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  1. Yeh this is one a am John Birchall Born Sutton March 17 1885 Side of Family. My Father Robert met think his name was Harry but did not know his secound name used live nearby from 159 Elepant Lane. The Street begined with P not far just around Corner used visit Joesph but we not sure as he was in his 40's when my dad Robert Birchall met him but my Father unsure. But Annie had Most of Contact to her Father Joesph. Never know much about Joesph Father James Birchall. At Bolton when having Mary Birchall they lived something Back cannon St that was about the time when wedding of Joesph October 1866 and Ellen ware living on the back cannon St Bolton Lancashire UK. Sutton Connection is our Relations. My sister Nikkie was born 1985 as John Birchall was Born March 17 1885. A split from Family of Sutton Connection becuase of Masive argument between Joesph Birchall. Joesph Birchall used to Warm his Alcohol at Fire and sit down and Joesph Birchall was a small man about 5ft Tall. A don't know much about after 1905 about Sisters Annie - Mary - Jane becuase my grand father John Birchall. It male side fell out with each other just John had Problem with his father and never like him what he did and he told my Father Robert Birchall he never liked what Joesph did with his Alcohol at Evning / Night time. Are you releated to this Family? Regards; Michael Birchall -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Birchall My Great Grand Father John Birchall was born March 17 1885 and was born at Elepant Lane Thatto Heath a wonderd if you knew that connection. John had 3 sisters Annie Birchall - Mary Birchall was born Bolton and other 2 sisters ware born at St Helens and all of them had Birthdays in March. The Father was Joesph Birchall and Mother was Ellen Birchall lived at Elepant Lane at one Point becuase John My Great Grand Father was Born at Home at Elepant Lane and Lived not far from 150 Elepant Lane and had an Uncle called Harry witch think he lived of Prescott St so a was told by Great Grand Father John Birchall. John Ran Away becuase of Joesph Alcohol drunk all back and split family totally. John Moved to Leigh Lancashire start new start at Leigh - Lancancashire. A might Connect from Elepant Lane aout 1880 they moved that area but classed as Sutton them days.
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