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  1. I used to go in there on a Friday lunch time about thirty odd years ago, a couple of games of pool and cheese and onion butties washed down with a couple of lagers.
  2. I wonder if they will keep the clock tower along with it's motto.
  3. Hi smick, I've posted that ghost story in St Helens ghost stories ,in St Helens topics.
  4. A guy I worked with on Wythenshawe hospital told me about his wife's experience with a ghost just after he got married. He said his wife's dad who had been dead for a number of years used to visit her on a regular basis, he said, we would be in bed, he would be reading the paper or a book and she would say, Ron, me dads here, and she would have a full blown conversation with him, he said this went on for a few years, and in all that time he said he never felt anything strange like a temperature change or eerie feelings. One night after a few years of the ghostly visits his wife said , Ron, me dads going now and he cant visit anymore, he said all of a sudden he heard this noise which sounded like a freight train going through the house followed by what he described has pressure which he could feel coming from one end of the house and passing through his body and exiting through the front of the house followed by a total silence, he said that was the only time he sensed anything, and after that the visits stopped.
  5. poor thing, no money for weed, I would use his face to clean that graffiti off the walls.
  6. Waxed cotton jackets and pants, "belstaff's" as worn by motorcyclists.
  7. Thanks for replying Smick, I know a similar story, I think I put it on connect in the ghost story section along with a couple of more tales.
  8. it's above the front door at Beechams, but i don't know if it is Beecham .
  9. A nursery and now a old folks home, Don't they grow old quick today.
  10. I've got no time whatsoever for travellers, those graves are the epitome of bad taste, and probably paid for with tax free ill gotten gains.
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