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  1. Is any one able to tell me any information about the school & its pupils in 1935? I found this photo in my Dads possessions. He won a scholarship to the school that's all I know? Is the school still open? Do you know any one who went there too ?
  2. I have recently obtained my Great Grand father case notes as he was admitted to Lancaster Lunatic Asylum and died there in 1905. On his notes it states that he was admitted from the Whiston Workhouse. What is the best information I can get to see what was the Whiston Workhouse and if there is a register of his time there. just before Aug 1904 when he was admitted to Lancaster. Thanks Nic
  3. ok thanks for that .. I will have to see if any body is walking by the Regestry office one day. Not essential jyst like to complete the story. Thanks for all your help to date Nic Nic
  4. WOW!! Ratty thats great information,more than I expected, and I am very grateful. Thank you. The other great thing about having the burial info is that you can call the cemetry and ask where the funeral came from; then you have an address to work on which connects people together. Thank you again. Do you have easy access to the records office? I would like to know how Eliza May's (Kilshaw) three year old son Thomas Kilshaw died. Which will be on his death cert and I could order it but thats all I would learn as I have all the other info on him. Also trying to keep my expenditure to a minimum as all the copy certs are increasing to £9 each very soon. Thomas died in Q2 and was buried in a publice grave on 09/06/1903 he is in STHELCEM / 19 / 572 Register Number 38939. If you are able to read the records and take note, that would be another mystery solved. chat soon many thanks NicNic
  5. Dear All Well the search is over. I have found my John Kilshaw. Sadley he did die in 1905 and it was in the Lancaster Asylum. He died from Paralysis of the Insane. This is the result of untreated syphilis !!!! The family could not afford to return his body to St Helens. I also found out that his second son; Thomas died in 1903, he is buried in a public grave STHELCEM/19/572. This apparently is just a field. I will try to find out how he died, and then proceed with the hunt for Johns parents. I would like to know about Caroline who apparently is buried with Eliza Kilshaw. Do you know any dates from the grave stone? NicNic
  6. Dear Windled, Thank you so much for the photo graph. It was a very kind thing to do .. and it may no be so much use but just great to have it.Thanks Dear All, I have done as Ant suggested and called the cemetry office in Lancaster, where the John Kilshaw born abt 1866 I found listed. They are so helpful. This John was sadly in the assylum at Lancaster, she also stated that this was a hospital as well as an assylum and that John Kilshaw was in a public grave and gave me the ref no.If he was ill and went to lancster she said ther is chance that they could not afford to get him back and therefore buried where he died. How sad things appear, and the plot thickens. They recommend I call the Lancashire Records Office who should hold the Preston Assylum Records. Now I am waiting to hear from the Lancaster cemetries & Burials who are looking for his death cert. I have asked them to send it to me if and only if - Eliza is the wife and Thomas his Father.I should know by the end of the week. The other John Kilshaw who I also found dies in 1905 in the preston district but he is too young .. born 1872. I know for sure that my John was 31 years old in 1898, when he married. Thank you for all your help .. its a great mystery which we have to solve. Chat soon Nic Hi Ant, Have you seen the stone too? As you have a plot there, are you told of all the others in the plot .. Just curious of your great knowledge? I did get the grave ref for Thomas , he is in a public grave, I am not going to chase this lead until I have John resolved. Kind Regards NIC
  7. Hi Ant, I did major research yesterday and found his wife (Eliza)& family already a widow by 1911. So my research lead to a John Kilshaw would died in 1905 registered at Lancaster, which I am following up via St Helens registry office. So ther is every chance that he really is not with Eliza but her sister Caroline is. Also found a possible son of hers who dies at the age of 3, a Thomas Kilshaw, sadly he is in a public grave at St Helens 19/572. I have called the office and it was bought by her son John.No sign of her Husband so I need to make my way to Lancaster, think I will have to get a death cert. on this.
  8. Hi Ant, I cant believe the months I have been searching and I joined this forum to find so many willing people to help. Yes I am sure that is the same Eliza Kilshaw nee May. yes married at Scared Heart in 1898 and yes Caroline is her sister. the grave ref I have is STHELCEM / 34 / 85 . Register Number75034 Re John Kilshaws death .. I really do not know where I got the record from stating he died in 1930 .. I have been checking all my files to re source that date but to no avail. I wonder if my Dad just told me? Hello Windled, Cant thank you enough if you would that that for me .. I have searched for 3 months now, and the man is beginning to haunt me.The Grave ref I have is STHELCEM / 34 / 85 . Register Number75034 If you see my other forum chat 'Ant' is aware that his wifes sister sister Caroline MAY is also buried there. I belive that they were all Catholics Cant wait to hear what you find. Thanks Nic
  9. Thank you for your advise, sadly I am not local, (south coast) and I have called the cemetry office and they have no record of him? Maybe I will call again and ask for aditional advise .. he has to be there, he lived and married in St Helens. I need to try and find which quarter he died in too that may help .
  10. I am looking for my Great Grandad. He was John Kilshaw born abt 1867. He married Eliza May daughter of John & Margaret from Ireland Eliza died 1931 and is buried in St Helens Cemetry. My G Grandad died in 1930 according to records but where is he? Not with Eliza? Any info on any of this side of the family is great or where to look for his grave.
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