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  1. Thank you. I have contacted Ned a couple of times now on Facebook Messenger, but have not had a reply as yet. I know he is a busy man. Just wondering if these records are recorded and deposited somewhere I could have access to.
  2. Brilliant documentation for in depth study and digestion. Thank you. Do you know if there is documentation of recent burials within the chantry graveyard? I have a Great Granddad who I think lies here, who died early 1900’s.
  3. Are the 3 books still available? So many people enquiring
  4. Just bought them from Wardleworths in town £7 each. Started reading “Light from the Earth” - on page 50; great read, cant wait to read the rest.
  5. Are these two books by Tony Sweeney still available. Would love to buy them.
  6. My grandma, born 1883 in Crab Sreet, used to say to me if I was being cheeky to her, " thy face'ii stand cloggin". Old men would ask their pals for a cig by saying, " as enyonya, enyonya?"
  7. Who can remember the numerous shoe shops in St Helens in 50s and 60s?
  8. Living off North Rd. and College Street in the 50's and 60's we had a wide choice of chippies to indulge our palates! North Road/ Cooper St. corner was P.. can't remember name which became Cambell's; Cooper St. across the road from Chessies pub was Mrs. Rimmer's chippy which became Polly Fitzparrick's (my auntie) and later May's; Bottom of Fox St. was Mrs Harrison's were you had an half hours wait for anything as her boiler was tiny and the local demand high; 3 chippies in College St., one we called Mary's who appparently vomited once in the chip boiler, didn't stop us from buying though! two others whose names are gone from me. Then there were several along Cooper St. and off Halefield St. A number of others were doted around close to North Rd. I reckon my auntie Polly had the best spec as she had custom every night from the two local pubs - Traveller's Rest and Exchange Vaults (Chessies). Then when the travelling Silcock's Fair opened up on the piece of ground in Gerrard's Bridge, it was like being on holiday with local folk and beyond enjoying the rides and chips, fish, peas, fishcakes and specials, DELICIOUS!
  9. Yes I remember teachers George Swift( Swiffer) and Fred Naylor. I was at St.Mary's, Keswick Rd. 1958- 62. Other teachers I remember:- Mrs. Evans - English Miss Ashcroft - Science Miss Alcock - History Miss Beetle - Religious Education Miss Wright -Art Miss Hussey - P.E. Mr. Skidmore (Skiddy) - Head Master I loved my time at St Mary's and look back at it with great affection. The school dinners were delicious! I tried to track down 'Swiffer' but was just a few months too late as he had died from his home by Taylor Park. Would have loved to have been able to thank him for the part he played in instilling confidence in my abilities.
  10. My Auntie Polly Fitzpatrick owned a chippy on the corner of Cooper Street and Fox Street in Gerard's Bridge in the 50's and 60's. Her sister Annie, my mother, used to cook for her. Polly was very generous to her customers and would often give extra to some less well off customers to help them out. It was hard work keeping a chippy going with long hours and lots of preparation before and after opening hours. Auntie Polly's fish, chips and 'specials' were the best I've ever tasted.
  11. I have just received a death cert. I sent for which says my Great, Great Granddad died at Moorflat St. Helens. Present at his death was an Ann Ford who signed a x for her name, but it doesn't state that she was a relative. Given that I found his grave to be in a multiple 'paupers' grave, I am assuming he may have died from Moorflat poor house. I would love to be able to verify this. Any suggestions out there? I had thought he was married by then and therefore his wife would have been with him at his death. He was only 27 and died as a result of heart disease.
  12. Reply to RUnuts topic Chip Shops. You asked for the name of the chippy in North Rd. and said it was opposite Lowe House church. I lived in Union Street next to North Rd from my birth 1947 until the compulsory purchase order to demolish our houses, and I can say that there never was a chippy on North Rd. opposite the church. I think you may be talking about the one on the corner of the next block up = corner of North Rd. and Cooper st. It was first owned by a Mr Pilling in the 50's and then by Campbell's. My mother used to work there for a few years. They were great fish, chips and peas, not forgetting the steak and kidney dumplings! When Pilling's owned it they had an upstairs cafe were now and again as kids we would have a treat, but often got thrown out because of the din we made. Great stuff!
  13. Looks like the old Union Streeters are either all dead or not interested in our wonderful neighbourhood of by gone days. Come on, let's hear from you!

  14. Thanks, Eddie, I knew I could rely on you to come up with the answer. I am Margaret, your second cousin (I think!)
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