. I
  7. The bridge was at the bottom of MacDonald Ave. and off O'Sullivan Crescent and allowed access to Stringmans field which became a playing field.
  8. I've been trying to find a photo of the bridge that carried the LNER railway over the bottom of Macdonald Ave. Blackbrook, where I spent my childhood in the Forties and early 50s. Not many folk had cameras then.what a pity we didn't have a Robbob. His photographic record is first class in every respect. Thanks Robbob. If anyone can help,I'd be most grateful.
  9. Hi mummyof2 I remember your Mum,Dad and most of your family. I married a girl from a bit further up in Pitt St. in 1958. Haven't met any of you though since Johnny's funeral a few years ago. Nice to hear from someone from the past. I used to go into Maud's shop quite often for bits and bobs.
  10. I was married at the Church, and the photos were taken in the gardens which were made when the station was demolished. I also attended services there until it was sold to YMCA. The Dodd family were members of the Church for many years. I was not aware that prior to the Mining School the housing terrace was there unti I saw Phylls photos.#Thanks Phyll!
  11. The Mining School was on the corner of Birchley St and ran along Corporation St. to Central Station Ticket offices.The Church was built on land owned by the Dodd family (Practical Clothing & Supply Co.) On the left of the Church were two houses and then Websters Timber Yard. The old Church which had been on the Webster site (on the corner of College St and Corporation St) was bombed in 1941 during an air raid. Lincoln House was owned by The Practical Supply Co. and named after Lincoln Dodd, son of Archie Dodd an Alderman of the Borough
  12. I attended Parr Central Boys School from 1946 to 1950.It was a first class school under the Headteacher Jack Houghton.I played in the Rugby and Soccer teams and also took part in the Gilbert & Sullivan Operas. We got a very good education from a great staff,including a number of ex servicemen who had served in WW2 with great life-skills.
  13. On the subject of local butchers,I can remember a butchers on the corner of Traverse St and South John St. I think it was Gallivers?. I was in Redgate Band playing for the walking day at Parr Mount and the butcher sent out bottles of lemonade for us that he bought from a shop next door to his.It was a very hot day and it tasted great.I think it would have been about 1951-52 and I have never forgotten that Butcher.
  14. I remember the Air Raid shelter near Blackbrook St. Mary's Parish Hall. As children we were taken there during the air raids in the 1940s and we took part in community singing and games to keep us occupied during many a long night in there. The men patrolled the area under the supervision of the Air Raid Warden Mr Flynn. A bomb was dropped on Moncriefs farm not far from the shelter and caused great concern for our Mothers. As children we thought it was a great adventure, but the 'fun' stopped when we had Table Shelters installed in in our homes.
  15. The Mining Institute was as quoted on the corner of Birchley and Corporation Streets. Central Station Building was between that and The Unitarian Church. On the other side of the Church was a pair of houses which were demolished to build Lincoln House for The Practical Clothing & Supply Company . The building was named after Lincoln Dodd whose family owned the Company and was taken over eventually by St Helens Council. The Timber Yard was Websters and was on the site of the old Unitarian 'Tin Chapel' bombed in 1941
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