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  1. i see kokrash has bee slating eamon mc manus in the media because he couldn't get all hi own way at the rfl meeting about marquee players. when this jerk has done as much for his club as eamon has done over the years then he can criticise him, kokrash is an embarrassment to the game the way he throws tantrums when he can't get all his own way
  2. what an absolute waste of a contract this guy is, why oh why doesn't brown play andre savelio instead at least he would do more than 4 carries a game. i am so so glad that he didn't go to widnes
  3. just like broncos 18 other games this season a resounding defeat. incidentally the highest score against them was on the opening day when they lost 64-10 at widnes
  4. think we will joe i couldn't believe they way they played and then put 5 tries through an almost full strength leeds on the sunday
  5. if your shower couldn't have hammered a widnes team devoid of passion and commitment then they didn't deserve to win. we were shocking
  6. sod off denis is staying with us
  7. castleford will hammer the pies this week end
  8. who have saints got lol
  9. my mam used to make a plate bacon and egg pie bloody gorgeous
  10. and six out of seven dwarves feel happy
  11. weren't rubbish on monday it was just that widnes were better on the day oh and sorry mal i got carried away with the excitement
  12. alan, leschip, humpalumpa, nathan brown, keiron cunningham, paul scuthorpe, tom van vollenhoven, len killeen, glyn moses, albert fildes, sir thomas beecham, marie rimmer, your boys took one hell of a beating..
  13. bratfort at home on sunday another 2 points for the mighty chemics
  14. and widnes are above the pies in the league as well..happy days
  15. any team going to headingley this season joe will be in for a beating
  16. joe did you know that widnes had 5 players missing? and we would have been on 8 points now but our away game at the piedome was cancelled..
  17. Handsome Johnny

    Great News

    and so it should be renamed after steve..a true man of steel
  18. poor salford will get another smacking tomorrow night from the mighty vikings..
  19. joe, widnes were outstanding and really took the game to huddersfield even though we had 6 players missing including kevin brown. joe mellor was outstanding and was awarded the league express player of the week for making danny brough and luke robinson look decidedly average. can't wait for tomorrow to put the cleaners through salford. remember what i said a couple of months ago...vikings for the top 8
  20. hohaia is rumoured to be leaving..http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-02-18/cowboys-chasing-a-replacement-for-injured-coote/5266892?section=qld
  21. paul clough signed a 12 month loan deal with widnes yesterday. the type of honest grafting forward we need...
  22. old enough and angry enough joe..
  23. the bald headed manc loving bastard
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