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  1. saints v wire in the final
  2. scraping the barrel joe
  3. james roby was world class on friday, and i went to the gerri hallewell on saturday fantastic game and if kevin brown doesn't go to the four nations this year mcbanana should be hug drawn and quartered
  4. i'm delighted widnes made the eight, first team to win it from outside the five..
  5. at least the chemics have made the play offs for the first time.
  6. what happened was warrington had superb half backs and they tore saints apart, o'brien for me is one of the best young halves in the game and learned his trade from the master lee briers.
  7. if you see him tell him that the chemics smacked a full strength pies team last night, keeping them scoreless in the second half to boot.. http://www.skysports.com/rugbyleague/match_report/0,,11070_3686536,00.html http://www.skysports.com/rugbyleague/match_report/0,,11070_3686536,00.html
  8. were terrible joe but followed it up with a decent performance at huddersfield
  9. i certainly don't condone the actions of the imbeclies who caused trouble after the game, IMO they should be banned from all RL for life
  10. they still use them north of billinge lump
  11. come on who do you think will get to wembley at the week end? all lancashire final for me
  12. to tell you how brilliant the chemics were today in beating HKR, roll on the pies coming to valhalla in a couple of weeks
  13. no one joe but we are playing castleford at leigh..you know cas the team that dumped the pies out of the cup
  14. who are wigan playing in the challenge cup semi finals?
  15. jimmy, kev will be back for the next game, denis has an ethos of not pushing players back onto the pitch after a heavy knock
  16. we started playing after half time alan
  17. so gareth hock wasn't lucky to just get a seven game ban for assaulting the referee for the third time? he should have got sine die
  18. his previous exemplorary record came into consideration
  19. we were superb in defence and thoroughly deserved the win just hope we can kick on again and finish in the top 8 and get to wembley..starting next week at our noisy neighbours
  20. will always talk about my team joe, win lose or draw, and stay the full 80 minutes unlike the pie eaters
  21. oh the school yard posturing and arguing, the results are history what happens this season is more important and saints deserved their victory at the pie dome a couple of weeks ago
  22. Handsome Johnny

    Gareth Hock

    phil joseph of widnes got a 1 game ban as for hock look at this and tell me it wasn't deliberate.. https://vine.co/v/Mx2LhEaVpeP
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