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  1. behave yourself alan, if they put a troupe of chimps with labour rosettes on them up for election in st helens they would get in
  2. no dicky i think the kiwis will win the tournament espeacially because they have the best halves in the competition
  3. because he plays for the pies thats why
  4. no need for me to mention kevin brown all the RL press has already expressed their shock at his omission, and charnlet better than makinson you're having a laugh there joe even patrick ah van outplayed charnley at our ground this season and he's shite
  5. how on earth did charnley get in the squad ahead of tommy makinson
  6. keep wishing kev is a viking until he retires
  7. did 4 weeks there whilst waiting to start my joinery apprenticeship, it was a strange place and had some interesting characters, one nicknamed chicken shagger because of his fondness for sex with frozen chickens and one of the charge hands was caught banging the arse off one of the girls behind the store. the first aid woman was a rotund red head who gave out aspirin for everything and offered you cigs, i felt out of place there as i was the only mod in the building amongst a load of greasers and hippies
  8. you couldn't have dicky according to the bbc only larndan was bombed in the blitz..
  9. i have always rated wheeler from junior rugby onwards just wish he had signed for widnes
  10. sadly for saints one of the most talented players on the books has left for warrington..gary wheeler
  11. i started going to whitworth street in 1968 and did the same as you told my mam i was at my mates
  12. i think they should have got paul rowley from leigh excellent coach
  13. i did quite a few dj gigs at the geraldo on the friday soul nights, great dance floor as well
  14. Handsome Johnny

    Grand Final

    sadly some weirdo's have been posting death threats to flower on twitter
  15. Handsome Johnny

    Grand Final

    hohaia has been given a 1 game ban
  16. Handsome Johnny

    Grand Final

    i agree joe the way hohaia butted flowers fist was disgraceful..go and have a lie down mate you are beginning to believe your own shite
  17. Handsome Johnny

    Grand Final

    as a neutral i can offer a subjective view, a few weeks ago widnes were taking wigan to the cleaners at our groun, cue liam farrell trying to de-capitate joe mellor who was bossing the game with kev brown, last season at langtree, gaz o'brien was running the game for saints against wigan result fractured cheek bone from a deliberate high shot by taylor, magic weekend this season mcillorum and bateman try to take out jamie peacock who is playing a blinder, and now a grand final assault on saints only fir half back..see the pattern a team of thugs coached by a thug!!!!!! and joe flower didn't "interfere" with hohaia he smacked him in the back of the head deliberately you mean like the new england captains great impersonation of a head hunter
  18. it has to do with more than just the on field performances. widnes are widely accepted as one of the best run clubs in the game, with a robust community and academy set up besides trading and mangement, add that to a top 8 finish and a challenge cup semi final and thats why we got it
  19. Handsome Johnny

    Grand Final

    here's the photographic evidence joe..
  20. Handsome Johnny

    Grand Final

    actually joe rewind a few moments and hohaia was retalliating a cowardly hit from behind by flower, just as i have said all season wigan are the dirtiest shower of bastards in super league
  21. and the club of the year are...http://www.widnesvikings.co.uk/news/article/40758/rules-delight-at-club-of
  22. Handsome Johnny

    Grand Final

    i have only one thing to say as a neutral COYS
  23. i regularly watch widnes under 19's (and 16's) we were rated in the top 5 academies in super league joe, higher even than leeds
  24. paul rowley from leigh would be a good shout
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